Nod at Emerald City Theatre

When designing the lobby of the Emerald City Theatre, the very first theater in the nation devoted solely to children ages 0 to 4, I knew it had to be visually stunning for all ages. This space had to evoke fun and creativity, welcoming families into a magical space, where imaginations could flourish.


In The Wizard of Oz, the movie began in black and white. As a little girl I was very drawn to this style. It felt simple, and when the movie changed to color I was overwhelmed. I wanted this same concept to translate from the lobby to performance space. 


Bold black and white artwork promotes visual strength for baby’s eyes too. 


Julia Rothman’s interpretation of the Emerald City has playfulness, unique to other Oz references. I am inspired by her bold patterns, line strokes and simple graphics. You can follow the yellow brick road through the rainbow hall into a world of performance.



Detail hall

My favorite characters in The Wizard of Oz were the munchkins and their Lollipop Guild. The giant lollipops made of plexi-glass allow light to shine through. 



Remember when Dorothy and her friends ran through the poppy field and felt sleepy? Perhaps after the show, little ones will play with these giant magnets and feel very sleepy, drifting into a nice long nap.



Bathroom time is fun, too. Stripes in one bathroom, dots in the other.



Opening night and the ribbon cutting ceremony was very special. It was an honor to be part of this project and to collaborate with some very talented people in the process. Best of Luck Emerald City “Little Theatre.”


For more info and behind the scene pictures, visit Emerald City Theatre on Facebook.  

By Cara Reche

When young, Cara had two imaginary friends. As their friendship grew, so did her imagination. Cara loves to “get crafty with it” and is the Associate Art Director at the Land of Nod. 

  • Annette

    Land of Nod did a great job with the space, our kids loved it. What I loved were these kid-sized wicker (or wire?) poufs set up on the ground all over the theater. I want them for our house! I can’t find them on the LON website. Can you please help me find them or direct me to someone who can?