Stamp Art

At Nod, we believe your home should be a celebration of family. We'll be featuring our Managing Director, Michelle, at home celebrating her own family with recipes, crafts and décor created by our friend Sweet Paul

When I was a boy I loved to make presents for my parents.  My parents had very good taste so I had to be very careful with my projects to make sure they would be fit to display in our house.  Often times, if I made a less than amazing present, the project would end up being displayed in MY room instead of the livingroom!  This stamp art project would surely have earned me a prized spot in our house if I made it for my dad for Father’s Day!


You will need:

Old stamps – you can often find bags full at a flea market or on Etsy

Picture frame - THIS ONE from The Land of Nod is great!


1.Sort through your stamps and decide your color scheme or pattern… or just go random! 2.Open your frame and begin to glue your stamps to the backer-board. Make sure to overlap them! 3.Once the board is covered and has dried, close the frame.


By Paul Lowe:

When it comes to making simple crafts or elegant meals, Paul Lowe is the man to call. His blog, Sweet Paul has now spun into a successful magazine, providing tons of useful design tips.