All That Glitters…


I’m trying to make friends with gold. Growing up, I chose silver as my metal of preference till about a year ago. That’s when I started giving in to the impending trend of gold. From what I’ve seen, gold can work into all sorts of settings. But I think the key is when and where you use it. Think of it as accessorizing an outfit — how one or two additions can make your look classic, ladylike or eclectic.


Keep it simple with classic additions to brighten any space. 


1. Lottie Dots Decal Set Gold $24.95 / set of 48
2. Crafty Kraft Paper Letters $3.95 ea. (shown decorated)
3. Modern Clip Lamp Gold $49.95
4. Giant Sequin Bow Gold $19.95
5. Little Study Drawers $45
6. Painted Masterbeasts Wall Art $299 / set of 3 or $119 ea.


Anyone would feel like a lady with touches of muted gold surrounding from head, hand (drawer pull) and toe. 


1. Heart of Gold Wall Shelf $49
2. Sunburst Mirror $69
3. Handpicked Knobs Gold White Floral $7.95 ea.
4. Astoria Metal Bed $999-$1,099
5. Between a Rock and a Lamp Base Gold $79   Light Years Table Shade White $19.95
6. Chantilly Wall Shelves Gold $29 / set of 2
7. Bands of Gold Bedding $99–$129


Maybe you like to mix it up? Gold works easily as a neutral adding highlight to your décor. 


1. Gold Rock Finials $21.95 / set of 2
2. Embroidered Metallic Garland Gold $19.95
3. Dot Sheet Set Gold $79–$119
4. Chantilly Mirror Gold $79
5. Gold Bars Rug $299–$799
6. Alphabet Wall Cards by Jillian Phillips $22.95
7. Fairy Tail Bedding $189–$219 


Silver will always be a friend to gold adding polish and vibrancy to your little ones space or keep it for yours.


1. Sparkle Throw Pillow $44
2. Lottie Dots Decal Set Silver & Gold $24.95 / set of 48
3. Gold & Silver Rock Finals $21.95 ea. / set of 2
4. Giant Sequin Bow Gold & Silver $19.95 ea.
5. Embroidered Metallic Garland Silver & Gold $19.95 ea.

By: Julia DeNamur

Growing up Julia loved color so much she gave her crayons different genders and specific positions in the box based on who they got along with. Fast forward to adulthood, and Julia had the opportunity to work for a paint company where she honed her eye for color, and sometimes even got to name colors things like Dandelion Scream and Wild Child. Today Julia works at Nod as a Graphic Designer, and channels her love of color into her constantly changing hair & nail colors, as well as colorful designs for Nod's website.