Popsicle Dreams – 80’s Inspired Kids Room

Post by Joni of Lay Baby Lay

The 80s are back! The Land of Nod’s new chromatic collection captures the essence of 80’s retro style and updated it with a modern, bright color palette. The mood board below features pieces from the chromatic collection and elsewhere to create a bright and fun 80’s inspired kids room.

Popsicle Dreams - 80's Inspired Kids Room

Marble Pendant Lamp / Cloud Shelf / See Clearly Decals / Heart Pop Icon Light / Tole Sconces / Leaping Alpaca / You’re the Best and the Mostest / Art Journal Lamps / Jenny Lind Kids Bed / Day and Night Print / Watermelon Throw Pillow / Neon Nightstands / Wall Tapestry / Crown Jewel Mirror / Baby Boston / Andersen Dresser / Kitty Nightlight / Jenny Lind Bookshelf / Roller Rink Rug / Sun Throw Pillow / Domino Chair / White Hemisphere Lamp / Lemon Duvet Cover / Day Dream Sheets / Bon Voyage Suitcases

Lay Baby Lay started in 2011 shortly after the arrival of my first baby as a place to provide fresh and unique nursery inspiration with a little dose of motherhood experience. This site is my creative outlet and the place where I am able to express all the ideas running around in my head. It is my hope that you will also be inspired to create spaces for your little ones that are full of imagination, color, and delight and maybe find a little encouragement in this crazy but wonderful journey of having babies and watching them grow.

Nod Real Family – Under the Stairs Book Nook

Post by Morgan Georgie of Ampersand Design Studio

Hi guys – It’s Morgan from Ampersand Design Studio and I’m back to share part two of our Nod Real Family makeover. Check out part 1 here.

Now, let me take you downstairs. We live in a one-story ranch and have a finished basement that is sort of half playroom/half tv room. When we refinished it, I begged my husband to open up the area underneath the stairs thinking it was the perfect little hideout for kids! I had a vision, but I threw in a couple floor cushions and the decorating stopped there. I’m cringing just looking at the “BEFORE” photo. Under the Stairs Book Nook - BEFOREDanielle at The Land of Nod and I brainstormed together and I filled her in on how much Shaw loves books. He also loves forts and hiding places. So this dreamy, comfy book nook is his new favorite spot in the house. He feels like it’s all his own, although I do hope he’ll invite his brother in once he gets a bit older. How could he not? Lennon already has his “L” pillow in there to match Shaw’s! I could never have dreamed up this perfect little reading nook that Danielle so brilliantly put together! Check it out!!

Under the Stairs Book Nook - AFTER Under the Stairs Book Nook - AFTERShe truly though of everything! Literally the second it was complete, Shaw jumped in there,  grabbed a book and started “reading”. The photography team started shooting right away! When they had all the photos they needed, Shaw didn’t want to leave his nook. I’d say that’s the truest test of a well-designed space! We love the color bar ledge wall shelf that keeps his favorite books within an arm’s reach and these super modern felt storage bins can hold all the rest! The cushions and fur blanket keep the space super comfy! I have to talk to you guys about this amazing patina rug, though! It’s the most luxurious feeling rug in our house! And, it’s such a rich blue that reflects the light in different ways throughout the day. It’s so soft, we catch ourselves actually taking our shoes off so we can walk on it with bare feet! And, do you see the cool gold stripes on the wall? Danielle came up with the idea to use gold dot wall decals to make those, pretty much proving the ideas for dot wall decals are endless! Check out the little style board below for more sources!

Under the Stairs Book Nook Design Board1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

Isn’t this space every kids dream!?!?!  Let’s be honest, it’s even a dream for me!

What I must let you all know is that every single person that had a part of this Real Family feature, from a project manager, to the photographer and stylists, was just as cool and brilliant as you would imagine they are! Everyone worked so hard for the three days that they were here in Kansas City, but on their “breaks”, they were still finding time to play with Shaw while I was also taking care of our new baby. Talk about a company that just “gets it”. You might imagine that hosting that many people in your home for three days would be overwhelming, but it was nothing but fun!

So, I want to say one last HUGE thank you to Nod for this incredible experience!! I’m so grateful for the perfect spaces that were created for our family. It was truly a once a in a lifetime experience that we will never forget! Cheers to Nod!

