Recycled Can Planters

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This is one of those projects that’s just so simple and has adorable results.  I found a box of vintage tin cans at a flea market for $5.  In a few easy steps I was able to transform them into the most charming little planters!  You don’t have to use vintage cans either–you can use any colorful can with a fun photo or illustration.  The best part is, after the season has ended you can recycle the cans!

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Just remember to make a few holes in the bottom of the cans so that the water can drain.
(Use a large nail and hammer for this)

1. Fill the bottom with some pebbles and fill in dirt and your plant. 
2. Super cute with herbs outside your garden window as well.

By Paul Lowe:

When it comes to making simple crafts or elegant meals, Paul Lowe is the man to call. His blog, Sweet Paul has now spun into a successful magazine, providing tons of useful design tips.