Nod Traveling Road Show


We’re so excited about our Holiday Collection that we thought we should take it on the road. We’ve partnered with many of our favorite bloggers across the country to host Nod Trunk Shows tonight, Thursday, November 21st.

At each location we’ve partnered with a blogger to showcase our exclusive assortment of toys and holiday décor. So, it’s a chance to see just how they deck their halls with Nod product. And maybe inspire you to add a little holiday cheer to your home.

If you want a peek into the festivities, follow us on Instagram @thelandofnod or search #nodevents for photos and posts from all of our participants.

Here’s where we’re going and who we’re visiting! Check out their blogs…these ladies are pretty amazing!

Atlanta, GA


Our host is Joni of Lay Baby Lay. Joni’s blog is chock full of nursery design inspiration. If you’ve ever seen a drop dead gorgeous nursery mood board on Pinterest, chances Joni created it! You can also follow Joni on twitter, Pinterest and Instagram @laybabylay


Boise, ID


Our host in Boise is Kirsten of Simply Grove. Kirsten’s blog is all interior eye candy. She designs bright, beautiful spaces that are minimal with a ton of soul. Definitely check out her site if you’re redecorating any room in your home. You can follow Kirsten on twitter, Pinterest and Instagram @simplygrove 

Charleston, SC


Our host here is Chassity Evans of Look Linger Love. Chassity has an insane sense of style and her blog is filled with beautiful things, including fashion, interiors and entertaining. Also, Chassity and her family were featured in a recent Nod catalog as one of our Real Families…check them out here, they’re adorable!! You can follow Chassity on twitter, Pinterest and Instagram @looklingerlove

Washington D.C.


We have two hosts in D.C. First, Darcy of No Monsters In My Bed. Darcy blogs about life in D.C. with three kiddos. She’s also been a longtime contributor to Honest to Nod, and was also a Nod Real Family


Our other D.C. hosts are Rebecca and Suzanne of A Feteful Life. Over at A Feteful Life these ladies are serving up all things DIY for creating simple, never plain parties.  You can follow them on twitter and Pinterest @fetefullife

Kansas City, MO


Our hosts in Kansas City are the creative minds behind Ampersand Design Studio, Carrie and Morgan. Their aesthetic is clean and playful and always on trend. I dare you to visit their shop without buying a little treasure for yourself…in fact, my iphone case is an Ampersand Design. 

Follow them on twitter, Pinterest and Instagram @ampersandstudio

Los Angeles, CA


We have two hosts in LA, as well. First, our venue is uber exciting…the lovely ladies at Honest Company have agreed to let us host the party in their super fabulous corporate office. It’s like no corporate office you’ve ever seen, check out their Instagram for some sneak peeks at the space @honest


If that’s not enough, Kelly of  Studio DIY is decking the place out for the party. Kelly’s pretty much the queen of fabulous party décor. Every time I pin a genius DIY craft or party décor item, it’s inevitably from Kelly’s site. I’m not sure how she comes up with this stuff, but you should for sure check out her blog, and follow her on Instagram, twitter and Pinterest @studiodiy

Nashville, TN


In Nashville, our host is the lovely Rachael of Finding My Feet. Rachael blogs about life with her two young kiddos and has tons of great sewing tutorials. She even contributes to This is one of our all-time favorite tutorials by Rachael.  Rachael and her family were also featured as a Nod Real Family. You can follow her on twitter, Pinterest and Instagram @rachaelmyers 

Los Altos, CA


We have two hosts in Los Altos. First, local business owner, Mary Heffernan. Mary owns several shops in Los Altos, including the died-and-gone-to-heaven crafting shop, The Makerie. Mary and her family were also featured in a past catalog as a Nod Real Family.



Mary’s co-host is Michaela of Michaela Nolle Designs. Michaela is an interior designer whose site is dedicated to her own interiors projects as well as DIYs and other lovely bits she finds around the web! You can follow her on twitter, Pinterest and Instagram @michaela_noelle 

Provo, UT


And last, but certainly not least, we have co-hosts in Provo, as well. First up is Kirsten Kranson of Kirsten is an interior designer; on her blogs she shares everything that’s inspiring her from interiors and party décor to products and DIY projects. Follow Kirsten on twitter, Instagram and Pinterest @kirstenkrason


Along with Kirsten, the lovely ladies of Small Fry Blog are co-hosting. Small Fry is a children’s lifestyle blog that does just that, showcases everything that’s stylish for a life with children. On a daily basis Nicole, Emily and Jenna brings the best in kids fashion, travel, dining out, parties and more, always served up in a stylish package. You can’t help but have fun while on their site. You can follow these ladies on twitter, Instagram and Pinterest @smallfryblog

I think that sums it up, we can’t wait to kick off the festivities. And, we’d love to see how you’re using our holiday décor in your home this season. So, when you’re posting pics of your perfectly coifed tree to Instagram, don’t forget to tag us @thelandofnod.

Happy Holidays!

Danielle is the Creative Director at Nod and an over-protective mother of two. She’s also completely obsessed with Pinterest, Twitter and her Kindle, but not necessarily in that order. Danielle loves to craft, sew and crochet, but all her supplies have a layer of dust on them about 6 ½-years-thick, wonder if it's just a coincidence that her oldest kiddo is 6 1/2 years old?