Boy’s Bedroom Makover

Post by Donna of Motherburg

Boy's Bedroom Makover - Boys BeddingI have always loved changing up my son’s room. However at 5 years of age I have to tread a bit more carefully on the design process when it comes to his space. When he was younger I styled his room according to my taste level but at almost five years of age he knows what he loves and with two creative parents he has inherited a love for decor.

When my husband decided to change up our apartment he took what was my son’s room and playroom and made this into our new living room space, and what was our living room (confused yet?) into a part kid’s room/part office for my work. This is typical of New Yorkers, we often have to either move out for more space or re-work what we have.  This meant we have a somewhat shared space and I wanted both areas to feel cohesive.

This meant for my boy’s bedroom makeover I wanted pieces that were stylish yet went with my taste level. This is where The Land of Nod comes in. I found the perfect pieces that not only work with my son’s personality they melded perfectly with his established favorites that he has had since he was a baby.

The items we added, such as the gold dot sheet set, have just the right about of whimsical, as my son loves shiny metallic things. He has quite the superhero collection and I felt that the sheets are a great balance to having all these characters to a room.

The grey chambray bedding and honeycomb wall shelf have been a stylish way to tone down a busy boy’s room. Since we live in railroad apartment having these neutral (but not boring!) pieces help the apartment flow together style wise rather then cut off with different decor scenarios.

Boy's Bedroom Makover - Wall DecorThe pièce de résistance is the pillows. I have always incorporated horses into his décor and the equestrian horse throw pillow will one-day end up in my office. The shield throw pillow is just the right amount of blue I wanted to bring onto his bed. My boy absolutely adores them and he loves to snuggle into them when I read him his favorite bedtime books. This little nook is exactly what I envisioned. A space that felt like it belongs to an energetic boy yet will grow right along with my little dreamer and his satisfied mama.

Donna Duarte Ladd is a style editor and editor of Motherburg, a parenting site for Brooklyn-based moms. She resides with her young son and artist husband in Brooklyn. She is a native of California but loves her adopted hometown NYC.

DIY Halloween Spider Straws

Written by Aleah and Nick of Valley & Co.

Halloween really brings out the kid in us and each year we get so excited to pull out all of the stops to decorate for the festivities. Pumpkins galore, dried corn stalks, creepy bats, aged scary silhouettes, and freshly made apple cider and home-baked goods are some of our Halloween must-haves for entertaining. This year will be our first Halloween as parents so now we can truly justify decking the halls with fun! To add the perfect dose of eeriness to a Halloween meal, surprise the kiddos with these Spooky Halloween Spider Straws. It’s a simple project that yields scary results!

For the straws: paper straws || plastic spiders || faux spiderwebs || hot glue gun
For the glass: orange sprinkles {or rimming sugar} || water || tall glass

Kids Craft: DIY Halloween Spider Straws

Step 1. warm up your hot glue gun and dab a bead of glue towards the top of the straw

DIY Halloween Spider Straws - Step 1Step 2. gently press a spider onto the glue, holding into place while the glue dries
DIY Halloween Spider Straws - Step 2 DIY Halloween Spider Straws - 3Step 3: prepare a small piece of the spiderweb and turn the spider over. Place a few dabs of hot glue on several of the legs and secure the spiderweb onto each bead, stretching it as you go and pulling over the top of the spider.

DIY Halloween Spider Straws - 4Ta-da!

DIY Halloween Spider Straws - 5Serve up these spooky straws in a big glass of milk on Halloween morning and make it extra festive by adding a pop of edible orange fun! Pour a mound of orange sprinkles into a small plate. Rub the rim of a glass with water and turn the glass upside down, rolling the rim in the sprinkles until it’s coated. Then carefully pour the milk into the glass.

DIY Halloween Spider Straws - Step 4

DIY Halloween Spider Straws - 8 DIY Halloween Spider Straws - 6 DIY Halloween Spider Straws - 7 Party planning tip: If you’re hosting a Halloween gathering, set out a side table welcoming your guests with pre-rimmed glasses with straws at the ready. Let guests garnish drinks {whether it’s milk or other libations} with all sorts of fun elements like edible red flowers, frozen spiders {simply place plastic spiders in an ice cube tray and fill with water to freeze}, or raspberries {use them frozen if you want them to attain a dripping red look as they melt}.

Who else is as excited for Halloween as we are?

Nick and Aleah Valley, of Valley & Co., began planning and designing utterly fantastic celebrations in 2003. They also pen Valley & Co. Lifestyle, an entertaining blog, where they share their pro party planner tips, effortless entertaining ideas, recipes, and tips on how they balance family life with running a business. Their entertaining and party tips are frequently sought after for publications like Better Homes and Gardens, Sunset Magazine, BRIDES Magazine, Occasions Magazine, and many more. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram

DIY Sock Monsters

Post by Christina of Christina Williams Blog
Kids Craft: DIY Sock MonstersA couple years ago, I threw a monster-themed birthday party for my daughter, whose birthday is on Halloween. As party favors, I made some super-simple monster toys out of colorful socks. Those monsters have made the rounds on Pinterest, and I’ve had several emails from readers asking for me to make sock monsters for their parties! I wish I could make sock monsters for everyone; but I think it’s high time for a tutorial for this great kids craft, DIY sock monsters!

