Fox Foto Booth


Hi, it's Jeran from Oleander and Palm (you may remember me from my Toddler Tween Shared Bedroom and my recent mini living room makeover). Well, I'm happy to be back and sharing a really simple party detail with you today. I recently threw my 2 year daughter a fox themed birthday party.  I had so much fun collecting and making foxy treats for this party.

And I knew that Nod's Fox Wear the Wild Things Dress-Up Set had to make an appearance at the party.  



Pictures are probably the most important part of a party for me. I want to capture the moments and details, so that when we look back at them years from now, we can remember how much fun we had celebrating Olivia's 2nd birthday.



So to help capture even more pictures, I put together a little Fox Foto Booth. Everyone loves a chance to pose at a party, and a photo booth is a great excuse to get your cheese on. Using Nod's fabulous This Garland is Shaping Up in orange and blue triangles, I simply attached them to a blank wall with a little tape to make a picture perfect backdrop. I made sure to put it at toddler height. Then I allowed the kids to dress up like a fox and snapped away. Kiddos love to dress up, and for some funny reason, wearing the fox mask made them all roar. 


I think these will be fun pictures to add to the party album and one of them became the thank you card that we'll send out to our friends and family. I just added a some text to the image in Photoshop and then had them printed as regular 4X6 prints.