Strawberry Pie Popsicle Recipe

Post by Michelle Sterling of Avery and Augustine

Strawberry Pie Popsicles

Here’s an easy popsicle recipe to make during the last days of summer.  You might already have all of the ingredients at home.

Here’s what you need to make Strawberry Pie Popsicles:

  • Plain yogurt
  • 1 jar of jam (smooth seems to work better than chunky)
  • 12 graham cracker sheets
  • 1 stick of butter
  • 1/4 teaspoon of salt
  • Popsicle molds and sticks

Strawberry Pie Popsicle Ingredients

I used this recipe from Food52 to make a graham cracker crust.  It was simple — I used a blender to grind up 12 graham cracker sheets into fine crumbs.  In addition, I browned the butter on the stove before combining it with the graham cracker crumbs.  I then added 1/4 teaspoon of salt to the crust mixture.

Strawberry Pie Popsicle Recipe

Browning butter takes a little more time but is well worth it—browning intensifies the butter’s beautiful flavor and adds some nuttiness.  After your crust is baked, cool it and crumble it up into a bowl.  Spoon in a thin layer of jam, a thicker layer of yogurt and a thin layer of graham cracker crust crumble into each popsicle mold.  Repeat until you fill up each popsicle mold then insert a flat popsicle stick, freeze until firm, then enjoy!

Strawberry Pie Popsicle Recipe

May these last days of summer be slow and enjoyable for you and your family before the fall rush begins!

Thank you to The Land of Nod for sending the Farmer’s Market duvet cover for this post.

Strawberry Pie Popsicle Recipe

You can see Michelle’s work and read about her two young children and their first forays in cooking, art and everything in between at Avery and Augustine.

DIY Parade Flags

Post by Kim of Beehive Art

Kids Craft: DIY Parade Flags

We love a parade and these happy canvas flags are perfectly perfect for a summer parade, party, of picnic!

Supplies Needed:

  • Canvas
  • Dowels
  • Tissue paper
  • Fabric paint or acrylic paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Glue + glue brush
  • Glue gun
  • Fun extras – pompoms + ribbons + tassels

How to Create Your DIY Parade Flags:

Kids Craft: DIY Parade Flags Supplies

  1. With fabric scissors, cut out as many flags as you want in varying sizes. We like to mix them up, wide + narrow, short + long.
  2. Paint your flags with bright colors, bold stripes and dots, or fun shapes. I encourage kids to cover the entire surface of the canvas.Kids Craft: DIY Parade Flags
  3. While the flags are drying, cut up the tissue paper into small strips or pieces. If you have one or two flags, cut your dowel in half. We recently used the entire length of the dowel for 7-8 flags and it looked really great.Kids Craft: DIY Parade Flags
  4. Brush white glue onto the dowel and cover it with the tissue pieces. If you’d rather paint your dowel, we’ve had great success with watercolor paint or acrylic paint (recommended for older kids).Kids Craft: DIY Parade Flags
  5. When your dowel and flags are completely dry, add hot glue to the dowel and gently wrap flags around it.Kids Craft: DIY Parade Flags
  6. Now add your pompoms, tassels, and ribbons for fun and extra festive flags!

Kids Craft: DIY Parade Flags

Kim Poler is queen bee of beehive ART. She lives for inspiring visual expression, explosions of colors, forms and exciting combinations of mixed-media art. She creates, designs art projects, teaches children art and blogs at Beehive Art.  

Squirrelly Minds Gender Neutral Nursery

Post by Tan of Squirrelly Minds

Squirrelly Minds Gender Neutral Nursery

When designing our first baby’s nursery (lovingly nicknamed squirrelly baby), I didn’t know what theme I wanted. What I did know was that it had to be gender neutral as we haven’t found out the sex and that I wanted the room to be filled with items from The Land of Nod to make it the perfect oasis for our little baby… and us too, because who am I kidding. I decided on a color scheme of white, gold, grey and mint, and put together our dream nursery from there.

