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Mix and Match Storage Cube Collection

Strapping Storage Collection

Ideal for a playroom or bedroom, our Strapping Cubes are offered in a rainbow of colors, making them great for virtually any space.

Strapping Storage Collection

I Think I Canvas Storage Collection

Mix and match multiple colors of this collection to fit the existing décor of any playroom or bedroom.

I Think I Canvas Storage Collection

We’re Not Just Canvas Anymore Storage Collection

The brushed canvas and leather handles give this storage collection a sophisticated look, perfect for any shared living space.


Saved by the Bins Storage Collection

Great for playrooms or bedrooms, their classic design resembles traditional school lockers. And the name plate is perfect for labeling toys, art supplies, books or whatever you put in them.

Saved by the Bins Storage Collection | The Land of Nod

Once More With Felting Storage Collection

The soft construction of these cube bins means no sharp edges. Which means they’re great to use in a shared space for kids of all ages.

Once More Felting Storage Collection | The Land of Nod

I Could’ve Bin a Container Storage Collection

These metal bins with bright, powder coated colors are ideal for holding toys, art supplies, books and more. With a variety of coordinating desk accessories available, they’re the perfect storage for any playroom.

I Couldve Bin Storage Collection

Top Box Storage Collection

Available in a wide range of colors and sizes, these bins have a see-through design, so you’ll always know what’s inside. Plus, the easy-to-remove lid is perfect for the little ones. Put them in a playroom and fill them with arts and crafts supplies.

Top Box Storage Collection | The Land of Nod

Store by Numbers Storage Collection

The printed numbers on this collection are a fun way for your little ones to learn their numbers. They’re ideal for a playroom or a bedroom.

Store By Numbers Storage Collection | The Land of Nod

Down to the Wire Storage Collection

This durable collection features a mesh design, which allows for easy viewing of the contents inside. Put them in a playroom and fill them with books, toys and more.

Down to the Wire Storage Collection

Rattan I Am Storage Collection

With sophisticated style and classic materials, this cube collection makes a great addition to any nursery.

Rattan I Am Storage Collection | The Land of Nod

Stripes Around the Storage Collection

Clutter around the house? Try our Stripes Around the Cube Bins. They have natural rope handles and are available in five different colors so you can move them around and match your décor.

Stripes Around the Storage Collection | The Land of Nod

Dotted Storage Collection

Surely there’s a spot in your home for our Dotted Cube Bin. It features a large polka dot pattern and has matching handles for easy transport. Mix and match colors to create your own storage collection.

Dotted Storage Collection | The Land of Nod


Good Clean Fun


 photo painthero1.jpg

If you have kids, you know that boredom can strike them at any moment – even after what you think has been a full, satisfying, educational day of top-notch, interactive parenting. Nearly seven years of surprise-boredom-attachs have taught me that it's never a bad idea to have in the back of my mind (or my kids' art closet) a few new, fun and tidy (!) activities all set to bust their boredom. Behold, last Tuesday's life savers:

 photo paint.jpg

Just squeeze a little bit of paint into a gallon ziploc bag and seal it up really tight.

   photo blueandgreen.jpg

We found that mixing a few colors together (a happy accident since we didn't have enough of any one color left) and taping them to the glass door gave them a cool, almost glowing effect.


 photo backs.jpg

 photo H.jpg

 photo hand.jpg

 photo hazelpaint.jpg

The kids spent nearly an hour doodling, practicing letters, working out math problems, playing school, and on and on and on! We actually still have them taped to our front door several days later (we're classy like that) because they're still haven't gotten old!

 photo mathproblem.jpg  photo oliverwindow.jpg

So that was our big, educational boredom-buster win this week. What about y'all? Anything you've found recently that your kids love, takes just a few supplies and doesn't make a giant mess? I'm ALL EARS!!  

Raechel Myers blogs at Finding My Feet. She has two kids, an adorable husband and an addiction to Twizzlers.

