Twelve Days of Love

Post by Christina Williams of Just Call Me Chris

My kids are so excited to pull out our Valentine’s Day mailboxes. I thought I’d make things a bit more exciting this year by starting a Twelve Days of Love tradition. For twelve days surrounding Valentine’s Day, I have a simple (and inexpensive!) surprise planned for them. I want to do a better job of showing them how much I love them, and creating memorable experiences. This is a good way to start.

Kids Valentine's Day Activity: Twelve Days of Love

I’m so excited to start our new tradition! I always intend to do a Twelve Days of Christmas, but the holidays get so hectic and over-scheduled that it falls through the cracks every year. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to bust out some extra love. And this is a fun activity to do anytime during the month of February. You can download the Twelve Days of Love checklist here and play along. Or just use my list as a starting point to plan some surprises your family will love.

Kids Valentine's Day Activity: Twelve Days of Love 1

I created a free printable Tic Tac Toe card, as well. So get it here.
Also, here’s a link to the Secret Message Valentines (Day 4) if you need instructions.

Happy February!

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