Free Printable Funny Valentine

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Free Printable Funny Valentine

As a Mom to a 6-year-old boy I’m already starting to see his enthusiasm for Valentine’s Day starting to wane. (Tear!) So last year when he came to me bubbling with excitement asking to pass out newly discovered WHOOPEE CUSHIONS to his classmates for valentines, I was tempted to let him. But, of course, I didn’t. I mean, that just doesn’t adhere to my well-mannered ideals. Leave it to Liam to remember whoopee cushions and beg to pass them out this year. Although I’m still deciding, I can’t help loving the concept we came up with…

Free Printable Funny Valentine  2Download our free My Funny Valentines template and print onto cardstock. Cut out each valentine and have your child sign his or her name. Attach mini whoopee cushions to your valentine. Place a cushion on the card as shown then using a screw punch make holes on either side of the mouthpiece being careful not to punch through the cushion itself. Loop string or twine through the holes and over the cushion. Secure with a knot.

Clearly this funny valentine is not just for little boys, but for anyone who’s a kid at heart!

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