If you don’t have any monster-themed parties in your immediate future, don’t let that hold you back! On my blog today, I’m sharing a way you can make a whole bunch of these buddies for a great cause, so stop by and join in the fun!

Kids Craft: DIY Sock Monsters SuppliesWith a quick raid of your craft stash, and a trip to Target or Michaels, you’ll have everything you need to make a whole pack of monsters. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Colorful socks – look for long ones from the dollar section
  • Assorted felt scraps
  • Wiggly eyes – the sew-on kind
  • Thread – any color
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery floss – any color
  • White felt with an adhesive back
  • Polyfill, or any other filling material

Let’s get to work!

Kids Craft: DIY Sock Monsters - step 1First, you’ll need to cut the sock roughly in half. I usually cut right above the heel, so I’ve got a straight line. Save the other half of the sock…usually you can get two monsters out of one sock.

Kids Craft: DIY Sock Monsters - Step 2Next, sew on the eye and embroider a mouth. Don’t be too neat, monsters are not neat and tidy creatures, after all.

Kids Craft: DIY Sock Monsters - Monster Top 1

Kids Craft: DIY Sock Monsters - Monster topAfter you’ve got your mouth and eye in place, it’s time to add the hair. Cut some scraps of felt to make horns/spikes/hair, etc. Then fold the top of the sock inward about 1/4″, and sandwich the felt scraps in between. Hand-sew along the edge, making sure to get all the felt scraps and and the top of the sock in with each stitch.

Kids Craft: DIY Sock Monsters - Monster ToyFill the body with the polyfill, and tie off the bottom with some embroidery floss. You could also sew along the bottom for more of a square body shape.

Then add the finishing touch: fangs. Cut some small triangles with the adhesive felt and stick them on near the mouth. If you have adhesive felt in other colors, you could add an eye patch, or heart or anything else you want.

Kids Craft: DIY Sock Monsters - Finished MonsterNow that you’ve got the basics, it’s time to get creative! Make boy monsters and girl monsters, add hair or accessories. These guys usually cost about 25¢ – 50¢ each if you can find socks in the dollar section…so make a bunch! And if you get out of control and make too many – you can send these to my friend Julie for her Monster Project, to help brighten the day of kiddos in the hospital.

Christina Williams is a blogger and graphic designer living in Salt Lake City, Utah. She’s a night owl and a bookworm, as well as a mother to three children ranging in age from two to eight. She shares her latest DIY and design projects along with her adventures in parenting on self-named blog, Christina Williams.

Quick & Fun Halloween Snacks

Written by Corri McFadden of Glitter & Bubbles

Trick or Treat I have something good to eat! Halloween is one of my favorite times of year and in celebration of this spooky month long holiday, I have included some simple and delicious Halloween snacks for you and your family to enjoy.

Ghost Bananas & Clementine Pumpkins

Check out these festive ideas to create ghost bananas and clementine pumpkins and marshmallow monster guts. Not only are they absolutely darling but also are yummy snacks that will have your family screaming for more.

To get started you will need bananas, clementine, celery, regular and mini chocolate chips.

Halloween Snacks: Ghost Bananas & Clementine Pumpkins SuppliesFirst, remove the skin from the clementine and cut a small hole to stick in your celery stem.

Next, for the ghosts, cut a banana in half and place two mini chocolate chips at the top for eyes and a regular chocolate chip for the mouth. Place them on a tray and serve as a great after-school snack!

Halloween Snacks: Ghost Bananas & Clementine PumpkinsMonster Guts Cup Recipe

I have also included step-by-step instructions for my Halloween snacks monster guts cup recipe. Its one of the easiest desserts I’ve come across and it’s to die for!

You will need Oreos, Cool- Whip, marshmallows, gummy worms, gel icing, sprinkles and green food dye.

Halloween Snacks: Monster Guts Cup Ingredients First, crush the Oreos and mix the pieces with Cool-Whip and marshmallows. Add the green food dye to the marshmallow blend; this will give your monster guts some ghoulish color!

Halloween Snacks: Monster Guts Cup RecipeNext, take your cups and rim them with gel icing. Dip the icing side into any desired sprinkles.

Halloween Snacks: Monster Guts Cup Recipe 2Spoon your monster gut into the cups and add gummy worms for the finishing touch. Enjoy! Halloween Snacks: Monster Guts Cup Recipe 3Corri McFadden is the owner and founder of eDrop-Off Luxury Consignment.  As a Style Expert and successful blogger, she hosts a weekly fashion segment on Chicago’s “You and Me This Morning”, and features “Style Recipes”, videos and Fashion “Must Haves” on her self-titled lifestyle website Corri McFadden.  Most recently, she launched Glitter and Bubbles, a modern day moms guide for those looking for inspiration through fashion, food and décor.