Nod Printable Coloring Page – Instruments for Musical Kiddos

Nod Fun Pages designed by Michelle Romo

Are your kiddos aspiring musicians? Keep the noise level down for a few minutes with this free instrument printable coloring page HERE. Share a pic of your little one with the finished product on Instagram (use hashtag #landofnod) or our Facebook page. We may feature it!

Nod Printable Coloring Page - Instruments for Musical Kiddos

Michelle Romo is our newest Nod illustrator, she’s a self-taught illustrator and designer fueled by cookies and naps. Her influences include Mid-Century, Japanese and Scandinavian design, along with pretty much anything cute. When she isn’t working she spends her time eating good food, hugging her friends, playing video games and crafting.

50 Summer Art Projects For Kids

Post by Christina of Christina Williams Blog

50 Summer Art Projects For Kids

We’ve still got about a month of summer vacation, and despite my best efforts, we need some new ideas. I have a summer goal of doing more art projects with the kids. Especially the messy, memorable ones; and now is the perfect time to get cracking on our list. Most of our summer camps have dwindled down; swimming lessons are over; as is our family vacation; so now I’m pulling out the (washable!!!) paint.

I’m planning on inviting friends, family and neighbors to the back yard at the end of summer for a gallery walk where the kids can show off the projects art projects they’ve completed this summer.

50 Summer Art Projects For Kids Checklist

For easy reference, I made a list of 50 Art Projects for Kids; and you can print it out here. My kids really liked painting with race cars and bouncy balls, and I have to admit that I gave it a whirl, too. If you’re going to paint with bouncy balls, or other projectiles, for that matter, here are a few tips: 1. Use washable paint. Obviously. 2. Wear old clothes 3. Work outside. Cover the ground or a table with a drop cloth; or use a table you can easily wipe down when the fun is over.

50 Summer Art Projects For Kids - Painting with Bouncy Balls

50 Summer Art Projects For Kids - Race Car Painting

50 Summer Art Projects For Kids - Salt Painting

I think my favorite summer art project though, was the salted watercolor paintings. The example above is my 9-year-old’s masterpiece. Even he isn’t too cool for most of these projects. (Hooray!) Simply “draw” a picture with Elmer’s glue, sprinkle liberally with salt; shake off the excess. While the glue is still wet, use watercolor paints and just touch the salt gently with your paintbrush. It’s so much fun to see the salt absorb the color; and it’s also a great exercise in color mixing.

I’m sharing our 50 summer art projects for kids over on Instagram, so feel free to follow me there @christinawilliamsblog; and if want to play along, use that hashtag #cwsummerart so we can create a virtual gallery walk for our kids! I hope you’ll join in the fun!

50 Summer Art Projects For Kids - Bouncy Ball Painting Project

Christina Williams is a blogger and graphic designer living in Salt Lake City, Utah. She’s a night owl and a bookworm, as well as a mother to three children ranging in age from two to eight. She shares her latest DIY and design projects along with her adventures in parenting on her self-named blog, Christina Williams. 

Bedtime with Little Golden Books for Nod

Post by Rebecca Green of Not So SAHM

Bedtime with Little Golden Books for Nod

Our kiddos were not good sleepers when they were little. So although I tried to remain slightly flexible when parenting, bedtime was one of those areas in which I established a routine and then clung to it for the sake of sleep. Since they’ve been just a few months old, it’s been dinner, bath, books + bed. Nothing complicated, just consistent.

As they’ve gotten older, bath time has become a drawn out ritual. Kane will listen to books on tape in the tub like its his job, constructing elaborate toyscapes as he soaks. Cam likes her bath products and arting in the tub. I let them have at it because it means I get the dinner dishes done before I have to tuck them in (is there anything worse than finally getting your children to sleep and then dragging yourself back to the kitchen to wash the dishes!?). But even as they’ve grown up, they’ve both insisted on keeping their baby bath hooded towels — those super soft, hooded towels you bought when the baby was just the size of a pea. So cute, but so don’t cover their butts anymore.

