Removable Wallpaper – Big Impact, Small Commitment

Post by Danielle Kurtz, Creative Director at The Land of Nod

Removable Wallpaper – Big Impact, Small CommitmentWhen you have young children, things are constantly in flux. Just when you feel settled, they learn a new skill or show interest in a new activity that sends things in a whole new direction. Simply said, kids just keep changing. So it makes sense that your needs in your home will evolve right along with your growing family. This can make decorating a challenge. One minute your spare bedroom is a home office/guest room, the next it needs to become a nursery for the new baby. One minute your basement is a toddler’s playroom, the next you turn around and you need a hang out for your preteen. So just how do you deal?

Removable Wallpaper – Big Impact, Small Commitment 2I love the idea of wallpaper. I’m constantly swooning over beautiful images of rooms with gorgeous wallpaper. But, it’s a huge commitment…time, cost, aesthetic. It’s more than I’m willing to commit to with a young family. Enter removable wallpaper. Brilliant! It has all the impact of regular wallpaper, but with the commitment of a wall decal. We’ve used removable wallpaper from Spoonflower for tons of projects, there are so many incredible patterns. It’s beautifully printed, easy to apply and just as easy to remove. Win, win, win.

Here are a few patterns I’m loving, inspired by our Spring ’15 Trends.Removable Wallpaper Ideas - Spring 15 TrendsChromatic: Mix Tapes / 90s Party / Rainbow Stars

Surplus: Varies Chevrons / Holiday Pink Deer / Feather

Botanic Modern: Mint Skinny Plus / Featherland / Semi Round

Danielle is the Creative Director at Nod and an over-protective mother of two. She’s also completely obsessed with Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and her Kindle, but not necessarily in that order. Danielle loves to craft, sew and crochet. Her current craft of choice is weaving tiny wall tapestries.

How to Create a Scandinavian-Inspired Living Room

Post by Lidy of Hello Lidy

How to Create a Scandinavian-Inspired Living RoomEver since we moved into our new home 6 months ago, we’ve been busy bees trying to get our house feeling more like our home. We gave our dining room and master bedroom a makeover, but I was really stumped with our living room upstairs. I wanted it to feel more Scandinavian-inspired so it would flow with the rest of our home design, but still a space that felt playful and casual. It was a lot to fit into one room – I know!

Scandinavian-Inspired Living Room - BEFOREThe living room before was a cool and gloomy space. It was very outdated! The walls were painted green and it almost closed the space up a bit. I love to have green in my home, but in a more natural form – such as plants! The curtains were heavy and beige. The fireplace was the original stone work, which we didn’t want to paint over and lose the character. I really didn’t know how to make the space feel bright and cheery with all the cooler tones, so I opted for blue accents. I was just not satisfied.

So, when it came to redesigning the space I decided to stick to a color palette that was a mix of bright, bold and playful! I chose black and white for the modern and formal look, but threw in grey and pink for that whimsical undertone! Here’s what we did:

  1. Repainted the green walls a fresh and crisp white.
  2. Built a faux mantle to break up the stone fireplace.
  3. Took down the beige drapery and added white curtains to go with the flow of the walls.
  4. Added a built-in desk to utilize the functionality of the space.
  5. Added black, white, grey and pink accents thanks to The Land of Nod’s gorgeous spring pieces!

Scandinavian-Inspired Living Room - AFTERThe space is literally night and day! Our Scandinavian-inspired living room feels so much more brighter, inviting and calming . My family and I absolutely love our new and improved living room – and yes, there are 3 boys in our home. And no, the pink doesn’t seem to bother them in the least! The bold and graphic area rug creates an intimate and inviting feel to the room. I love to layer, so I placed a small cow hide to overlap the larger rug for fun in order to create more texture and color on the floors! It makes the room feel a little more grown up too!

