Creating a Sensory Friendly Playroom

Post by Julia of Tag&Tibby

wide_roomLast summer we moved to our new home in North Carolina. Our previous home in Minnesota was small: our two children shared a bedroom and playtime happened mostly in the living room. Now that we have a playroom and I wanted to make it more personal for our children’s’ needs!

Our oldest is on the autism spectrum. He is high functioning, processes information visually, and loves routine. He is very social but at times during the day needs a quiet space to be alone. Both of our children are fun loving and silly, and I wanted to make our playroom a safe, comfortable environment for both of them to play.

I contacted Land of Nod to see if they would be interested in helping me add some sensory friendly components to the room. They graciously sent the Planetarium Playhouse Canopy. Our little guy is always asking questions about science and the weather and I knew it would be a hit. Our kids now have a soft place to sit and read, and it is the perfect spot to have a little alone time or be silly with their finger flashlights.

Creating a Sensory Friendly Playroom Creating a Sensory Friendly Playroom Creating a Sensory Friendly Playroom

Some sensory friendly playrooms use really bright, vivid colors. But I believe if the room is a place to visually relax a soft blue or green is the way to go. I added a faux wood plank wall for texture, and the star bright decals add so much character to the room.

Our two kids are 5 and 7. They are in their elementary years so we were looking to add to hobbies they have established. They both love Legos, so it was important to include that in the room. And our daughter loves to craft and read. We keep our board games and puzzles in the closets and extra books and craft supplies in the thrifted cabinet to prevent visual over-stimulation. Additionally, we chose to leave “white space” in the room for the kids to be creative and spread out their toys.

Creating a Sensory Friendly Playroom
I brought the trampoline from our porch and right away our son started jumping. Jumping, hopping, running, spinning are all forms of vestibular input and is really helpful to add in a playroom for sensory processing.

Bryce craves a daily routine. It makes a tremendous difference to his day when he knows the “plan.” That can be a little hard sometimes for me: a creative, go with the flow Mama! So I added our weekly calendar to the wall and a white board for him to draw out our daily schedule. We find that reward charts (check out my free printable) and visual timers are also helpful.

Creating a Sensory Friendly Playroom

The kids LOVE the new playroom. They are spending more time there, making it messy, and using their imaginations. We are excited to spend even more time there this summer! For more pictures of the playroom makeover visit Julia’s blog Tag & Tibby.

Creating a Sensory Friendly Playroom - Before & After

Julia is the founder and editor of Tag&Tibby: a site dedicated to simple DIY projects, home design, and recipes with a hint of vintage. She is a wife and mom to two awesome kids and has a background in product design.  

Small Space Storage Ideas

Post written by Emily Prawda Weiss of Big City Moms

We moved apartments approximately a year ago–during that time I have been strategizing how I wanted my daughters’ room and creative space to play out. Both of my girls are obsessed with pink and I knew that rosy color would be thread throughout whatever we chose to enhance their room and beyond.

I took my time to select bunk beds and a dresser (not pink) that would complement the room and not overtake it (we are talking about a Manhattan apartment). What was more pressing was their toy situation. I had stuff on the floor, stuff in bags on the floor — it wasn’t pretty and it didn’t reflect our apartment style as a whole.

I’ve always been enamored with The Land of Nod — even before I had kids! I used to travel for work to Chicago and I would find myself in ‘Nod stores picking up items for my friends’ kids. I was SO happy when The Land of Nod hosted a pop-up store in New York City two years ago. Since then, I have attended seasonal previews and sneak peeks and I get inspired at each event.

Recently, a colleague of mine, Lauren Jimeson of A Mommy in the City moved and designed a play and creative space that I was drooling over (see it HERE). The best part of the play/creative space was the Storagepalooza! I knew they would solve my toys on the floor issue and make the room look more aesthetically pleasing — not to mention encourage streamlined clean-up. Since reading Lauren’s re-design, I consulted with The Land of Nod to solve my storage solutions.

Small Space Storage Ideas | Honest to NodAs I mentioned, we had bags on the floor — one contained my daughters’ play jewelry. Now we have a pink canvas cube with clear ziplocs inside to separate rings, necklaces and bracelets — the canvas cube also holds six pairs of dress-up shoes too!

I love to do my daughters’ hair and we have a lot of hair bands, hair ties, headbands and barrettes. This before and after shot is amazing to me–the pink shelf basket is so deep that I can select what I need for their outfits without making a mess of our newly color coordinated hair accessories organization.

My girls were using a Princess table to create, paint, draw, stamp and entertain play dates. The square table was getting too small for their needs so my extremely handy and creative father-in-law designed and constructed a stunning chevron wood table with drawers and chairs to match. The girls were thrilled. However, where their art supplies were stored did not reflect the chic table design. I rightfully chose the I Could Have Been An Art Caddy (in pink) and we receive tons of compliments on it. Stickers, markers, pencils and twistable crayons all have an easy and accessible home.

