The Best Doughnuts in Orange County


I just recently discovered Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee. They brought some doughnuts to a store event of ours, and the photos looked so good I had to taste it for myself. The maple bacon doughnut is to die for – pure heaven. This is where I discovered Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee. Try it. It’ll put hair on your chest (my grandpa used to say that to me).

Cc_Bacon Donut_insta Cc_Sidecar_insta



By Michelle Kohanzo

Aside from being the Managing Director of The Land of Nod, mother to four kids (yes I said FOUR!) and a gourmet cook, Michelle is a retail junky. From Zara to Marc Jacobs, Target to Nordstroms, she doesn’t discriminate, there’s room in her heart and closet for them all. And the addiction doesn’t stop at fashion, she’s painted her dining room at least 5 times, and changes rugs like most women change their sheets. Retail isn’t therapy for Michelle, it’s more like oxygen.