Giant Geometric Wall Shamrock

Giant geometric shamrock 2

Well, I had to do it.  Here's the St. Patrick's Day version of my Giant Geometric Wall Heart that I made for Valentine's Day.  Green is my favorite color, so I think this guy is going to stay on my dining room wall for quite a while.  Plus, it should bring me some good luck to have a giant shamrock in my home, right?

Giant geometric shamrock 3

Giant geometric shamrock 1

For this shamrock, you'll need 10 pieces of scrapbook paper.  I used mint, forest green and metallic gold.  You simply cut each piece of paper into 6" squares and then cut those squares diagonally to make triangles.  Each piece of 12" scrapbook paper will give you 8 triangles.  To make the shamrock shape, you will be making 3 hearts (like my giant geometric heart) and then adding a stem that is 3" wide.  I attached the triangle to the wall using glue dots.  I tried double stick tape, but with the texture of my walls, it didn't want to hold well.

Giant geometric shamrock 6

It goes perfectly with my Green and Gold Geometric Pillow.  I am really loving this mint and gold combo for St. Patrick's Day.

Giant geometric shamrock 5

What do you think about my "go big or go home" holiday decorations?  I'm having fun with it, would you put up something this big on your wall?  If you do decorate for St. Patrick's day, what does it look like?

Giant geometric shamrock 4

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