DIY Golden Kraft Letters


Adding a sparkling golden accent is easier than you’d imagine. A simple coat of metallic paint can turn everyday kraft letters into shiny pieces of art. Not only that, they also make a great way to add a personalized accent to any room. Visit to take a look at our Crafty Kraft Paper Letters, and start giving them your own personal golden touch. 

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Alphabet Cards Garland

Post by Haeley of Design Improvised

With all the unpacking and settling in over the past month, I haven’t had time for DIY projects. I must say, I’ve been missing them! Since I haven’t put anything up on the wall in the girls’ playroom yet, I came up with this idea the other day to A) satisfy my crafting urge and B) add a little color to their play area:


These flashcards are so cute I thought they were display-worthy. Several were a little fingerprinted or bent from being played with, but if you hang them up high it is hard to tell. 😉

To make the garland all you need are a pack of flashcards, a hole puncher, and some twine.


Punch a hole in each of the top corners and then work the twine through the back. Tip: start by stringing on the “Z” first and then work backwards through the alphabet!

I made two strands of the garland and hung them up in the corner of the playroom along with a couple garlands from The Land of Nod. I made sure to hang them up just out of reach of the girls!


For now, they are adding a fun focal point to a room with bare beige walls. It would also make for cute decor for a baby shower or a back-to-school party!


Post by Haeley of Design Improvised 

Turn This Image Into A Room – Vintage Bohemian Sparkle

When I saw this image from an old Vogue UK magazine, I thought how can I make this into a room? The image is so dreamy, feminine, and such a lovely mix of vintage styles.



First step was to write down the words that came to mind when I looked at this image:

grandma floral

This made it easier to nail down the concept for the room, Vintage Bohemian Sparkle. Next I gathered the product together, keeping the same textures and mood of the original image. Although this mood board is for a nursery, it could easily transition into a bedroom.


Products clockwise from top left:

Chantilly Mirror, $79
Cutting Garden Ceiling Lamp, $69
Natural History Framed Wall Art, $119
Colors by Orla Kiely, $9.99
Modern Clip Lamp, $59
Flokati Fluff Rug, $129-629
Ruched Throw Pillow, $29
Mosaic Paisley Crib Bedding, $29-$49
Sparkle Pillow, $44
Handpicked Knobs in Gold Floral, $7.95 each
Wear the Wild Things Dress-Up Set, $24.95

By Anna Passadori

Anna develops and designs exclusive product for The Land of Nod. She hails from the west coast and has traveled the world to source product. She loves anything Marc Jacobs, Sofia Coppola or stripes! (So, if anyone can get a photo of Sofia Coppola wearing a striped outfit by Marc Jacobs, please send it along.)

Have a Slice of Fraction Pie

Teaching your little one about fractions is easy as pie! Sorry… so cliché, but I couldn’t resist. Actually, I’ve never really understood that “easy as pie” expression because I’ve actually tried making pie crust from scratch and it is NOT easy!

Back to fractions, I actually had one of these Felt Fraction Pies when I was a kid. My Mom (a former kindergarten teacher) made it for us to play with. Mostly we’d use it to play make believe in our pretend kitchen, but it was a great introduction to the concept of fractions.


Felt Fraction Pie Ingredients:

:: Pie tin or round cake pan
:: Three pieces of felt, each a different color
:: Scissors
:: Straight Edge
:: Permanent Marker

1. Place your chosen pan on your first piece of felt (ours was pink) and trace a circle using the pan as a guide.

2. Cut out the circle along inside of the traced marker line.

3. Using a straight edge create a line that divides your pink circle in half. Write the labels “Half” and “1/2″ on both sides of the pink pie.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 for the remaining two felt pieces, only divide the second piece into quarters and the third piece leave whole.

5. Cut apart the half and quarter so you have pie “slices.”

Now your little one is ready to make some Fraction Pie. Enjoy!

Reposted with permission by Aimée Lowry & Bettijo B. Hirschi from