DIY Colorful Cube


It's Jeran again, from Oleander and Palm. I'm back, as promised, to share my DIY Colorful Cube.  Geometric shapes and designs are everywhere right now. And I can't get enough of them. They bring a modern, angular edge to any space. I shared how I wanted my living room to feel more current, and I think playful accessories from The Land of Nod and little touches like this decorative cube help. The cube adds a subtle splash of color and interest to my mantel without feeling heavy or bulky. I set my little white fox in my cube and it acts as a 3 dimensional frame for it.



This is a simple little DIY that requires very few materials and just about an hour of your time.



3 3-foot lengths of 1/2" maple (I got mine at Home Depot)
16 small finishing nails
Craft Paint (various colors)
Paint brush

1.  To start, measure 8 in. lengths of the wood and cut them with a drop saw (this could easily be done with a hand saw as well). You'll need 12 pieces that are 8 ins. each.

2.  Then I painted the pieces in various colors. I used Martha Stewart paints in Metallic Yellow Gold, Pea Shoot, Wild Salmon, Wedding Cake, Hailstorm, Scottish Highlands, and Mint.  I wanted a random selection of colors, but green was definitely the anchor.


3.  When the pieces were dry, I began to assemble the cube by nailing the corners together. 

4.  I started by making to flat squares.

5.  Then I attached the 2 squares together with the cross pieces. 

6.  Once the cube was assembled, I went back and painted over the nail heads to hide them and did any touch up necessary.

And that's it! It's really such a simple DIY for your home. For an easy update, add a little geometric to your space. I think these would look great in a grouping of different sized cubes. They also could look great in one solid color or stain the wood a nice dark walnut color to bring out the wood grain.

Post by Jeran: Oleander and Palm