How to Create a Scandinavian-Inspired Living Room 2 1 ||  2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6

The pops of pink and grey from the pillows tie in the rug and that amazing grey leather pouf! Of course, the handmade feel of that darling “Home Sweet Home” banner makes everything feel so playful. That cozy throw also helps balance the room between formal and casual. It definitely has that clean Scandinavian look I’ve been trying to accomplish. I’m truly in my happy place here and it’s about time! What do you think of our living room makeover?!

How to Create a Scandinavian-Inspired Living Room 3 How to Create a Scandinavian-Inspired Living Room 4 How to Create a Scandinavian-Inspired Living Room 5 How to Create a Scandinavian-Inspired Living Room 6Lidy is the face behind Hello Lidy: a blog focusing on creating and cultivating unique spaces that integrate original handmade designs and vintage pieces while keeping up on current trends and designs. Lidy and her husband have three adopted toddlers.

Living Room Makeover

Post by Jeran of Oleander and Palm

Hi friends, I’m excited to be here and share a little living room makeover I worked on for my brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew’s house.  I think this may be a common issue that a lot of folks have.  I know I’ve seen it in more then one home. So, you buy the biggest, comfiest neutral sectional for your living room.  It’s practical and you’ll love it for ever, right?  But, then you get it home and it’s really just a giant grey (or whatever color you chose), personality-less blob in your home.  It doesn’t really say anything about your personal style. I’m going to help you out.  I’m going to share with you how I helped my sister-in-law, Jess, who lives in Idaho, give her new grey sectional a little personality.

Living Room MakeoverLiving Room Makeover 2Jess already had a couple great furniture pieces. The mid century credenza that serves as the media console was purchased really reasonably at a local thrift store in Idaho.  And the mid century coffee table I found for $25 at a thrift store in California. We had 4 main goals for the room:

  1. Give the sectional personality
  2. Create a gallery focal wall
  3. Rethink the mantel
  4. Accessorize the surfaces

Living Room Makeover 3We started by giving the sectional personality. Pillows are the best place to start.  If you can add COLOR, TEXTURE and PATTERN you are guaranteed to wake up a room.  I love Nod throw pillows.  There is nothing boring or neutral about them.  Even if the color is calm, the pillow will definitely have some sort of amazing texture, like the grey Basketweave throw pillow.  Jess already had some fun black and white pillows, so I added a pop of green and shiny gold to the grey palette. It’s a color combo I go back to over and over.

Living Room Makeover 4sectional // green ruffle pillow // antique chic basketweave pillow // gold pinstripe pillow // white faux leather pouf // nice and knit grey cotton blanket

Living Room Makeover 5Living Room Makeover 6Living Room Makeover 7To break up the grey blob even more, a textured throw is a good way to go.  And to create some contrast, I added a shiny, bright white pouf to sit up against all that grey.

For the gallery wall we started with one main statement piece, the giant letter M.  I love the unexpected size of these letters.  I made a couple pieces to go along with the things Jess already owned and had in other places around the house.  I painted a water color of Idaho, leaving a little heart where they call home.  This added a pop of green to tie to the pillows.  I also made a circular yarn hanging to add a little whimsy and fun to the room.  It gives the space a relaxed and not-so-stuffy feel.

Living Room Makeover: Gallery Wall 8 Living Room Makeover: Gallery Wall 9 Living Room Makeover: Gallery Wall 10For the mantel, we kept it simple and clean.  Hanging the mirror to the side feels less traditional.  By adding tall framed images on the other side of the mantel, some balance was created.  Accessories do not have to be expensive.  The items on this mantel were mostly thrifted or found in nature.  My father-in-law is a rock hound and cuts and polishes rocks, so the gorgeous agate came from his garage.  And the birch branches were found on a walk.  We cut them all to the same length and spray painted the tip of one with metallic gold paint.

Living Room Makeover: Mantel 11 Living Room Makeover: Mantel 12 Living Room Makeover: Mantel 13 Living Room Makeover: Mantel 14And finally the details. Yes, almost everything on surfaces is thrifted. You can find fun stuff for pennies and you’ll have a look that no one else has.  I love the thistles on the coffee table that my mother in law painted three different metallic colors.  Jess followed this tutorial to make a himmelli wreath for the wall.  And I refinished and stained a little plant stand to give the fiddle leaf fig a place of honor.

