Create an Easy Art Studio


My daughter has always loved arts and crafts, but now that she’s in kindergarten, she also seems to be developing a love of art education. Her favorite pretend play of late is ‘Art School.’ She, of course, plays the role of teacher, and I am the student. She draws a picture on her easel and then instructs me to do the same in my notebook. 

Now that ‘playing art’ has become a two-person game, I was super excited to receive Land of Nod’s wall paper holder so that both teacher and student could have a space to create. In fact, once we installed the paper holder, a new theme seemed to emerge for the décor of her room: Art Studio.


We recently moved into a new house and have yet to decorate the kid’s rooms. Since Jenna’s walls are entirely empty (and we are holding off on hanging anything until we’ve painted), we decided to run with the art studio theme in the interim and let her decorate her walls with her own creations.

In addition to the easel we already own (similar one here), we used the following materials to set up her studio:


Now Jenna's room is filling up with adorable pictures.


And she has plenty of space to create, right in her own room.

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