Bedtime with Little Golden Books for Nod - Bath SetsBedtime with Little Golden Books for Nod - Bath SetsBedtime with Little Golden Books for Nod - Bath Sets

It was time to move on and when they spied the Little Golden Books for Nod collaboration at the Nod Tour Bus’ trip to DC, they begged for the adorable character towels (which, thankfully are generously sized and cover their tushes with insanely cute tails too). Kane picked the Tawny Scrawny Lion set and Cam went straight for the Shy Little Kitten (both happened to pick books that jibe with their personalities). After a recent bath time, they curled up in their jammies, re-donned the adorable towels and we read the accompanying books.

Bedtime with Little Golden Books for Nod - Shy Little Kitten

Bedtime with Little Golden Books for Nod - Tawny Scrawny LionBedtime with Little Golden Books for Nod - Tawny Scrawny Lion

It’s been our routine, at least since Cam got her new big girl bed (you can read all about her new big girl room right here), to alternate reading time between each of their rooms every night. They each pick out a book or two and we curl up to read. They are both beginning readers, so sometimes they help sounds words out and sometimes they just make up a story they see to match the illustrations. Then either their dad or I read a bit as well. Whoever is reading, including their stuffed animals is always a must.

These gift sets would be a fabulous way to help a new parent get that consistency started and, hopefully(!!!!), get their kiddos set on a good path to sleep. Thanks to The Land of Nod for helping keep our bedtime routine a success!!

Bedtime with Little Golden Books for Nod - Tawny Scrawny Lion

Rebecca is a mom to two young kiddos and, in her spare time (ha!), likes to pretend she’s a back-up dancer, craft cocktails, and run long distances. A relatively recent SAHM, she blogs family-friendly activities, DIYs and celebration fun at Not-So-SAHM. 

Summer Lawn Games – Multi Uses for Lawn Bowling

Post by Nicki of Little Island Studios

It’s mid-summer, my children’s activities have slowed down, and I thought I over-heard the word “bored” last week. So, I think it’s time to pull out our classic summer lawn games and get out our Inflata-Bowl bowling pins!

Summer Lawn Games for Kids - Lawn Bowling

Here are some ways we played with the pins by using our imagination and thinking outside of the box.

Lawn Bowling Soccer Goals:

  • Place two large bowling pins on one end of the lawn and two on the other end. You don’t want them so far apart where the kids get discouraged, but enough to tire them out!
  • Put the ball in the middle and have one side, usually the youngest, kick off.
  • Have the kids try to kick the ball into opposing goals.
  • Play up to five points/goals and mix up players for the next game to make things fun and fair.

Lawn Bowling In and Out:

  • Place all of your pins in a line approximately three feet apart.
  • Have the kids line up at one end and start kicking the ball in-and-out through the pins, around the last pin, and back again. For an easier approach – have them run the ball in-and-out until  they reach the end of the pins.

The laughing, pins toppling over, and kids getting mixed-up on whether they were in or out, will be enough to make them want to play this game over and over!

Classic Lawn Bowling:

  • Place the pins in a triangle and have the kids throw the ball to roll over the pins and for a fun twist – kick the ball into the pins!

Lawn Bowling Tag A Pin – One of our Favorites from my teen! (this is fun for all ages):

We made colored bracelets for each child using construction paper. We cut the paper into strips and colored them to match each pin’s color – orange, blue, yellow, pink, green, purple – then provided each child a colored bracelet to coordinate with a pin that will be considered their “home base.”

  • Place the pins all around your yard or desired play area.
  • Choose a child to be “it”.
  • The child who is “it” is in charge of tagging someone else.
  • Children can avoid being “it” next if they reach their home base (same color as their bracelet).
  • Once a child is tagged outside of their home base, they are “it.”

Summer Lawn Games for Kids - Lawn Bowling

Happy summer and happy summer lawn games!

Nicki Bradley is the mom behind Little Island Studios, a blog dedicated to family travel, fun, healthy living, eating, yoga, and playroom designing – everything MOM.