Start Where You Are


I need a little inspiration at the beginning of a new month. I easily get overwhelmed by my to-do list, and I need to remember to do my very best and be happy with it. 

Just the other day, I was scrambling to get ready for a little lunch party I was hosting. My day was really not going well. As I was mentally kicking myself for forgetting the almonds for the salad, I looked up and saw my little quote sitting there. I took a deep breath and told myself, "This IS my best today." And you know what? I felt better. Despite my sticky floors, the clutter I'd scooped into the nearest drawer, and the missing almonds, I realized this was truly my best effort for the day, and I was OK with it. It was quite liberating. This whole taking-it-easy-on-myself thing is really fantastic. I'll have to try it more often.

I created a little printable of this month's quote in case you could use a little inspiration, too.

Start Where You Are-01

Download the free printable here.

Post by Christina Williams