Girls’ Shared Space Design Ideas – Nursery & Bedroom

Design by Sara Polacek of The Land of Nod’s Design Services Team

Amanda was looking for ideas around a shared space design for her girls, giving a fun update for their combined nursery and bedroom. She was looking for a functional space with lots of girly elements and wanted to use a bed she already owned. To balance the pink, we incorporated grey and black accents. The flokati rug, pillows and grey pouf add texture and interest to the room. The best part about this space is it will be easy to update as the girls grow.  Accessories and artwork are the most cost-effective way to switch up a room!

Girls' Shared Space Design Ideas - Nursery & Bedroom

Pink abstract bowtie print / Pineapple print / Owl love print / House wall shelf, similar / Heart garland / Vintage Bed / Pink Velvet Sham / Triangle Pillow, Ferm Living / Flokati Rug / Aqua Woven Hamper / Star Pillow / Grey Drop Sheets / Bear Pillow, Ferm Living / Grey & Pink Blanket / Green Heart Pillow / Grey Petal Pouf

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How to Create a Kids’ Book Nook

Written by Chassity Evans of Look Linger Love

With the temperatures dropping it’s time to think about more indoor family activities. One of my kids’ most favorite pastimes is reading. How special would it feel to have an adorable nook for the sole purpose of story time?

This past summer I, with the assistance of The Land of Nod, helped my friend Jane Pope and her family create the cutest kids’ book nook. Here’s how we got the look!

How to Create a Kids Book Nook

Start with a cozy rug since you’ll likely spend a lot of time on the floor. We chose the Flokati Fluff Rug. A soft rocking chair like this one by Joya will take up little space and will provide a cozy spot to rock. The knitted pouf can serve as secondary seating or a soft place to rest your feet. A side table will come in handy for drinks and to place a reading lamp. I love this neon table! As far as book storage goes, I love The Land of Nod’s straight and narrow peg rails. They conserve space and showcase the book in both a functional and beautiful way. Add some cute artwork to the walls like these day and night pieces.

Looking for more book nook inspiration? I also pulled together this fun green, white, and brass space.

How to Create a Kids Book Nook - Ideas

Acrylic Bookcases / Retro Rocker / Car Art / Cone Art

Campaign Nightstand / Green Patina Rug / Periscope Floor Lamp


Check out all the details from the Pope family Nod makeover here.

Chassity Evans is a blogger, Charleston, SC dweller, wife, and mother. She launched Look Linger Love in September of 2010 and it is a daily lifestyle blog where she explores her passion for style in fashion, interiors, and entertaining.

Back to School — Golden Glam Green Study Space

Post by Rachel Shingleton, blogger and product designer at Pencil Shavings Studio

Today’s back to school inspiration is all about going gold and glam. I love how gorgeous and dramatic emerald green is when paired with metallics, and especially with a pop of black here and there for good contrast. This kids study space is elegant and pretty – perfect to grow up with! And I’m loving the modern gold pendant lamps hung as a group of three – think how fabulous they’d be as a group of 5! Happy studying, little scholars!

Back to School Golden Glam Kids Study Space

Electron Pendant Lamp (three shown) / Floral Pop Canvas Wall Art / Green Campaign Desk / White Homeroom Metal Desk Chair / Gold Pinstripe Pillow / After the Rain Rug

Designer Rachel Shingleton never met a color she didn’t love. At Pencil Shavings Studio, she writes about how to integrate color and style into interiors, fashion, and decor.  She also designs a line of paper goods, home decor, and tech goods for her shop. Named  Better Homes & Garden’s Editor’s choice for top decor blog, she love helping people find a way to bring color and cheer into their everyday lives.

Back to School Organization

Post by Danielle, Creative Director at The Land of Nod

As adults, most of us no longer get 3 months off for summer vacation. But, as parents, we do get to enjoy a bit of the relaxation that comes with it. No permission slips to sign, no homework to check, no lunches to pack. So, it’s no surprise that the sudden jolt back into routine with the start of the school year can be just as unnerving for us parents as it is for the kids.

Perhaps some of you have this back to school organization thing down to a science, but I have to admit, when it comes to dealing with all the paperwork that comes home from school, I’m a hot mess.

So, I sat with our Nod storage gurus and room designers, to come up with a few tips on how the organizationally challenged among (ie. Me) us can get a grip on the back to school organization madness. Here are a few tips on creating a mini “nerve center” for your home with just a bit of wall space.

Back to School Organization Tip #1: Sort by Day

Back to School Organization Tip #1: Sort by Day

If your challenge is remembering what you need to do when, then sorting items by day may be your best bet. Our Take Five Wall Bin has 5 compartments; assign a day to each (Mon – Fri), and toss applicable items in each as soon as they arrive in your home. Then each morning, you can just grab the appropriate stack and be on your way. Also, include a chalkboard or calendar to add reminders. As well add in a few wall hooks to hang larger items that won’t fit in the bins. This also works well if you have multiple caretakers on various days, your babysitter/mother-in-law/spouse will always know just where to look for notes and details on the kids’ schedule.

Back to School Organization Tip #2: Sort by Kid or Activity

Back to School Organization Tip #2: Sort by Kid or Activity

If you have multiple children, or even one child involved in multiple activities, our Down to the Wire Wall Shelf would be a great solution. Assign a bin to each kid/activity, and make them responsible for putting their gear away when they walk in the door. Maybe this will help avoid them just dumping their backpack on the floor immediately inside the front door. Also, when you’re rushing out the door to soccer practice, you’ll know just where their cleats and shin guards are stashed.

Back to School Organization Tip #3: Keep Surfaces to a Minimum

Back to School Organization Tip #3: Keep Surfaces to a Minimum

If you tend to make stacks and piles, remove the temptation. Create a wall system with our Straight & Narrow Collection that allows for just small reminders to be tacked up, and sort paper as soon as it comes in the house. Be sure the recycling bin is nearby so unnecessary clutter can go straight to the recycling pile instead of a stack on your dining room table.

Back to School Organization Tip #4: Don’t be too hard on yourself

This tip didn’t come from one of our storage experts, but from me, a fellow mom who’s just trying to keep it together on a daily basis. It’s hard to juggle all that comes with modern-day parenting. So if a perfectly organized mudroom isn’t on your list of priorities, then don’t give it a second thought. Did you laugh with your kids today? Then, you’re good. No, actually, you’re awesome!

Danielle is the Creative Director at Nod and an over-protective mother of two. She’s also completely obsessed with Instagram, Twitter and her Kindle, but not necessarily in that order. Danielle loves to craft, sew and crochet, but all her supplies have a layer of dust on them about 7-years-thick, wonder if it’s just a coincidence that her oldest kiddo is 7 years old? – Click here to see more of Danielle’s Honest to Nod posts.