Krafty Fun with The Land of Nod

Remember how I teased you guys about the event I hosted at The Land of Nod? Well, it’s about time I shared the details!

The Land of Nod is one of my family’s favorite places to not only shop and hang out, but to also be inspired. A single trip always leaves us, well maybe only the ladies in our family, dreaming of our dream bedrooms. I say we because the furnishing you find appeal to both the young and the young at heart. You will find pieces that will really grow with your children – en trend, yet classy enough to use in a ‘big kids’ room (aka grown up room).

Now back to the craft.


Isn’t it crazy how you can be so excited about something, but yet, be so consumed with fear at the same time. The days and weeks leading up to the event left me a huge ball of nerves. Would the craft be too difficult? What if no one showed up? Or worse, what if I ran out of supplies? These thoughts were all silly really. Silly because everything went perfectly – better than I could have imagined!



We made yarn wrapped kraft letters. The Land of Nod was super generous and provided the letters and everything else needed to have a wonderful time and create something special.


While I worried that the craft may be too difficult for smaller hands, it was a worry that soon disappeared. What could have been a massive failure on my part turned into something magical. With the help of their mamas, their tiny hands created mini masterpieces. Together they transformed something rather plain into something unique and beautiful. But more beautiful than their letters, are the memories they made together in my small sliver of time. Hopefully seeing the letter they made proudly displayed in their own homes will bring back fond memories of the time they spent together that day.


In the end, the event was a success. Crafts were created. Memories were made. Moms were able to connect with other moms. I so enjoyed meeting everyone who stopped by, just like their children, they were all so sweet and lovely. It was an amazing experience, and I am so very thankful that I had the opportunity!

Post by Andrea : Life by Andrea Victoria