Adventuring Sailor


I can never tire of a room with a nautical feel – there is always something you can do to give it a fresh spin.  The weathered gray on that dresser and crib are so perfect for this look.  If you haven’t checked out this Verona crib, take a peek!  It’s an investment, but it will turn into an absolutely gorgeous twin bed, so it will last for years to come.  

(1) Map Pendant (2) Cloud Corkboard (3) Wood Anchor (4) Anchor Aweigh
(5) Vintage Nautical Map (6) Yellow Coral (7) Wood Anchor (8) Tube Station Clock
(9) Weathered Gray Crib (10) Tricolor Shelf  (11) Tug – O – Rope Lamp (12) Telegraph Pillow (13) Life Saver (14) Fish Pillow (15) Marine Changer Cover (16) Honey Rattan Hamper (17) Weathered Gray Dresser (18) Edge Yellow Curtain (19) Aqua Dot Sheet 
(20) Aqua Stripe Blanket (21) Gold Bars Rug (22) Whale Watching (23) Retro Rocker 
(24) Aqua Pouf

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Post by Joni: Lay Baby Lay

Living Stylishly with Toys

Post by Jeran of Oleander and Palm

Yes friends it is possible to live stylishly with toys!  We live in a little California bungalow built in 1920, so their is no playroom or even spare bedroom.  There has to be toys in our grown up spaces.  We really do live in our living room, it’s where we are most of the time.  And I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to feel like I’m living in a day care.

Living Stylishly with Toys | Honest to Nod

When I recently gave our living room a mini modern makeover, I realized that the toys were taking over!

Living Stylishly with Toys | Honest to Nod

So, I’m going to share a couple tips for living stylishly with toys.

1.  Give them a home.  Pick one place where ALL the toys will go.  I think you’re going to need a small bookcase of some sort.  Mine is built into my mantel, but Nod has an amazing selection to go with any decor or style.

Living Stylishly with Toys | Honest to Nod

2.  Bins and baskets are a MUST!  I love the numbered ones we have, but really The Land of Nod had probably the best selection of bins and baskets out there.  Toys come in so many bits and pieces and sometimes they just need to be contained.  I like to sort like toys in bins together.  My almost 2 year old doesn’t always put them back in the correct bins, but every couple days I do.  I really believe kids enjoy toys so much more when they are organized.  And yes, I’m that parent that says “Put that away before you play with something else”.  Kids need to learn to clean up after themselves.

Living Stylishly with Toys | Honest to Nod

3.  Get the books under control!  I LOVE these rhino bookends, they’re funky and functional.  Nod had a great assortment of stylish bookends.  I sorted some of our favorite books into a rainbow of colors and baby board books suddenly become an instant art installation.

Living Stylishly with Toys | Honest to Nod

4.  Leave some space for the the grown ups.  The top shelf needs to be none kiddy.  You need to leave space for your personality to be infused into the space.  I put a picture of our family, my husband’s little rhino collection and some books that have meaning to us.

Living Stylishly with Toys | Honest to Nod

5.  Fake it till you make it.  Yes, I have a fake plant on my shelf.  I think a little green goes a long way, but I don’t trust my almost 2 year old with dirt yet.  To be safe, anything you put on the shelf needs to be kid proof.  My husband’s rhinos (one I bought for him in Ghana and the other in Yemen) are sturdy and totally kid proof.  They look great, but can’t be broken if my daughter reaches the top shelf.

Living Stylishly with Toys | Honest to Nod

6.  Rotate toys in and out of the space.  ALL the toys don’t have to be out at the same time.  I think it’s overwhelming to have too many toys out for kids.  Narrow the choice and rotate toys into the room every couple weeks or month or so.  I have a big basket on the floor full of lots of books, but just a couple weeks ago, it was full of Little People toys.  I’ll probably change it out for wooden trains soon.  This makes my kids feel like they are getting new toys every couple weeks.

Living Stylishly with Toys | Honest to Nod

Post by Jeran of Oleander and Palm

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