Quality Time with Grandparents

Grandparents Day holds a very special place in our heart!

Not only are R + M lucky enough to live nearby their grandparents, but we also get to spend a lot of family quality time together…at work. That's right, since we work in a family business environment, we have niched out a special area for R + M to come and spend quality time at the office.

I thought I would share with you a recent day at work with R + M and their grandmothers. Office time means toys, crafts and snacks {a big hit} and thanks to the Land of Nod, a ton of fun!


R + M especially love their grocery cart {totally appropriate since we are in the food business}. They are also learning lots of handy cleaning skills with their newest cart.



We are smitten with the rainy day survival kit… filled with play dough and easy crafts, it can occupy them for hours.

The beeswax crayons are not only gorgeous, but great to draw all over our play table paper!


Our metal bins are great for craft/crayon storage, but also make for awesome snack containers in a pinch.


Thanks to land of nod and thanks to our amazing grandma's for making their work space so much for R + M!



Happy Grandparents Day to all the Nana's & Pop-Pops!


Niki  Papery & Cakery