Baby Boy Star Gazer Nursery Reveal

I am so over the moon about Rockwell’s Star-Gazer Nursery — it was so fun to plan and create. We love to throw parties, and designing a room is so similar to designing a party, only you get to enjoy your creation for a lot longer. Since we already had a complete nursery setup from baby Modette, the objective here was to transform the space into something fitting of a boy with as little hassle and expense as possible. I fell in love with a bunch of awesome things from The Land of Nod and everything came together just as I envisioned. I have been dying to show the room to you; so let’s get this tour started…


When you walk into Rockwell’s room, the first thing that catches your eye is this incredible Star Sign night light.


The super-amazing Meredith over at Saddle Shoe Signs created this gorgeous vintage marquee sign for us. She sells them in her Etsy Shop where you can also find her alphabet lights. I wanted it as soon as I found it, but after seeing it in person and all lit up, I’m blown away — the quality is fabulous. I was worried it might be too bright, but it is the perfect amount of light for when I’m trying to help Rockwell wind down at night. I don’t leave it on all night, but when I take him in there at bedtime I forego the overhead light and just turn the star sign on. It feels nice and cozy. (It doesn’t actually flash like this, which would certainly not be soothing — that is just a cool effect I did for you!)


This Magnificent Metal Letter from The Land of Nod is on another wall in the room, and I love how well it relates to the star marquee sign. The coolest part of these wall letters is that they are deep enough to act as a shelf for a little trinket. Since we call the baby “Rocket” for short, I am on the hunt for a mini, metal, rocket toy to set in there. I was hoping for something vintage, but I have been scouring eBay, Etsy and all my usual spots with no luck. Please let me know if you come across one!


This bookcase is a carryover piece from baby Modette’s nursery. I swapped out some of the more feminine accessories with colorful toys including these adorable rocket ship stacking blocks and a fun, red telescope. At present Modette is enjoying all the new toys, I guess Rockwell is getting an early start learning about sharing.

The Constellation Wall Art designed by Caravan Shoppe is a really easy and inexpensive focal point for the room. All you do is purchase and download the file (just $5!), and email or take it on a flash drive to a local copy center like Staples. Ask for a black-and-white, engineering print; mine is 36×48 inches and cost just $7.


To give the poster a more finished look, I mounted two wooden dowels on top and bottom. This treatment is reminiscent of a hanging wall map, and was really easy to accomplish. I found dowels at the hardware store and used school glue to roll the edges of the print out around the dowel. Superdad hung the map for me using screw eyes and fishing line, and we had fabulous art for under $20!

Storage is critical to a functional nursery, and I love how this bookshelf provides me ample space to contain books and toys. It is nice to have open shelving to display favorite pieces, but having hidden storage is the key to keeping things feeling uncluttered.


The Land of Nod has some really unique storage containers that can add a lot of character. This adorable wire basket is the perfect size for containing the copious amounts of infant laundry. I love, LOVE these vintage-inspired milk crates. I couldn’t believe how sturdy they were in person — just like the real thing! Right now they’re corralling our diapering supplies, but I can tell this baby will have a nice, long life in my house, office, etc.

Now for the crib! We realized that with the new safety standards it was time to upgrade our crib. I’m really happy with our new Low-Rise Crib from Land of Nod. It has a nice, solid construction, and I adore the clean, modern styling.


I think this bold, striped crib sheet is one of my favorite details in this room, but then I’m a sucker for stripes. Also totally loving that the crib skirt is a continuation of the exact same stripe but in yellow. This skirt is reversible and has a chunkier, vertical stripe pattern on the other side in case I ever want to shake things up a bit.


Of course in this Star-Gazer nursery we need a galaxy mobile for baby Rockwell to enjoy while he drifts off to dreamland. Superdad and I decided to take this project on as a DIY, and you can read our tutorial for how to make a Star Mobile if you’re interested.


Right now Rockwell’s nursery is my favorite space in our whole house — I feel like I could just sit in there and rock him forever.


Without reconfiguring furniture or lifting a paint brush, I am really amazed at how truly transformed the room feels. See below how swapping out key decorative accessories created a whole new nursery fitting of our new baby BOY:


So do you love it? What is your favorite detail?? Oh and I want to give a big thank you to our friends over at The Land of Nod for sponsoring Rockwell’s Star-Gazer Nursery makeover.

Reposted with permission by Aimée Lowry & Bettijo B. Hirschi from

Raegan’s Animal Parade 1st Birthday Party

Doesn’t it sometimes feel impossible to even start planning a party when there are so many great ideas out there? Too much inspiration equals party paralysis. Raegan’s sweet mama Deja was feeling just this way, until she decided to use one of Land of Nod’s new party decor kits for her daughter’s first birthday. You guys, it was such a good idea!


What she learned was that these cute kits don’t have be the only decor for your kiddo’s party. They’re just a really super starting point that gives you a color palette, general theme, and just the right amount of decor to get your ideas flowing.


The kits come with pretty much all the necessities for a cute party, but Deja stepped it up with some additions of her own… like pretty flowers, a fringe garland, string art, and homemade cupcakes and a cake. But don’t worry, she did call in help from her friend (and our own) Kristina. No mom should feel like she can or needs to pull all of this off on her own!


Raegan’s cute denim jumper is from  H&M, and Deja’s beautiful dress is from Thread Social, which she also wore for her wedding rehearsal dinner two years ago.








They used the same cake recipe Charley used for Keats’ 1st birthday party, plus the addition of confetti. And it turns out it’s actually pretty easy to frost cupcakes yourself with a piping bag. To get the perfect yummy pink color, use just two drops of neon pink food coloring in a double recipe of this cream cheese frosting.


