A Playhouse Decorated for Christmas

Post by Joni of Lay Baby Lay
A Playhouse Decorated for Christmas I adore The Land Of Nod’s Christmas decor.  I especially love that it’s beautiful and super kid friendly, but without feeling kid friendly.  It brings so much color and whimsy, and I was excited to get to deck out the girls’ playhouse in some of the collection.  It sort of turned it into a life-size gingerbread house or something out of candy land, don’t you think?
A Playhouse Decorated for Christmas 2We’re in Atlanta, so our winters are chilly, but quite milder than it can be elsewhere, so we’re often playing outside in December.  To celebrate all the Christmas trimmings, we enjoyed a post-nap extra special snack on the playhouse deck, complete with cozy pajamas and snowman slippers.  Can I just say I’m crazy about these pillows?  They are just adorable, and I feel like they are always smiling at me.  They are just so fun.
image005The girls were super thrilled with this afternoon surprise, and they enjoyed taking the rainbow ornaments on and off the tree in between gingerbread bear nibbles and sips of milk out of the cutest reindeer cups ever (I can’t get over them!).
A Playhouse Decorated for Christmas 7A Playhouse Decorated for Christmas 9And that felt garland.  I love the colors, and that it looks like candy.  I layered it with the snowflake garland, a felt ball garland from last year and some handmade gold paper pennants.  The layers make it extra fun; don’t be afraid to mix it all together!
image011This garland by Suzy Ultman is also super dreamy.  It’s just the sweetest assemblage of little Christmasy dwellings, and they are all stuffed and cozy-looking.
A Playhouse Decorated for Christmas 13Vivi is especially charmed by the Christmas tree, which is the perfect backdrop for the rainbow ornaments.  She calls it the “purple tree,” and although it’s supposed to be pink, I quite agree with her.  I love having real trees, but it’s fun to have an extra pop of color, and it’s positively delightful with the lights twinkling at night.
A Playhouse Decorated for Christmas 15And once again, those pillows!  The s’more pillow is delicious, isn’t it?  I can’t help but just be happy looking at them.
A Playhouse Decorated for Christmas 17Thanks so much to the Land of Nod for inspiring such a fun afternoon, and helping us get the season kicked off!  I’ll probably be moving some of this into the living room, because I need to be able to look at all the cuteness all the time!
A Playhouse Decorated for Christmas 19A Playhouse Decorated for Christmas 21
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Holiday Trend – Into the Wild

Post by Anna Passadori, Nod’s resident trend expert

This holiday trend was inspired by firewood – the art of cutting, gathering and storing logs can be so beautiful.

Holiday Trend - Into the Wild 1 | 2 | 3

The textiles of the holiday season make me want to stay inside all day! I could live in stacks and stacks of wool and flannel.

Holiday Trend - Into the Wild Textiles 1 | 2

But mostly this trend was inspired by nature and all the amazing creatures that live within it.

Holiday Trends - Into the Wild - Animals1 | 2 | 3

Here are some of our products inspired by the Into the Wild trend!

Land of Nod Holiday Trend - Into the WildFox Stocking / Bear Stocking / Owl Stocking / Faux Fur Trapper Hat / Teepee Ornament / Canoe Ornament / Snuggle In Sleeping Bag / Deer Ornament / Flannel Forest Pillowcase / Bear Little Lodge Ornament / Moose Little Lodge Ornament / Raccoon Little Lodge Ornament /Peace on Earth Advent Calendar / Fox Stocking Holder

Anna develops and designs exclusive product for The Land of Nod. She hails from the west coast and has traveled the world to source product. She loves anything Marc Jacobs, Sofia Coppola or stripes! (So, if anyone can get a photo of Sofia Coppola wearing a striped outfit by Marc Jacobs, please send it along.)

Holiday Trend – Merry & Bright

Post by Anna Passadori, Nod’s resident trend expert

Getting the kids involved in Holiday decorating can be a fun bonding experience for the family. The challenge though can be creating décor that both you and the kids love. For our Merry and Bright Holiday trend, we went with bright and fun colors that will fill your home with a happy, festive feeling. The products are influenced by Scandinavian design, a modern and fun way to celebrate the Holidays.

The colors can range from a brights and metallics to more traditional red and green, but updated in a more modern way:

Holiday Trend - Merry & Bright - Wrapping image 1 / 2

A rainbow palette looks best paired in a neutral setting. This clean, Nordic room is a perfect backdrop for some Merry and Bright décor:

Holiday Trend - Merry & Bright - Decorimage

In addition to white, tan or beige look great paired with a rainbow palette:

Holiday Trend - Merry & Bright Rainbowimage 1 / 2

Look for modern Fair Isle and Otomi patterns that are bold and graphic for an unexpected twist:

Holiday Trend - Merry & Bright GraphicImage 1 / 2

Try it yourself!

Land of Nod - Merry & Bright Holiday TrendUrban Pine Advent Calendar / Feathered Palette Bird Ornaments / Fair Isle Flannel Pillowcase / Bird on Bike Ornament / Star Tree Topper / Hit the Town Flannel Sheet Set / Pink Ombre Canopy & Cushion / Green Triangle Stocking / Polygon Ornaments

For more inspiration, click here!

Anna develops and designs exclusive product for The Land of Nod. She hails from the west coast and has traveled the world to source product. She loves anything Marc Jacobs, Sofia Coppola or stripes! (So, if anyone can get a photo of Sofia Coppola wearing a striped outfit by Marc Jacobs, please send it along.)

Boy’s Bedroom Makover

Post by Donna of Motherburg

Boy's Bedroom Makover - Boys BeddingI have always loved changing up my son’s room. However at 5 years of age I have to tread a bit more carefully on the design process when it comes to his space. When he was younger I styled his room according to my taste level but at almost five years of age he knows what he loves and with two creative parents he has inherited a love for decor.

When my husband decided to change up our apartment he took what was my son’s room and playroom and made this into our new living room space, and what was our living room (confused yet?) into a part kid’s room/part office for my work. This is typical of New Yorkers, we often have to either move out for more space or re-work what we have.  This meant we have a somewhat shared space and I wanted both areas to feel cohesive.

This meant for my boy’s bedroom makeover I wanted pieces that were stylish yet went with my taste level. This is where The Land of Nod comes in. I found the perfect pieces that not only work with my son’s personality they melded perfectly with his established favorites that he has had since he was a baby.

The items we added, such as the gold dot sheet set, have just the right about of whimsical, as my son loves shiny metallic things. He has quite the superhero collection and I felt that the sheets are a great balance to having all these characters to a room.

The grey chambray bedding and honeycomb wall shelf have been a stylish way to tone down a busy boy’s room. Since we live in railroad apartment having these neutral (but not boring!) pieces help the apartment flow together style wise rather then cut off with different decor scenarios.

Boy's Bedroom Makover - Wall DecorThe pièce de résistance is the pillows. I have always incorporated horses into his décor and the equestrian horse throw pillow will one-day end up in my office. The shield throw pillow is just the right amount of blue I wanted to bring onto his bed. My boy absolutely adores them and he loves to snuggle into them when I read him his favorite bedtime books. This little nook is exactly what I envisioned. A space that felt like it belongs to an energetic boy yet will grow right along with my little dreamer and his satisfied mama.

Donna Duarte Ladd is a style editor and editor of Motherburg, a parenting site for Brooklyn-based moms. She resides with her young son and artist husband in Brooklyn. She is a native of California but loves her adopted hometown NYC.