Ampersand Design Studio specializes in surface pattern design, identity design and stationery products, with clients in the home décor, fashion and baby and kids industries. Their clients include respected big names like Land of Nod, Tiny Prints, Papyrus, Minted and Giggle,  as well as great small, local businesses around the country, including cafés, bakeries, wineries, photo studios and fashion boutiques.

Nod Real Family – Big Boy Room Design

Post by Morgan Georgie of Ampersand Design Studio

Nod Real Family - Big Boy Room Design Hi everyone! I’m Morgan and this is my little family of four: my husband, Dan, 4-year old son, Shaw and brand new baby boy, Lennon! If you’re anything like me, you flip through each Land of Nod catalog and pretty much freak out about the awesomeness on every single page. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen an item that I would not want to own. It’s all so wonderful! I’d like to challenge anyone out there to a Land of Nod biggest fan contest!

So, when Danielle Kurtz, the creative director at Nod, approached me about having our family be a “Nod Real Family”, where a team literally shows up on your doorstep to come in and completely redecorate your kid’s space, I’m pretty sure I fell out of my chair in disbelief!!! That would be a dream come true! At the time, what I couldn’t have even imagined, is that I would end up actually DESIGNING half of the pieces in the room!

Let me take you back a bit first. The original discussion started a couple of years ago with a tweet to Nod about some rugs for my son, Shaw’s “big-boy” room. Danielle just happened to be logged in to the Land of Nod Twitter account that day and responded to me directly. She said she could put together a little style board for my son’s room. OF COURSE, I jumped at that idea and probably replied, “YES” within less than a second. Danielle asked what areas we need help with and about Shaw’s interests, then began gathering pieces onto a secret inspiration board on Pinterest that only her and I could see filled with kids furniture, decor, bedding and more. I fell in love with each and every idea she had. In addition to my son’s room, she also designed a reading nook for an under-the-stairs spot in our finished basement playroom.

Here’s where the twist comes in! In addition to being a huge fan of Nod from a consumer standpoint, I happen to be a designer. Along with Carrie Kiefer, I’m the co-owner of a little company called Ampersand Design Studio and we have always admired (been obsessed with) Nod’s products for their forward-thinking and fun designs and admired their ethics in the way they produce their products! Truth be told, upon starting our company, one of our goals was to partner with Nod! In a crazy series of meetings and collaborations through our company and blog, Ampersand Design Studio was hired to design an entire line of rugs, bedding, wall decor and more for the Land of Nod Spring 2015 launch!!!!!! Count this as another HUGE dream come true!! Seriously, this is bucket list material! (Here’s our little spread from the catalog)

Amersand Design Studio Land of Nod CatalogSo fast forward to when the Nod Real Family came to life in my own home, Danielle updated my son’s big boy room design to include some of our very own Ampersand Design Studio exclusive designs for Nod! (ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!) Now, BOTH dreams are coming true!  I am getting my four year old son’s room decorated with Land of Nod products including some that we designed! The rug, sheets, quilt, pillows and growth chart are all Ampersand designs! Pinch me! Wait, am I actually dreaming?

Nope. It’s true, this all really happened!!!!

Let’s start with the “BEFORE” picture of Shaw’s room. As you can see, we were already a fan of Nod products and owned the Gray Uptown Bed and Uptown Wide Dresser, which we love!  But other than that, we hadn’t really done much decorating. The few things that Shaw loved from his room including the vintage signage “S”, the chalkboard wall and the clipboards for various artwork, were all incorporated into the new room!

Nod Real Family - Big Boy Room Design BeforeNow, let me introduce you to the “AFTER”! This is Shaw’s brand new big-boy room!!! It’s such a true reflection of my colorful, fun little guy! Danielle and I talked about his personality, his favorite things to do and play, and how much he loves his new little brother, and Danielle found a way to weave every little thing we discussed into his new room!

To start, she completely rearranged the room and…just wow!, it feels so much bigger! We formerly had a small play table in here but Shaw had outgrown it and I just love the new campaign desk and acrylic chair! Right now he uses the drawers as his “treasure box” and the top for sticker books and coloring, but it’s a piece that will evolve with him. I love imagining him doing his grade school homework here one day!

Nod Real Family - Big Boy Room Design AFTERThe Alphanumeric quilt and sheets, along with the hexagonsquare and triangle throw pillow are all pieces we chose out of the Ampersand Design Studio collection (#AmpersandforNod) as the perfect new bedding for Shaw! While these pieces were being designed, I would have them up on my computer screen and would ask Shaw which colors he liked best….just hoping one day they would come to life in his room!

