An Autumn Apple Cider Stand


I’ve always wanted to have a lemonade stand with my children. Now that we live at the end of a cul-de-sac, our chances of having customers for such a venture seemed pretty slim. Just recently, however, we participated in a neighborhood-wide garage sale, so we took the opportunity to set up a drink stand for passersby. Lemonade didn’t seem appropriate for the brisk autumn morning, so we opted for apple cider instead. 


To make the cider, we mixed organic, unfiltered apply cider with apple slices and a few cinnamon sticks. Since the temperatures started in the mid-40s and ended near 70 degrees, we decided to offer both hot and cold cider. 


Our stand was very simple to set up. We used a small table from my daughter's room and our much-loved Land of Nod chair that we painted in gold and polka dots last year. We added a construction-paper garland and a small apple display and we were in business.


My daughter enjoyed her apple cider stand quite a bit, but I think her favorite part was sampling the cider.

Post by Julee : Warm Hot Chocolate