Pretty Preppy


The room is inspired by those super sweet pillows, which I have always adored.

(1) Yellow Pendant Lamp (2) Vintage Brass Bow (3) Yellow Poppy Print

(4) Mahvelous Scallop Mirror (5) Love Wall Art (6) C'est Tort Print

(7) Bee (8) Navy Verona Crib (9) Gold Lamp

(10) Beaucoup Bow Pillows (11) Marine Queen Sheet (12) Monarch Dresser (and love these knobs!)

(13) Shattered Print (14) Yellow Stripe Curtain (15) Retro Rocker

(16) Locking Blocks Rug (17) Herringbone Poufs (18) Yellow Stripe Bin

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Post by Joni: Lay Baby Lay