Get the Look: California Dreamin’

Written by Anna Passadori, Nod’s resident trend expert

For this look, I am going for a 1970’s palette mixed with the laid back culture of Southern California. Inspired by beachy sunsets, bohemian details, modern elements and natural materials, the California Dreamn’ look is unexpected for a kid’s room. However, the happy color palette and carefree elements make it super kid-friendly and fun.

The laid back, 70’s vibe of this room has a sunny, relaxing feel:

Get The Look: California Dreamn' 2image

A sunset inspired color palette:

Get The Look: California Dreamn' Colors

 1 / 2 / 3

Mix bright modern elements with vintage pieces:

Get The Look: California Dreamn' 4image

Great colors are shown here including tangerine and raspberry:

Get The Look: California Dreamn' image

The grid pattern wallpaper contrasts nicely with the graphic, abstract pop art:

Get The Look: California Dreamn'  3image

Try it yourself!

Get The Look: California Dreamn' Board

Aviary Pendant Lamp / Farmer’s Market Bedding / Tracy Walker Animal Wall Art / Color Fill Floor BinShaggy Pouf / Paint Palette Rug / Teacher’s Pet Backpack / Farmer’s Market Bedding

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Anna develops and designs exclusive product for The Land of Nod. She hails from the west coast and has traveled the world to source product. She loves anything Marc Jacobs, Sofia Coppola or stripes! (So, if anyone can get a photo of Sofia Coppola wearing a striped outfit by Marc Jacobs, please send it along.)

Try This Fall Trend: Boys’ Adventure

Written by Anna Passadori, Nod’s resident trend expert 

For this fall trend ‘boys’ adventure’ room I wanted to create a place where a child’s interests and hobbies can shine, in a tasteful way that parents can live with. The basis of the look is clean, modern with an urban preppy vibe. Other inspiration comes from boys favorite hobbies such as dinosaurs, science or transportation. The idea is to create a clean, modern space that highlights your child’s toys and collections as pieces of art.

The simplicity of this room allows the toy collection to shine:

Boy's Adventure: Toy Collection[image]

Add in crisp preppy colors such as navy, red and green:

Boys' Adventure: Crips Preppy Colors[image]

The clean modern lines in this room create an impactful, vibrant space:

Boys' Adventure: Modern [image]

Create an artful display of their favorite toys. Paying attention to scale and color, use repetition to create a visually pleasing presentation:

Boys' Adventure: Favorite Toys Display[image 1 / 2]

Now, try it yourself!

Boys' Adventure from The Land of NodChalk Around the World Globe / Metal Letter / Electron Pendant Lamp / Prehistoric Dinosaur Wall Hooks / Pitch Perfect Storage Caddy / New School Desk with Bench / Cinema Floor Lamp / Green Tailored Rug / Red Stack Up Metal Bin

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Anna develops and designs exclusive product for The Land of Nod. She hails from the west coast and has traveled the world to source product. She loves anything Marc Jacobs, Sofia Coppola or stripes! (So, if anyone can get a photo of Sofia Coppola wearing a striped outfit by Marc Jacobs, please send it along.)

Outdoorsy Boy’s Bedroom Design

Post by Kim Grosser of The Land of Nod’s Design Services Team.

Carol is getting ready for the new school year, and asked us to dream up an outdoorsy bedroom update for her son’s room. She wanted it to be functional for homework, offer lots of storage and be a fun space for him to play after school. Below is the outdoorsy boy’s bedroom design created by Design Services.

Outdoorsy Boy’s Bedroom Design

Ellipse Bed / Branching Out Coat Rack / Camp Iwannadrinkawawwa Quilt / Indoor + Outdoor Blue Rug / It Takes Two Wall Art / Iconic Sheet Set (Arrow) / Bear Pillow / Vintage Wooden Arrows / Car Love Wall Art / The Ocean, The Sea, The Wave Artwork / Foundry Nightstand / Charming Hamper / Bubble Wall Clock / An Adventure A Day Banner / Archery Garland / Between a Rock and a Lamp Base (White) / Teacher’s Pet Backpack / Light Years Table Base (Dark Blue) / Tug O’ Lamp / Stack Up Metal Bins / Modern Schoolhouse Desk / Perfect Pitch Storage Caddy / Orange Moving Blanket Sham / Tracy Walker Animal Wall Art

Benjamin Moore Paint Color: Lido Green 617


Design by Kim Grosser of The Land of Nod’s Design Services Team. Our Design Services team offers free one-on-one design advice, mood boards and space planning. You have a room to decorate? They’d love to hear from you.  