Lastly, there is an empty space in our hallway. I love white space. However, my husband was always looking for a spot to put his shoes on before he leaves for work — since most New York City apartments don’t have a mud room — I decided to fill the space with a fun pink pouf. I know that one day we might be in a different living space and the girls’ would love it for their room so that I why I chose pink!

I have my eye on several other The Land of Nod pieces to further enhance their room and personalized areas. So far, everything we selected has been utilized just the way I imagined it would be. Below are some additional small space organization ideas for kids rooms and playrooms.

Small Space Storage Ideas | Honest to Nod

Red Radial Wall Shelf / Birdwatcher Wall Hooks / Take Five Wall Bin / Grey Three-Bin Storagepalooza / Bon Voyage Suitcases / Grey Stripes Cube Bin / Pink Cube Bin / Black Houndstooth Bin

Shop Storage at The Land of Nod

Emily Prawda Weiss is in charge of Business Development and Marketing for Big City Moms. She has two redhead daughters that she dresses primarily in pink and schleps them around New York City. Emily’s daily goal is to keep her family happy, healthy and active so bedtime is super easy.  

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Baby2Baby Playroom Design Reveal

Written by Rachel, Nod’s resident PR & Social Media Lead

Our team was lucky enough to help redesign Baby2Baby’s Los Angeles headquarters. Baby2Baby is an organization that provides low-income children with diapers, clothing and other basic necessities.  They distribute to non-profit partner organizations including homeless and domestic violence shelters, Head Start programs and other social service agencies, serving over 75,000 Los Angeles-area children each year.

Baby2Baby was redesigning their office space, which includes a playroom for the children they serve, and asked our Design Services team to provide their expertise.

The space was large and underutilized so Tim, one of our designers, decided to make it a zoned playroom to allow for multiple play focus points. We worked through design elements using a Pinterest board to pick all the right pieces for the space. Then we created a room layout to help visualize the final space.

Baby2Baby Playroom Design Reveal Pinterest Board Baby2Baby Playroom Design Reveal Room layout

The playroom is playful, welcoming and perfect for kids of all ages. We achieved the look using vibrant, unique rugs, bright colors, and tons of toys, bins, books and plush animals.

Baby2Baby Playroom Design Reveal Baby2Baby Playroom Design Reveal 2 Baby2Baby Playroom Design Reveal Baby2Baby Playroom Design Reveal Baby2Baby Playroom Design Reveal Baby2Baby Playroom Design Reveal

A few key design elements you can use for your playroom design are:

  • Zone the Space – Create different areas for kinds of play, including crafts, reading, imaginary play, etc. Area rugs are a great way to ground each zone and help to visually separate the different areas.
  • Patterns – Notice each rug has a similar pattern. We used different size circles to give it continuity throughout the space.
  • Mix of Elements – We added a natural element with our Jute Canvas bins. This helps to break up the bright rainbow colors in the space, and adds texture and dimension.  This is easy to incorporate at home, try using a textured throw pillow or blanket.

Design by Tim Whitworth of The Land of Nod’s Design Services Team. Our Design Services team offers free one-on-one design advice, mood boards and space planning. You have a room to decorate? They’d love to hear from you.

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Bright + Cheery Playroom Design

Post by A Mommy in the City
Bright + Cheery Playroom Design | Honest to NodMoving from the city to the suburbs was going to be a big transition for my kids. The city lifestyle is all they have ever known. Our apartment was small, so we were always in the same room together. Our living room was also the guest bedroom, playroom, and dining room.

When we were looking for our new house, one of the things that was the top on my priority list was a playroom for the kids. Although we no longer had Central Park as our backyard, they could soon have their own space in the house that they could let their creativity soar.

I wanted their playroom to be bright and cheery and a fun space for them to play. It had to be timeless and something that could easily grow with them, but still accommodate three kids that were different ages and at different stages in their life.

Bright + Cheery Playroom Design | Honest to Nod

I worked on our playroom design with the Candy Dot Rug as my inspiration. It was the perfect piece that provided bold colors yet wouldn’t overwhelm the room.

Bright Cheery Playroom Storage

The Storagepalooza provided the perfect amount of storage space for all of their toys. And there’s even room for more!

Bright Cheery Playroom Art Easel

I love that the Up Against the Wall storage set doesn’t take up much space in the room, yet gives them an area that they can draw, paint, and be creative!

The girls have been playing in this room non-stop. From tea parties, arts and crafts, and even putting on musical numbers, this room could not have been more perfect for them. For more details and pictures of the playroom, please visit my blog A Mommy in the City.

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