Get to Know Paloma’s Nest

Palomas_Nest_photo_ by_Chris_Perez_metropochris

Caroline and Jose from Paloma’s Nest

Hometown: Caroline- Mystic, Connecticut. Jose- Buenos Aires Argentina

Current city: East Lyme, Connecticut

Would you rather travel by plane, train, car or ship?

Jose- Bicycle! Nothing compares to being immersed in an environment- whether it’s feeling the energy of the city, or spotting animals in the woods.

Caroline- Train! I love passing through towns and stretches of countryside, and being able to focus on the scenery, not on driving! Some of my fondest memories of living as an exchange student in Europe are of riding on the trains.

You can find us eating __for breakfast.

Scrambled eggs with diced ham and American cheese mixed in.  Or, maybe we should say: American cheese with a little bit of ham and egg mixed in.

On the weekends, you can find us__.

Insert some fantasy life kind of answer here- you know, like where we take the kids to a great New England museum in the morning, then take a family hike in the afternoon, then the two of us go for a romantic dinner later on. That kind of fantasy. Let’s face it, those things happen only once in a while if we’re lucky! We run our own business, and our kids are 2 and 7 years old. Most parents know what that means- sleep, house cleaning, cartoons, and leisurely coffee drinking when possible. But we wouldn’t trade it for anything.

How many times do you usually hit the snooze button after your alarm goes off?

Jose sets his alarm to go off reallllllly early so that he can hit the snooze as many times as possible. Sometimes he pretends he doesn’t hear the alarm at all. Caroline is an early riser and is up when Jose’s first alarm goes off. By the third or forth snooze, she usually rolls over and bops Jose in the head with a pillow.

If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

Jose- black, because it works for everything.

Caroline- white, on colored paper. The best.

How long can food be on the ground and still be fair game for eating?

Depends on how good of a bite it is…

Tell us about your House Sitter Play Chair, how you made it or your inspiration behind it.

The idea for our House Sitter Play Chair originated when we started really noticing how our daughter was using toys and objects in multiple ways in her imaginative play.

We wanted to create furniture that is modern but timeless, pieces that could grow with her and inspire her for many years.  Our love of architecture (and the need for our children’s furniture to function well in small spaces) blossomed into the idea of a child’s chair that doubles as a doll house. (But its not just for girls, and certainly not just for dolls! Our little guy is equally in love with his for cars, animal figures, and other make believe!) We are thrilled to bring this concept to Land of Nod and can’t wait for little ones all over to enjoy their own House Sitter Chair!


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