Avery’s Toddler Valentines

Post by Michelle Sterling of Avery and Augustine
Avery's Toddler Valentines

Avery's Toddler Valentines 2

Avery's Toddler Valentines 3

Avery's Toddler Valentines 4

Avery's Toddler Valentines 5
When she was two, Avery was old enough to help make her own toddler valentines.  The valentines were inspired by this blog post.  Avery had a fun time scribbling on different shades of red and pink paper, then I cut out hearts using this Marvy craft punch, printed a little message and pasted some patterned wrapping paper on the back.  Each valentine went into a glassine envelope with some bits of beautiful hand-pulled candy from Papabubble in NY.  The last step was sealing each envelope with washi tape.  It was such a fun process!  Thanks to lovelydesign for your inspiration.

Post by Michelle Sterling of Avery and Augustine. You can see her work and read about her two young children and their first forays in cooking, art and everything in between at Avery and Augustine.