Behind the Scenes with HGTV Magazine

HGTV Magazine does these super cool house tours in every issue. They are always inspiring, as is everything that HGTV does. So I was over the moon when they asked to feature my house and family in their October issue. I couldn’t believe it. I live in a modest old bungalow, which I love like a part of the family – it is an old Sears Catalog house built in 1927 that we have lived in for 13 years. In that time, 3 of my 4 children were born, we have put on an addition, replaced every single mundane appliance, and painted the place a million times. Our family has grown up in this house, and it holds all of our memories.  


So, I thought it would be fun to give a little behind the scenes of what happens at a photo shoot like this. It is initially nerve-wracking. I was afraid they’d show up and say, “Really, this house is not worthy.” (That didn’t happen, thank God) So there is a lot of cleaning and prepping and putting things away to get the house in this nice organized state – because life is happening here. Then, enter the crew and equipment and utter chaos. Stuff everywhere – cameras and computers and props and just, wow! So now the house is a disaster. Brilliant!

But, this group of people is so fun and talented, so that’s a huge bonus. A few days with some really interesting, creative people. So, inevitably it’s time for the shots. When it’s just the house, it’s a breeze – except for the minor emergencies – flowers or no, antlers -yes?  The real pain comes when it’s time for the talent (that’s me and the family). I am awkward at best in front of the camera. That’s fine, I can deal. My kids on the other hand are going to have me jailed for child labor. They have been through this photo shoot thing, and they do not find it fun or exciting. They are difficult and whiny and noodley – real pains – but it only takes one good shot of the thousands that are taken (which I thankfully think we got). All in all, it was a blast and such fun to see my family in the magazine. I hope you enjoy my colorful, crazy kid-centric house.







Xo – Michelle

Aside from being the Managing Director of The Land of Nod, mother to four kids (yes I said FOUR!) and a gourmet cook, Michelle is a retail junky. From Zara to Marc Jacobs, Target to Nordstroms, she doesn’t discriminate, there’s room in her heart and closet for them all. And the addiction doesn’t stop at fashion, she’s painted her dining room at least 5 times, and changes rugs like most women change their sheets. Retail isn’t therapy for Michelle, it’s more like oxygen.