Squirrelly Minds Gender Neutral Nursery

This nursery hails from north of the border, and truth be told our options are kinda limited up here, so I was thrilled when I first realized Land of Nod ships to Canada. It was important to me that the nursery feel cozy and unique rather than filling it with stock items from a big box store. Little touches like the planets poster and the overcast shelf gave the room those special details that help it stand out.Squirrelly Minds Gender Neutral NurserySquirrelly Minds Gender Neutral Nursery

While we started out with just a color scheme, we ended up with a very subtle ‘stars and space’ theme as well, and it all started with the planets banner. This eventually grew into a constellation changing pad and a gold wall hanging saying “I love you to the moon and back”. While not strictly space related, the overcast wall shelf works with the theme, keeping up with an ‘up in the sky’ kind of feel. I’m not one for very obvious themes that occur consistently throughout a room, so these little touches were just perfect.

Squirrelly Minds Gender Neutral NurserySquirrelly Minds Gender Neutral Nursery

I’m loving the practical details too. The flokati rug is SO SOFT both to the touch and visually, bringing in added coziness to the room. We’ve laid down on it quite a few times now, imagining squirrelly baby playing with a bunch of toys or learning to crawl on the soft wool. The yellow knit basket is perfect for storing toys in. It sits right by the entrance within arms reach of the rug, so once squirrelly baby is big enough, he/she can reach over and grab a favorite toy to play with. The stylish grey laundry hamper is fantastic too. No ugly white plastic here! And when it comes time to change baby’s diaper, the hamper will collapse when I walk right up against the dresser, then I can pop it open again to place dirty onesies and other items to be laundered. I envision this item getting a whole lotta use in the coming months.

Squirrelly Minds Gender Neutral Nursery

The nursing/play area is my favorite in the room. Every day I sit and relax in that rocker with my feet up on the gold leather pouf. It’s so comfy as a foot rest and as a chair! It’ll act as great extra seating once squirrelly baby is older and has friends over to play.

Squirrelly Minds Gender Neutral Nursery - Teepee

And of course, what kids aren’t going to want to play in this gold striped teepee? I put a couple sheepskins inside to make it the perfect reading/playing hideaway. Our cat Lucy loves it too and sits in there whenever she can. Sorry kitty, squirrelly baby has first dibs.

I can’t wait to spend a bunch of time in here with our first little babe. I just know he/she will love it too. A huge thank you to Land of Nod for making squirrelly baby’s gender neutral nursery possible!

Meet Tan, during the day she teaches elementary (while downing coffee with coconut milk) and spends evening and weekends with her friends, husband, kitty, and of course, Squirrelly Minds.

DIY Sprinkle Cones

Post by Rebecca of Not So SAHM

DIY Sprinkle Cones

Oh, August. You get us every year. We are tired of summer’s heat, but not yet ready to go back to school (well, I’m kind of ready. The kids are not). We all needed a little pick-me-up and I could think of nothing better to help sprinkle a little happiness around then, well, sprinkles. Inspired by The Land of Nod’s super fabulous Ice Cream Party Collection, we came up with a little sprinkle DIY. Because the only thing better than ice cream is ice cream with sprinkles!

Here’s how to make our fun end-of-the-summer (!) treat. You’ll need:

  • 1 package of sugar cones (this makes 8 cones)
  • 1, 1.45 oz chocolate bar (we prefer dark chocolate!)
  • Candy sprinkles

DIY Sprinkle Cones

DIY Sprinkle ConesDIY Sprinkle Cones

DIY Sprinkle Cones

  1. Break the chocolate bar into pieces and melt it over a double boiler — you don’t need a fancy one, a glass bowl atop a small pot of water does the trick. Just make sure to heat the chocolate slowly and stir constantly to avoid burning it.
  2. Once it’s melted, dip the top of a sugar cone into the chocolate and twirl a bit to coat the top.
  3. Let the chocolate-dipped cone cool for about 30 seconds — you want the chocolate sticky, but not too runny.
  4. Carefully roll the chocolate-dipped cone in candy sprinkles.
  5. Set upright to dry for about 20 minutes.

Scoop your ice cream in and see the end of summer coming your way!

DIY Sprinkle ConesDIY Sprinkle Cones DIY Sprinkle ConesDIY Sprinkle ConesDIY Sprinkle ConesDIY Sprinkle Cones

Rebecca is a mom to two young kiddos and, in her spare time (ha!), likes to pretend she’s a back-up dancer, craft cocktails, and run long distances. A relatively recent SAHM, she blogs family-friendly activities, DIYs and celebration fun at Not-So-SAHM.