Living Room Makeover: Mantel 15Living Room Makeover: Mantel 16Living Room Makeover: Mantel 17Living Room Makeover: Mantel 18Living Room Makeover: Mantel 19Living Room Makeover: Mantel 20Living Room Makeover: Mantel 21Living Room Makeover: Mantel 22Living Room Makeover: Mantel 23A former elementary school teacher, Jeran has added her unique voice to the modern maker culture through her blog Oleander and Palm. She loves helping people find attainable beauty in the lives they live. Her creativity and industriousness were honed through years of living in third world countries, that challenged her to find novel solutions for creating livable spaces. Now a mother of three, settled in sunny California, her skills and styles are evolving in exciting new ways. Her focus is Simple California Living, designing and making livable spaces that incorporate vintage finds, handmade/DIY pieces and global inspiration.

Creating an Art Wall for a Shared Space

Post by Danielle Kurtz, Creative Director at The Land of Nod
5 Tips for Creating an Art WallYou’ve probably noticed that gallery walls are popping up everywhere you turn, but there’s more than one way to fill a large wall with a mix of artful pieces. When putting together the living room in the Nod Family Home, I created a more flexible version of the popular gallery wall using photo ledges.The great thing about this concept is that it can evolve and change easily to showcase different art, photos and ephemera from your life. Have a new vacation photo? Add it in. Find a great piece of art at a local art fair, prop it up on the ledge. It’s a great way to showcase everything that’s beautiful to you in the moment, without worrying about framing, measuring and wall anchors (man, I hate wall anchors!).Here are some elements I’d recommend adding to your art wall.

5 Tips for Creating an Art Wall 2

  1. Paintings & Illustrations – Collect pieces that are both framed and unframed from your favorite artists. Look for items that pull together the colors in your room, or include sentiments that apply to your family. Get a mix of vertical and horizontal for variety.5 Tips for Creating an Art Wall 3
  2. Photographs – Include family photographs on the wall. They can be propped up on the ledges, layered in front of art pieces or tacked to the wall space between your shelves. These can be a mix of professional photos and snapshots. Consider using some of your faves for Instagram. The pics we capture on the fly with our phones are often the most representative of our family’s chaotic, wonderful daily life.5 Tips for Creating an Art Wall 4
  3. The Kid’s Art – Include a couple pieces of your kid’s favorite art. I’m constantly amazed by the beautiful watercolors, doodles and paintings that my children create. These can be easily swapped out to display the current favorite.5 Tips for Creating an Art Wall 5
  4. Objects & Toys – One of the best things about this photo ledge approach versus a gallery wall is that it’s easier to create 3-dimensional objects. Maybe a small toy that makes you laugh, or something from your own childhood. Or, even a jar of sand from a recent beach vacation. There are tons of different small items that can add dimension and make the wall uniquely yours.
  5. Painted Canvases – If you need to fill space, consider buying some small stretched canvases and painting them yourself in a graphic shape or pattern to pull the color story together. For ours I simply made a diagonal tapeline on the canvas and did them all two-tone. It grounds the wall, keeping it from getting too chaotic, and gives a backdrop to smaller layered pieces.

Overall, don’t forget to have fun with your art wall. Embrace the playfulness of childhood, and incorporate things that have a bit of that sass. For this wall, we used a handful of mini chalkboards and wrote the words, “sleep, eat, play, repeat,” a little wink at the fun, yet sometimes monotonous routine of a young family. Look at this as an opportunity to showcase little touches of your family that make you smile, and I guarantee it’ll be lovely.

Danielle is the Creative Director at Nod and an over-protective mother of two. She’s also completely obsessed with Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and her Kindle, but not necessarily in that order. Danielle loves to craft, sew and crochet. Her current craft of choice is weaving tiny wall tapestries.