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Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide

Nothing was more fun as a kid as sorting through your stocking and all the mini goodies it held. We put together a list of our favorite stocking stuffers for kids, including cars, giant pencils and, of course, whoopee cushions. Check out our picks below and shop all our best kids stocking stuffers.

Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

  1. Giant Wooden Pencil & Giant Eraser
  2. Mini Food Trucks
  3. Trapeze Monkey & Trapeze Ballerina
  4. Piano Horn
  5. Nautical Boats
  6. Cat Goody Bag Purse
  7. Box of Jokes
  8. Whoopee Cushion
  9. Double Sided Flip Car
  10. How’s That Grab Ya? Robot Claw

DIY Kids Pom Pom Pins

Post by Lauren Baker, our fearless events marketing manager

DIY Kids Pom Pom Pins

A few weeks ago we celebrated our collaboration with Pink Chicken by creating Pom Pom Pins in all The Land of Nod stores and Pink Chicken locations. This was a fun activity for kiddos to create an accessory for their jackets or book bags. Our #nodevents team created poms for the kiddos to combine with letter beads and toy animals to make an adorable pin to take home with them. Below in a step by step to make your own at home!


Things You’ll Need:

  • Yarn (one piece that’s 18 inches or so and 2-3 smaller pieces of cut yarn)
  • 1 Pom (you can buy them premade or learn how to make them here)
  • 1 animal
  • Beads (we used alphabet beads to spell names)
  • Safety pin

How to Make Your Pom Pom Pin

  1. Tie the long piece of yarn around the “tummy” of your animalDIY Kids Pom Pom Pins - Step 1
  2. Pull the yarn through the hole at the end of your safety pin and tie a double knot so your animal is secure on the pinDIY Kids Pom Pom Pins - Step 2
  3. You’ll notice two long strings hanging down the side of your pin. You can now add your beads through one of them.DIY Kids Pom Pom Pins - Step 3
  4. When you’re done, to secure the beads, take your mini pieces of yarn and tie a knot or two. Trim any excess yarn.DIY Kids Pom Pom Pins - Step 4
  5. Simply add your pom to your pin and ta-da!DIY Kids Pom Pom Pins - Step 5
When Lauren isn’t planning ridiculously awesome #nodevents for The Land of Nod, she spends her time putting up with the crazy antics of her English Bulldog, Lola. She also loves searching for treasures in vintage stores and summer antique markets. Due to her previous adventure living in Canada, she has a strong obsession to Hudson Bay stripes, as well as the fine cuisine of poutine (Don’t make her choose between the two…that’s like choosing between Ryan Gosling and Jason Bateman for her!).