DIY Paper Bag Printing

Post by Suzanne of a Fetful Life

DIY Paper Bag Printing

Friday nights are my absolute favorite night of the week. A few months ago we started the tradition of having a family movie night and it is something that all of us look forward to every week. Last Friday I decided to change things up a bit and bring the movie theater into our home – popcorn, candy & soda. And, in order to keep the peace between my kids, I created these cute color coded popcorn bags.

I’ve been wanting to try printing on paper bags for a while and I was shocked to find out how simple it is once you figure out a few little tricks. First – Feed the paper bag into your printer face down with the bottom entering the printer first. This will help prevent any paper jams since it is the smoothest part of the bag; Second – once you create your design, make sure you mirror the image both horizontally and vertically. This needs to be done since you’re feeding the bag in from the bottom. Here are the templates for the popcorn bags (including a 5th color) with the design already mirrored for you. I used 5″x7.5″ craft treat bags like these.

DIY Paper Bag Printing 1

DIY Paper Bag Printing  2

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