One-of-a-kind Giant Creatures Designed by John Murphy

Princess Sandrine Theropoidica is a rare kind of Polar Tyrannosaur from the Cretaceous South Pole. Eric Vreem is a paleontologist from a wintery star system very far from Earth. Eric had a love for Earth's ancient bones and took a trip to the past to see his beloved skeletons alive and breathing. Sandrine met Eric when his ship landed on her glacier. The two fell in love almost instantly, but neither could live in the other's domain, so they decided to have a long-distance relationship. The two meet via wormhole as often as they can and they travel the stars together sharing a love that defies space and time



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John Murphy is a native of North Carolina and started drawing at the age of three. His affinity for quirky, colorful monsters of all shapes and sizes makes his artwork instantly recognizable. His primary product is custom, soft sculpture monsters made from recycled fabrics.