One of a Kind Giant Princess Yeti & Workout Alpaca

When I got asked to do the giant plush friends I knew I wanted to do a giant yeti lady. The basis of the idea was entirely based on my NEED to make those little sparkly snow shoes. The rest of her sweetness just fell into place!! Even though she's a big round poofy ball I imagine her delicately bounding through the snow in those little shoes collecting icy trinkets throughout the forest.


In my magic character universe I've drawn "Workout Alpaca" who wears a sweatband and leg warmers for a long time. I'm pretty sure this is his snowy cousin. She needed more than just a sweatband to keep her head warm!!


And, in the spirit of giving (and since they don’t fit down chimneys), The Land of Nod is raffling off these enormous works of art. You can enter daily for a chance to win a giant plush animal. 

By Illustrator/Designer Michelle Romo: Crowded Teeth

We haven't checked with any doctors, but we’re pretty sure it’s physically impossible to feel unhappy while looking at Michelle Romo’s artwork. Each piece she designs for us is overflowing with cheerful characters and smiling objects. Her artwork is as eclectic as her upbringing. The childhood influences of her Japanese grandparents and American grandparents have led to an art form that blends various genres and styles. Her company, Crowded Teeth, was founded in 2004, and now designs everything from bedding to toys to art prints and more.