Four Tips for Designing a Study Space

Looking to create a study area at home? Here are a few helpful tips that make it easy. Raise your hand if you have any questions.


Designate each area for a specific type of activity like math or reading. You’ll have everything you need in one general area, but you’ll have the flexibility to move around and keep kids’ interest throughout the day. Include some outlets for study breaks, too.


Make sure to include enough space to store supplies. Each zone needs to include easy access storage for the materials you’ll need on any given day. Also, plan a general storage area for supplies you want to keep out of reach (at least until school is done for the day).


Sure, it’s important to make each area bright and engaging. But that doesn’t mean they should be overly busy and distracting. It’s important that you keep it simple, since too many visual distractions can make it difficult for kids to focus on their schoolwork.


Make the space flexible enough so that it can be adapted to the learner’s changing interests and areas of study. Include display options for projects and collections like artwork, knickknacks and more. Kids (and grownups) love to show off their work.

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