Dinosaur Themed Big Boy Room

Post by Eden of Sugar and CharmDinosaur Themed Big Boy Room

When my son, Romeo, turned 3 years old, it was time to say goodbye to the baby crib, baby toys and give him a “big boy” room. Since we moved into a house and his current room is pretty small, I wanted to keep it fresh, simple and not too cluttered.
Dinosaur Themed Big Boy Room
The theme of the room is really just a classic, modern, rustic vibe. We peppered in dinosaurs because who doesn’t love dinosaurs as kid?! I still do! I figured it was one thing he might still like at the age of 8 because, let me tell you, we go through character phases fast around this house! Thomas Train one day, Darth Vader the next! Still can’t decide which song is driving us crazier.

I figured keeping the room somewhat classic and simple will hold the longevity of the room look and keep everyone happy for awhile.
Dinosaur Themed Big Boy Room
We chose the Bayside Panel Bed from Land of Nod for its timeless, traditional style and then  incorporated a modern bedside table to add a touch of retro to the room. The bedding was too cute to pass up with tiny orange arrows and we both fell in love with the flannel bedding and dinosaur pillows, which we take on vacation with us now!
Dinosaur Themed Big Boy Room Dinosaur Themed Big Boy Room Dinosaur Themed Big Boy Room
I tried to keep the furniture to a minimum since it can really fill a space up quickly. So we put a few shelves up on the wall, for books and toys and then two small vintage crates, I picked up at an antique store, for the other toys.

Inside the closet, we have a shelf filled with books and of course, more toys!! I layered a jute rug and a classic blue rug to add to the traditional decor of the room. I really love the contrast between traditional and modern!      Dinosaur Themed Big Boy Room

And, to spruce up the white walls a little, we added tiny tree decals to one side. They’re charming, easy to put up and easy to take down! Yay for keeping it easy. We’re really happy with the results of pulling Romeo’s dinosaur themed big boy room together and the best part is that he seems to be happy with it! Although I’m sure he’ll want it to look like Vader’s Death Star by the 2nd grade!

Eden Passante founded Sugar and Charm to share her passion for sweet recipes, hosting inspiration and easy ways to add charm to the daily life. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and darling baby boy, Romeo.

Artsy Studio Space Reveal

Post by Jeran of Oleander and Palm

Artsy Studio Space Reveal
Hi there, it’s Jeran from Oleander + Palm. I’m excited to share with you my new studio space. I recently moved from working on my dining room table to a small office space downtown. The space is small, but the rent is cheap and it’s a perfect space for my needs.

The space is actually two small rooms. When you walk in the door, I’ve set up the first space as my office and storage space. And then it opens into a larger space with a wall of windows (you can see more of that room here and here). I keep this second space almost empty so that I can have space for photographing, making and hosting craft events.

I measured and planned every last inch of this office space, so that I could get the most out of it. I wanted to keep it organized and neat, but also allow it to be a place for my creativity to be sparked. I found the perfect desk at The Land of Nod, and so I built the room design around it. I’m a huge fan of Nod products for grown ups as well.

Artsy Studio Space Reveal

On the wall I hung some of my favorite things. I really don’t know how to define my style, but I do know that I like clean modern lines and shapes mixed with thrifted vintage pieces and some of my global treasures. The large tribal piece is a Tapa Cloth from Papua New Guinea, where I grew up. It’s a handmade cloth made from the bark of a specific tree. Traditionally this cloth is used for clothing. The bubble clock, not only keeps me on schedule, but it adds a fun throw-back and industrial touch. The sea oil painting, I found at a thrift store for $2. Green is my go-to color, so this painting was a no brainer for my wall. And the little wall shelf gave me a spot to add a plant and a spot to drop my phone and keys as I came in the studio door.

Artsy Studio Space Reveal

The white leather chair is not only clean and modern, but it’s very comfortable. I love it’s minimal lines, it’s perfect for my small space that I didn’t want to feel cluttered. On the desk, I keep tools and office supplies in the very stylish little metal drawers. And to protect my pretty desk from scratches and crafty messes, this clear mat is a must have.

Artsy Studio Space Reveal On the wall opposite the desk and added as much open shelving as possible. It’s a little messy, but it’s so nice to have all my supplies all in one spot. I keep all the nick nacks I use to style my pics and all my craft crap here.

Artsy Studio Space Reveal Artsy Studio Space Reveal

Behind the door I hung a peg board that I bought for 50 cents at a thrift store and gave a quick coat of grey spray paint. I keep my broom, dust pan and an extra chair for guests hanging here. The more I can get up off the floor, the bigger the space feels.

Artsy Studio Space Reveal
Thanks for visiting Oleander + Palm’s Studio! I know you are going to want a Land of Nod desk for your work space now too. Whether it’s a space for grown up making or a spot for your kiddos to do homework, The Land of Nod’s furniture and accessories can help you create a organized and stylish spot for all ages.