Big Kid Bedroom

Post by Christina Williams of Just Call Me Chris.

Hi guys! I’m so excited to share this room with you. I feel like I’ve been working on this project for ages, and it’s finally done! Hip, hip, HOORAY! I teamed up with my friends at The Land of Nod again to create this fun room for my 8-year-old. And we’re all so excited with the result. Take a look!

Big Kid Bedroom Design

My son’s name is Hudson. He loves sports, science, Legos and the color red. We’ve lived in our new home for almost a year now, and I’ve been flitting from room to room working on project after project. Hudson waited so patiently while I tackled other projects, like his sister’s room, until it was finally time to turn my full attention to his room.

Big Kid Bedroom Design - 1

You may remember the inspiration board I created several months ago. I stayed pretty true to the board, but added a few things as I went along. Sometimes I feel like kids rooms are a little too theme-y for my tastes. Don’t get me wrong–I’ve seen some fantastic theme rooms. Like many kids though, mine are interested in so many things, and their interests change. So rather than locking onto one distinct theme for this room, I let Hudson be the “theme” of his room. This room is a pretty accurate reflection of his personality and the things that are important to him. And that makes me happy.

Big Kid Bedroom Design - 2

Legos are the bees knees right now. Have been for several years. I first realized we had a problem when I couldn’t take two steps in the same direction without stepping on a handful of those delightful tidbits. I saw this fantastic organizing system on Pinterest and knew right away it was The One. It’s just an IKEA system with some labels on the drawers. But it definitely does the trick.

Santa made gave him the Lego table for Christmas, and I made both the bulletin board and the shelf. I realized the shelf was a necessity when the younger kids and their friends started destroying some really time-consuming projects. Now Hudson can display his creations without constant fear of a Natural Disaster (i.e. Little Brother) while he’s at school.

Big Kid Bedroom Design - 3

I love this scene so much. I took most of these photos while Hudson was at school, but then realized I didn’t get a good shot of the dresser. I ran back up to take more photos in the afternoon and saw this little rock shop he’d set up. So pardon the mess, but it’s just too sweet to take down. The green sign reads: “Last Day of the Rocks and minerals shop. Free touching.” So hurry on over if you want to touch some rocks. It’s free, you know.

Big Kid Bedroom Design - 4

Some of my favorite accessories are flea market finds. Hudson has loved bowling since he was tiny. So a bowling pin is an obvious choice. The tennis racket was from the time I took him on a little date to the Alameda Flea when we lived in California. He picked up this blue racket and I just couldn’t say no. When we got home, I realized it had an “H” on the strings…it was meant to be.

Big Kid Bedroom Design - 5

I firmly believe eight is the perfect age. He’s grown up enough to be semi-responsible and super fun to talk to; yet still sweet and cuddly and secretly still likes his teddy bear. If I could freeze him right now I would.

Big Kid Bedroom Design - 6

The two “posters” above his bed are actually just wrapping paper sheets from Paper Source. They were five bucks each, and they’re absolutely perfect. This is going to be his poster spot. He’s got a Minecraft poster he’s dying to get up on that wall…so I imagine this spot will change frequently.

Big Kid Bedroom Design - 7

The headboard (below) is one of the details I added as we went along. It just sort of happened and I couldn’t be happier about it. I found this incredible local shop that’s kind of a mix between a flea market and an up-cycling shop. The headboard is actually made from a 1940’s bowling lane. I told them what I had in mind and they made it happen. Even down to the exact size and finish color I wanted. I’m thrilled.

Now hanging this bad boy was another story. I didn’t realize the bowling lane headboard would be so heavy…so I had to find two studs and use a french cleat and make sure the whole thing was level and, most importantly, safe. After a pep talk from my dad, a new drill bit and a lot of cursing under my breath I did it. I’ve never felt so victorious in my life. The thing is on there rock solid and completely level (despite my crooked photo). I may have done the running-man down the hallway to celebrate my headboard victory. Don’t worry: I was home alone ;)

Big Kid Bedroom Design - 9

So there it is! Hudson loves his room, and I’m so happy with the way it turned out.

Here’s a list of Nod products I used in this room. Hop over to my blog for an even more extensive list of other sources and items shown in this room.

The Land of Nod gave me the items marked with an *

Everything else I purchased or had on hand all ready.


Christina Williams is a blogger and graphic designer living in Salt Lake City, Utah. She’s a night owl and a bookworm, as well as a mother to three children ranging in age from two to eight. She shares her latest DIY and design projects along with her adventures in parenting on her blog, Just Call Me Chris.