Adventuring Sailor


I can never tire of a room with a nautical feel – there is always something you can do to give it a fresh spin.  The weathered gray on that dresser and crib are so perfect for this look.  If you haven’t checked out this Verona crib, take a peek!  It’s an investment, but it will turn into an absolutely gorgeous twin bed, so it will last for years to come.  

(1) Map Pendant (2) Cloud Corkboard (3) Wood Anchor (4) Anchor Aweigh
(5) Vintage Nautical Map (6) Yellow Coral (7) Wood Anchor (8) Tube Station Clock
(9) Weathered Gray Crib (10) Tricolor Shelf  (11) Tug – O – Rope Lamp (12) Telegraph Pillow (13) Life Saver (14) Fish Pillow (15) Marine Changer Cover (16) Honey Rattan Hamper (17) Weathered Gray Dresser (18) Edge Yellow Curtain (19) Aqua Dot Sheet 
(20) Aqua Stripe Blanket (21) Gold Bars Rug (22) Whale Watching (23) Retro Rocker 
(24) Aqua Pouf

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