Good Clean Fun


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If you have kids, you know that boredom can strike them at any moment – even after what you think has been a full, satisfying, educational day of top-notch, interactive parenting. Nearly seven years of surprise-boredom-attachs have taught me that it's never a bad idea to have in the back of my mind (or my kids' art closet) a few new, fun and tidy (!) activities all set to bust their boredom. Behold, last Tuesday's life savers:

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Just squeeze a little bit of paint into a gallon ziploc bag and seal it up really tight.

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We found that mixing a few colors together (a happy accident since we didn't have enough of any one color left) and taping them to the glass door gave them a cool, almost glowing effect.


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 photo H.jpg

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The kids spent nearly an hour doodling, practicing letters, working out math problems, playing school, and on and on and on! We actually still have them taped to our front door several days later (we're classy like that) because they're still haven't gotten old!

 photo mathproblem.jpg  photo oliverwindow.jpg

So that was our big, educational boredom-buster win this week. What about y'all? Anything you've found recently that your kids love, takes just a few supplies and doesn't make a giant mess? I'm ALL EARS!!  

Raechel Myers blogs at Finding My Feet. She has two kids, an adorable husband and an addiction to Twizzlers.