Grandpa Cat

Grandpa Cat is old and wise. He moves slowly but he carries many many stories in his heart. Little Sabrina loves to sit on his lap and listen to those stories with her eyes closed, imagining and dreaming and wishing upon the starts. It is all about the places that Grandpa Cat has been to and the places that little Sabrina is about to discover. Dream big, little kids, dream big! Imagine and never stop fantasizing.

Mama Dinara



The Land of Nod is raffling off Grandpa Cat along with a handful of other handmade plush animals!  You can enter daily for a chance to win.

A lifelong doodler, Dinara Mirtalipova left her hometown of Tashkent, Uzbekistan to start a creative new life in Cleveland as an artist and designer. She’s developed an incredibly recognizable style of art and illustration that’s inspired by her family life, folk tales and her native Uzbek art and culture. Featuring everything from cheerful animals to bright bold flowers, Dinara’s artwork is always a treat to look at.