Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Post by Haeley of Design Improvised
Halloween Pumpkin Decorating Ideas Once pumpkins start appearing at the grocery store, I can’t help but take home a few to put on the mantel. I particularly love finding fun ways to decorate mini pumpkins. Is it any surprise that this year I would cover mine in pom-poms?!

Halloween Pumpkin Decorating Ideas: Pom-Poms

First it was the pom-pom wall art, then the pom-pom balloons, and now the pom-pom pumpkins. I think I will officially declare 2013 as the year of the pom-pom for Design Improvised! My mom actually gave me this idea (thanks mom!) and I immediately went for my glue gun.

Halloween Pumpkin Decorating Ideas 1

I also recently received a box of crafting goodies from Martha Stewart Living (more on that to come!) and these little card stock masquerade stickers were included. I thought it would be fun to disguise a couple of my mini pumpkins with them:

Halloween Pumpkin Decorating Ideas - masks

Both of these ideas only take minutes and a few dollars for the pom-poms and stickers. All you need is a glue gun to stick them on! Even though the little masks had adhesive on the back, I added a dab of glue to make sure they would be extra secure. I then just drew little black strings for the mask with a Sharpie.

I rounded out my Halloween mantel with a few pages from a Martha Stewart Halloween paper pad that I had framed a couple Halloweens ago and continue to reuse! The black vases are normally in our master bedroom, but I thought they would add some nice height to the display.

Halloween Pumpkin Decorating Ideas 2

So grab a few mini pumpkins and a glue gun and make your own festive mantel in minutes!

Post by Haeley of Design Improvised