For the gallery wall, Danielle expertly mixed photos of Shaw and his little brother, three-dimensional pieces, the tricycle wall art, the beaker wall art, with some of Shaw’s own paintings and even a weaving done on-the-spot by Danielle (talk about talent!)! The on the grid nightstand now holds his stacks of bedtime books (Shaw’s favorite part) yet keeps the top clear (my favorite part)! The windows in Shaw’s room before simply had white blinds, nothing with much personality. So, these sunny yellow color edge curtains are a very welcome addition!!Nod Real Family - Big Boy Room DesignShaw using the stripes in his roller rink rug as a road is a daily occurrence! It’s just crazy because as we were designing this rug, we envisioned this very scenario! Our whole family LOVES this rug! The quality is incredible! It’s so soft and easy to play on, because see, when you have a four year old and an infant, rugs aren’t just for your feet. They are for your whole body.

Nod Real Family - Big Boy Room DesignDanielle did such an incredible job of assigning uses to different areas of the room! I never thought Shaw’s room was big enough for this until I saw it completed! One corner is now a cool little book nook. The three acrylic bookcases hung on the wall are my favorite solution to the stacks of books all over the floor! They are such a light and airy way to get organized!  A  knit pouf and a second rug (the flokati fluff rug) layered over the central rug make this spot modern, yet comfortable!

Nod Real Family - Big Boy Room DesignYOU GUYS! I have to tell you. THIS Storagepalooza is EVERYTHING! I didn’t even realize how badly we needed this until we had it. It’s so deceiving. It doesn’t look monstrous, it’s a perfect size, but it holds SO. MANY. TOYS. and stuffed animals. and games. It’s amazing!

Nod Real Family - Big Boy Room DesignThe ABC Animals growth chart is another #AmpersandforNod exclusive that Danielle surprised us with. Anything with Shaw’s name on it is pretty special in his eyes! I love that we are going to get to watch him grow up by each little mark we make on this chart! Also, it’s right across from the foot of Shaw’s bed and now, he loves to go through each letter and corresponding animal before bedtime. What better way to memorize the sounds of letters than things like, “P” is for “peacock”! And below, the three Honeycomb Wall Shelves are such a fun way to display all those little collectibles and photos! Plus, the genius idea to use patterned paper as a backer in each shelf is a cool way to add pattern and color in a way that can easily be updated when you’re ready for a change!

Nod Real Family - Big Boy Room DesignNod Real Family - Big Boy Room DesignNod Real Family - Big Boy Room Design Mood Board1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12

I wanted to share a little style board for his room just in case any of you want to recreate this fun, modern vibe!

That’s a wrap on Shaw’s big boy room design! Incredible, right?!!!!

Ampersand Design Studio specializes in surface pattern design, identity design and stationery products, with clients in the home décor, fashion and baby and kids industries. Their clients include respected big names like Land of Nod, Tiny Prints, Papyrus, Minted and Giggle,  as well as great small, local businesses around the country, including cafés, bakeries, wineries, photo studios and fashion boutiques.

Tom Sawyer Inspired Boys Nursery

Post by Kim Doren of The Land of Nod’s Design Services Team

The inspiration for this boys nursery design was the the cover image of Tom Sawyer. One-year-old Cal finally moved out of Mom and Dad’s room and needed a place to play and grow. Mom wanted a focal wall so Kim created a mountain that could be easily painted at home without the help of a professional painter. Kim added a few neon & copper pops to add interest to the room while keeping the focus on the overall theme.

Tom Sawyer Inspired Boys Nursery Copper Fine Alloy Pendant / Paint By Numbers Circle / Slingshot / Outdoors Canoe Banner / Camp Wandawega Arrows / Bear Wall Hook / Squirrel Wall Hook / Floral USA Canvas / City Maze Print / Loft Floor Lamp / Anderson Walnut Crib / Mountain Throw Pillow / Vintage Laundry Bag / Nature Trail Crib Sheet / Green Sweatshirt Blanket / Indoor+Outdoor Blue Rug / Neon Yellow Nightstand / Be Brave + Courageous Print /

Design by Kim Doren of The Land of Nod’s Design Services Team. Our Design Services team offers free one-on-one design advice, mood boards and space planning. You have a room to decorate? They’d love to hear from you.