Raegan’s Animal Parade 1st Birthday Party

Doesn’t it sometimes feel impossible to even start planning a party when there are so many great ideas out there? Too much inspiration equals party paralysis. Raegan’s sweet mama Deja was feeling just this way, until she decided to use one of Land of Nod’s new party decor kits for her daughter’s first birthday. You guys, it was such a good idea!


What she learned was that these cute kits don’t have be the only decor for your kiddo’s party. They’re just a really super starting point that gives you a color palette, general theme, and just the right amount of decor to get your ideas flowing.


The kits come with pretty much all the necessities for a cute party, but Deja stepped it up with some additions of her own… like pretty flowers, a fringe garland, string art, and homemade cupcakes and a cake. But don’t worry, she did call in help from her friend (and our own) Kristina. No mom should feel like she can or needs to pull all of this off on her own!


Raegan’s cute denim jumper is from  H&M, and Deja’s beautiful dress is from Thread Social, which she also wore for her wedding rehearsal dinner two years ago.








They used the same cake recipe Charley used for Keats’ 1st birthday party, plus the addition of confetti. And it turns out it’s actually pretty easy to frost cupcakes yourself with a piping bag. To get the perfect yummy pink color, use just two drops of neon pink food coloring in a double recipe of this cream cheese frosting.


Pretty peachy flowers make every party better.



Love the animal cupcake toppers that come with the party kit.




Deja made Raegan’s confetti cake following inspiration she found on Pinterest.



Minty wrapping paper picked up from Urbanic. And how cute are those little tissue tassels on top? Those and the gold glitter number 1 tag were really quick projects you could easily do after dinner one night.


Um hello, cutest handmade wooden elephant pull toy!


How cute are those felt triangle garlands??!! Those and the hot air balloon pouf are all from The Land of Nod‘s party decor line too. The best part? You can totally use them again for another party or as decor for your little one’s room. Deja found that sweet vintage school chair at a local thrift store for $20. Such a good prop!



Super fun and totally achievable when you have the basics taken care of with a themed party decor kit. The Toot Sweet and Pirate kits are really great too.

Happy Birthday, Raegan! Great party, Deja.

Animal parade party kit: The Land of Nod / Fringe garland: The Flair Exchange / Flowers, cake, cupcakes, string art number: DIY / Photo booth decor: The Land of Nod

Post by: Kristina & Jillian 100 Layer Cakelet