Handmade Pottery That Runs in the Family

Pick up one of our Eden Lamps, Gumball Lamps or Gumdrop Lamps, and you’ll not only notice that it’s been designed and crafted by hand, but by four generations worth of hands. That’s because they’ve been cast, hand finished, and hand glazed for over 140 years by the family of artisans at Haeger Potteries. Founded in 1871 by David H. Haeger, the company began firing bricks along the bank of the Dundee to river to help rebuild after the Great Chicago Fire. So while Haeger Potteries may have its foundation in Chicago, Chicago actually has its foundation in Haeger Potteries (literally).


When Royal Arden Hickman joined Haeger Potteries in 1934 to help create artistic ceramic wares, the company began selling their goods under the Royal Haeger brand name. Over 70 years later, these pieces are still highly collectible and extremely sought after. Today, David Haeger’s vision for creating stunningly handmade ceramics lives on in his great-granddaughter and current president, Alexandra Haeger Estes. It just goes to show that the only thing more established than Haeger’s rich collection of pottery is their family. 

Each piece begins its life as a handcrafted, individually designed work of art. From there, a master mold is cast, and it’s ready for production. 


To ensure each piece meets Haeger’s stringent design standards (as well as your own), a real person hand finishes each one.


Haeger’s specially designed glaze creates a look that’s unlike any other. And since it’s all done by hand, each piece also has a look that’s unlike one another.


Once the ceramic is kiln-fired, each glaze’s true colors come shining through, as well as the craftsmanship of each artist. 


And since what goes inside is just as important as what goes on the outside, hardware is personally hand-installed into each and every piece. Talk about a truly finishing touch. 



Founder David Haeger’s great-granddaughter, Alexandra, carries on the tradition of providing individually designed, personally inspected and beautifully handcrafted works of art from their family to yours.