Shared Boys Space

Land of nod shared boys room

My story starts when I moved to Indianapolis about 12 years ago not knowing a soul and within minutes of arriving at my new job a girl that worked a few cubicles down from me came over and welcomed me to the office and I’m so lucky to say she’s been my friend ever since. 

When I got pregnant 7 years later my friend told me about her sister, Sarah Beth Hill, who was an amazing natural light photographer.  I immediately booked a session with her.  Unfortunately I had some heartbreaking losses that put off my newborn baby photo shoot until I welcomed my son in October 2012.  I was so excited for the photoshoot it was a long time coming and I was so anxious to meet Sarah and have her take photos of my newborn son Cooper. 

At the end of the shoot I got out my checkbook and asked Sarah how much I owed her and she looked at me and smiled and said, “Nothing, I’m so happy for you and your family I want to give this to you as my gift to you, it’s the least I could do.”   This was the first time I had ever met her and one of the nicest acts of kindness a stranger had ever given to me.

A year later when I booked Cooper’s one year photo shoot Sarah suggested we trade services, she would take Cooper’s pictures in exchange for me decorating her sons Ethan and Maddox shared bedroom space.  I quickly agreed and the planning began.

I wanted to do something special for Sarah to repay her for the kindness she gave to me and so I reached out to Land of Nod to see if they would help me create a fun shared boys space for 2 young boys.  Lucky me they agreed and I got to work!

The inspiration for the room were some canvas photos Sarah Beth took of her sons that took on a nautical theme.  Once I knew the inspiration picking out some great items from Land of Nod was super easy!

  Land of nod moodboard


First thing first the orange room was painted a light gray and the bunk beds were moved to the other side of the room.

The room is super small so the bookcase was a great choice, it held so much but it wasn’t the slightest bit bulky.  Maddox the youngest loved his decorative life preserver pillow and Ethan the oldest loved having his very own book light on the top bunk to read late into the night.  Mom/Sarah loved the owl tree rack to keep the boys clothes off the ground.  If I had to pick my favorite element it would be the map rug that helped pulled the small room together.






I had such a great time putting together this room and to see Sarah and the boys reaction to the space was priceless!  Thank you so much Land of Nod for helping me put together this room!!

Sarah Beth Photography:  A natural light photographer from Indianapolis

Laurie Jones:  An interior decorator from Indianapolis

Photographs taken by Sarah Beth 

Moodboard and Graphics by Laurie Jones

Store Window Display by Studio DIY

Kelly here from Studio DIY! I was so excited when The Land of Nod asked me to help design their spring windows for the South Coast Plaza store! I like to call these windows "A Sparkly Starry Night." I knew I didn't want to do a traditional "springy" window, and I wanted to incorporate some of the fuchsia and deep blue colors that would be used in the in-store displays. Taking a cue from this "I Love You to the Moon and Back" poster, a night sky seemed perfect! 


It all started with a giant moon piñata, of course, which you can find the tutorial for right here! I purchased die-cut stars in various sizes from the party store and covered them in shades of glitter and confetti! Lots of gold was a must! We draped the walls in deep navy fabric, hung some mylar tassel garlands and strung up some gold disco balls as "planets" to add a little drama, too. Once everything was hung (Shout out to Mary who spent most of the day on a ladder helping hang stars before she took these gorgeous photos!), we styled it up with some of the new pillows and storage pieces, and pulled in some of my Land of Nod favorites too, like that geometric lamp and that confetti canopy, and of course a mini balloon animal, too!






A huge thank you to The Land of Nod for having me. It was so fun adding a little bit of Studio DIY flair to those sparkly windows!





Photography by Mary Costa Photography

Kelly Lanza is an east-coast transplant living in Los Angeles and has been a DIY-er since birth. Check out Studio DIY & you’ll find a whole lot of DIY projects, party tips and colorful ideas designed to help you inspire, create and celebrate. 

Four Tips for Designing a Study Space

Looking to create a study space at home? Here are a few helpful tips that make it easy. Raise your hand if you have any questions.

Four Tips for Designing a Study Space | Honest to Nod

Designate each area for a specific type of activity like math or reading. You’ll have everything you need in one general area, but you’ll have the flexibility to move around and keep kids’ interest throughout the day. Include some outlets for study breaks, too.

Four Tips for Designing a Study Space | Honest to Nod

Make sure to include enough space to store supplies. Each zone needs to include easy access storage for the materials you’ll need on any given day. Also, plan a general storage area for supplies you want to keep out of reach (at least until school is done for the day).

Four Tips for Designing a Study Space | Honest to Nod

Sure, it’s important to make each area bright and engaging. But that doesn’t mean they should be overly busy and distracting. It’s important that you keep it simple, since too many visual distractions can make it difficult for kids to focus on their schoolwork.

Four Tips for Designing a Study Space | Honest to Nod

Make the space flexible enough so that it can be adapted to the learner’s changing interests and areas of study. Include display options for projects and collections like artwork, knickknacks and more. Kids (and grownups) love to show off their work.

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