A former elementary school teacher, Jeran has added her unique voice to the modern maker culture through her blog Oleander and Palm. She loves helping people find attainable beauty in the lives they live. Her creativity and industriousness were honed through years of living in third world countries, that challenged her to find novel solutions for creating livable spaces. Now a mother of three, settled in sunny California, her skills and styles are evolving in exciting new ways. Her focus is Simple California Living, designing and making livable spaces that incorporate vintage finds, handmade/DIY pieces and global inspiration.

Modern Nautical Glam Basement Reveal

Post by Giulia Doyle, photographer and blogger at Audrey’s

Modern Nautical Glam Basement Reveal

Half Tone Basket / Pinstripe Storage Bins / Faux Leather Pouf

It’s been awhile since I talked about our basement reno – the reason is simple. It took us forever to complete it! As per usual in home renovations, we underestimated the time we really had available to us to work on the project and everything took longer than we thought it would. But here we are – project complete, ready for us to hang out and guests to sleep comfortably.

Modern Nautical Glam Basement Reveal

Ahmaze Quilt / Swiss Dot Sheets / Wood Cubby Shelf / Geo Throw Pillow

If you recall, I had created a mood board with the help of Creative Director, Danielle Kurtz at The Land of Nod. She helped me push my ‘ho hum’ nautical design ideas and make this basement a bit more fun and glam. I think all the pieces work beautifully together and play nicely off the neutral whites. This basement is now a fresh, bright and happy space.

Modern Nautical Glam Basement Reveal

Sunburst MirrorHello Pillow

So what did we do? We insulated all the walls, framed, ran electrical, dry-walled, painted, and installed sub-floors, vapor barriers and our wallpaper wall. We brought in much needed storage in neutral white, brought down our guest bed and made things much cozier with rugs, bedding, and pillows from The Land of Nod, added storage baskets, night stands, some great wall art and a mirror, a reading lamp and table lamp and seating for the kids. I was also so excited to use the giant D on our crazy wallpaper wall!

Modern Nautical Glam Basement Reveal

In Print Storage Baskets / Not Giant Enough Letter

So, along with a couple DIY’s, such as the rope wrapped support post, the white sconces I sprayed painted navy blue and the leather pulls to update my old dresser, I think this Modern Nautical Glam Basement is a success and I could not have done it without the amazing help from The Land of Nod. What do you think?

Modern Nautical Glam Basement Reveal

Wood Rock Lamp with Black Shade / Ice Cream Art / Wall Hanging

Giulia Doyle blogs at Audrey’s. She loves to share the sweet and savory, be it in the kitchen or travels. She juggles a family and a full-time job – they cook, travel and often paint a wall a new color. 


Creating a Sensory Friendly Playroom

Post by Julia of Tag&Tibby

wide_roomLast summer we moved to our new home in North Carolina. Our previous home in Minnesota was small: our two children shared a bedroom and playtime happened mostly in the living room. Now that we have a playroom and I wanted to make it more personal for our children’s’ needs!

Our oldest is on the autism spectrum. He is high functioning, processes information visually, and loves routine. He is very social but at times during the day needs a quiet space to be alone. Both of our children are fun loving and silly, and I wanted to make our playroom a safe, comfortable environment for both of them to play.

I contacted Land of Nod to see if they would be interested in helping me add some sensory friendly components to the room. They graciously sent the Planetarium Playhouse Canopy. Our little guy is always asking questions about science and the weather and I knew it would be a hit. Our kids now have a soft place to sit and read, and it is the perfect spot to have a little alone time or be silly with their finger flashlights.

Creating a Sensory Friendly Playroom Creating a Sensory Friendly Playroom Creating a Sensory Friendly Playroom

Some sensory friendly playrooms use really bright, vivid colors. But I believe if the room is a place to visually relax a soft blue or green is the way to go. I added a faux wood plank wall for texture, and the star bright decals add so much character to the room.

Our two kids are 5 and 7. They are in their elementary years so we were looking to add to hobbies they have established. They both love Legos, so it was important to include that in the room. And our daughter loves to craft and read. We keep our board games and puzzles in the closets and extra books and craft supplies in the thrifted cabinet to prevent visual over-stimulation. Additionally, we chose to leave “white space” in the room for the kids to be creative and spread out their toys.

Creating a Sensory Friendly Playroom
I brought the trampoline from our porch and right away our son started jumping. Jumping, hopping, running, spinning are all forms of vestibular input and is really helpful to add in a playroom for sensory processing.

Bryce craves a daily routine. It makes a tremendous difference to his day when he knows the “plan.” That can be a little hard sometimes for me: a creative, go with the flow Mama! So I added our weekly calendar to the wall and a white board for him to draw out our daily schedule. We find that reward charts (check out my free printable) and visual timers are also helpful.

Creating a Sensory Friendly Playroom

The kids LOVE the new playroom. They are spending more time there, making it messy, and using their imaginations. We are excited to spend even more time there this summer! For more pictures of the playroom makeover visit Julia’s blog Tag & Tibby.

Creating a Sensory Friendly Playroom - Before & After

Julia is the founder and editor of Tag&Tibby: a site dedicated to simple DIY projects, home design, and recipes with a hint of vintage. She is a wife and mom to two awesome kids and has a background in product design.