Pretty peachy flowers make every party better.



Love the animal cupcake toppers that come with the party kit.




Deja made Raegan’s confetti cake following inspiration she found on Pinterest.



Minty wrapping paper picked up from Urbanic. And how cute are those little tissue tassels on top? Those and the gold glitter number 1 tag were really quick projects you could easily do after dinner one night.


Um hello, cutest handmade wooden elephant pull toy!


How cute are those felt triangle garlands??!! Those and the hot air balloon pouf are all from The Land of Nod‘s party decor line too. The best part? You can totally use them again for another party or as decor for your little one’s room. Deja found that sweet vintage school chair at a local thrift store for $20. Such a good prop!



Super fun and totally achievable when you have the basics taken care of with a themed party decor kit. The Toot Sweet and Pirate kits are really great too.

Happy Birthday, Raegan! Great party, Deja.

Animal parade party kit: The Land of Nod / Fringe garland: The Flair Exchange / Flowers, cake, cupcakes, string art number: DIY / Photo booth decor: The Land of Nod

Post by: Kristina & Jillian 100 Layer Cakelet

Halloween Yarn Pumpkin Garland

Post by Haeley of Design Improvised

Looking for a Halloween craft? These little yarn pumpkin garlands will look sweet adorning your mantel throughout the fall!

Halloween Crafts: Yarn Pumpkin Garland

Halloween Crafts: Yarn Pumpkin Garland 1

The pumpkins were the result of a crafting accident of sorts. I had thought of making pumpkins out of yarn pom-poms (I know, enough with the pom-pom crafts!!), but they didn’t turn out great. The round shape of the pom-pom didn’t feel very pumpkin-like.

But in the midst of making the pom-pons, I noticed that they look quite a bit like squat little pumpkins right before you cut them into pom-poms!

Halloween Crafts: Yarn Pumpkin Garland 3

So pretty much these are unfinished pom-poms. You can make one in 5 minutes – here’s how!

Supplies for Yarn Pumpkins

Halloween Crafts: Yarn Pumpkin Garland Supplies

  • Orange yarn
  • Green pipe cleaners
  • Twine
  • Scissors

How to Make Yarn Pumpkins

If you’ve never made a pom-pom before, refer to my pom-pom tutorial for more detailed step-by-step instructions. Here’s the condensed version:

1. Wrap yarn around four fingers about 120 times or so.

Halloween Crafts: Yarn Pumpkin Garland - How-To

2. Cut a ~10 inch piece of yarn and stick it between your fingers to wrap it around the big yarn loop

Halloween Crafts: Yarn Pumpkin Garland - Step 2

3. Line up the piece of yarn in the middle of the yarn loop, and tie – pulling taut and wrapping around the backside as well.

Halloween Crafts: Yarn Pumpkin Garland - Step 3

4. You now have your basic pumpkin shape. Cut a 2 inch piece of pipe cleaner and tie to the pumpkin using the two loose strands of yarn from Step 3. Don’t trim the strands yet!

Halloween Crafts: Yarn Pumpkin Garland - Step 4

Halloween Crafts: Yarn Pumpkin Garland - Step 4.1

5. Wrap the pipe cleaner around itself to form the stem.

Halloween Crafts: Yarn Pumpkin Garland - Step 5

6. Pretty up your pumpkin by tucking in any loose loops

Halloween Crafts: Yarn Pumpkin Garland - Step 6

Halloween Crafts: Yarn Pumpkin Garland - Step 6.1

7. Once again using the loose strings on the pumpkin to tie them around the twine. Continue making pumpkins until you have enough for your garland!

Halloween Crafts: Yarn Pumpkin Garland - Step 7

Halloween Crafts: Yarn Pumpkin Garland -

These would also look cute as stand-alone yarn pumpkins scattered down the middle of your dining table or mixed in with some real mini pumpkins on the mantel as well!

Halloween Crafts: Yarn Pumpkin Garland - 11

Post by Haeley of Design Improvised

Charlotte’s Bedroom Inspiration

My plan of attack with our new house is to take it one room at a time.
So far, my plan is working and I'm feeling a little more confident. I finished the teeniest bathroom in the house over the weekend, and I think I'm ready to tackle a larger project. Here's what I have in mind:


I've been scheming up a plan for Charlotte's room for quite some time now. I want something girly, yet something that will easily grow with her. Since her taste is fickle, the basic palette for her room is creams and golds, which are easy to work with. Then I'll throw in some purple, pink and turquoise to keep it interesting. 

Undoubtedly the biggest furniture score of my lifetime is my mom's old beds. She had the most darling set of wooden bed frames growing up; and they're now one of my most treasured belongings. I'm going to have one of them stripped and painted to match the Azure Jenny Lind nightstand. I can't wait to see it all come together. I'll keep you posted on my progress!

Here's a little guide to the items I've pictured here in case you're curious:

Glow Lightly Table Lamp, The Land of Nod
Bazaar Bedding, The Land of Nod
Sunburst Mirror, The Land of Nod
Head in the Clouds Pillow, The Land of Nod
Metallic Pennant Garland, The Land of Nod
Triangle Garland, The Land of Nod
Heart of Gold Wall Shelf, The Land of Nod
Gold Sequin Bow Wreath, The Land of Nod
Mini Cloud Corkboards, The Land of Nod
Oscar Wilde Quote, the big lake
A Little Sparkle print, Amanda Catherine Designs
Sacre Couer print, Marisa Seguin Print Shop 


Post by Christina Williams