Just Like a Fairy Tale

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I'm a long time fan of the Land of Nod. Many of my kids' toys and things come from them (what would we do without Lilly's dollhouse and Fletcher's workbench?!). So when I got to meet the Land of Nod team at Alt Summit in Salt Lake City this past January I was pretty stoked. We chatted briefly, there was a lot of glitter and one big giant swan around us, but I made a mental note to follow up with them when I got home. And I did. And boy am I glad that I did. We brainstormed for a little while about the ways we could work together when, suddenly, my dream collaboration presented itself – a playroom and bedroom makeover. Land of Nod designer Danielle Kurtz and I worked together to design two different spaces that worked with the flow of our home. I vividly remember squealing at my computer when Danielle would pin not yet released items to our secret shared pinboards.


Fast forward a couple of months and it was time to turn our pinterest boards into my reality (if only that were true for all of my pinterest boards…I don't suppose you could help me with that one could you, LON?). For a couple of days my home did sort of look like we just moved in. There were boxes and boxes of amazing new Land of Nod items that my kids were going crazy over. Lucky for me, the Land of Nod team flew down to my home in Charleston, SC and installed our vision for me. Just like a fairy tale. Lilly now refers to them as the Nod Fairies. I can't say I disagree. Two new rooms and my girl landed the August cover? Pretty magical to me.  

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We are really happy with our new rooms. I'd love to show you around… Let's start in Lilly's room. It was hiiiigh time that Lilly move out of her crib and into a big bed. She is 3 1/2 after all, but she loved that crib so much that we never felt the rush. Turns out, there is something she loves more though… her new upholstered marquee bed. We got the full size so that the whole family could pile on for bedtime stories and books. The headboard is quite cushy to lean up against.  

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Lilly loves her tiny dancer duvet and polka dot sheets. The aqua quilt helps keep it all from being too girly.

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We also installed hanging closet storage & the coordinating drawer inserts to keep Lilly's tiny closet organized. And by "installed" I mean we velcro strapped it on. Couldn't have been easier. Plus the monarch nightstand next to the bed has two useful drawers that we use for pjs and socks and stuff.  

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One of my favorite things in Lilly's room is the district bookcases. We stacked two on top of each other (don't worry, they bolt down) for Lilly to use as storage for her stuffed animals and current favorite books.

 E2465_Bedroom_DETAILS-0818 copy Pictures2

One of Lilly's favorite spots in her room is her framework coat rack corner. She's constantly rearranging her necklaces and scarves and dress up items over here. She can hop up on one of her storage cube seats and peek at herself in the mirror. It's the perfect dress up corner.

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Alright, let's head downstairs to the playroom. I love the way this room turned out. We needed it to be eye pleasing since it's on the main floor of the house.  

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That yellow gold bars rug gives the room a grounded pattern which I love. But if you look to the left of the picture you'll see one of our most favorite items, the orange stripe teepee. The kids play in there all the time, especially Fletcher.  

E2465_Playroom_SH03-0674 copy

I'm a big, big fan of our three leaning bookcases. All of the kids; little toys and things have a happy home now that they can easily see and access. I really don't know how we ever cleaned up the playroom without them.  

playroomleaningshelves E2465_Playroom_DETAILS-0329 copy

The kid's craft closet also got a fun makeover. I'll admit, it was pretty lame before. But now it's organized and beautiful. Most of the art supplies get stored in those colorful see through stackable boxes. The kids couldn't be happier with their "office. I regularly find Lilly plopped down in the cobalt iron chair making masterpieces to display on the cork-board rails.

 E2465_Playroom_DETAILS-0723 copy

We put all of their favorite washi tapes on a paper roll holder – I love the look and simplicity of this. That aqua wall organizer also comes in handy for stashing more craft supplies.  

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We also added a fun element to the craft closet door by putting colored tape on the interior trim. We used an x-acto knife to get it just right. I think it's a fun, non-permanent detail to see when the door is open.

  E2465_Playroom_DETAILS-0447 copy E2465_Playroom_SH01-0171 copy

One of my kids' favorite things to play with is my collection of trolls that I collected when I was a child. I guess a love for creepy looking dolls runs in the family. But I'm glad they like them b/c it's fun to revisit childhood memories. We found a spot for them in the playroom by hanging book ledges and organizing them all on there. It's pretty funny, really. I wonder if LON ever envisioned their book ledges holding trolls?  

Land of Nod

Oh, and I have to call out those amazing honeycomb shelves. They might just be my favorite detail. Perfect for visual interest and holding little objects. We decided to back ours with different patterned papers to bring a little more color to the room.  

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See, the Land of Nod really is fairy like. We couldn't be happier with our new rooms. A big, big thank you to The Land of Nod team for making all of this happen. You guys are the best.

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  • Anna D Kart

    How gorgeous! I love your daughter’s room – it’s so pretty and not too pink.
    Those honey-comb shelves are pretty darn cute I must say!