Wood & Feather Wall Decor DIY

Post by Danielle Kurtz, Creative Director at The Land of Nod

Wood & Feather Wall Decor DIYIn designing the master bedroom for the Nod Family Home, we wanted to create an art piece to act as a focal point above the fireplace. Our goal was to keep the entire space light, bright and serene, with a nice balance of modern minimalism mixed with natural elements.

Wood & Feather Wall Decor DIY 2We were inspired by all the creative ways we’ve seen salvaged palette wood used, so we knew we wanted to incorporate it into the piece. We took some very rough natural materials, but put them together in a very graphic and organized arrangement to strike a balance. This DIY couldn’t be any easier, and can be adjusted to fit any size space. You could add more rows, use colored peacock feathers or even paint the raw wood to fit your color story. The options are endless.

Wood & Feather Wall Decor DIY 3

Here’s how we created it.

Wood & Feather Wall Decor DIY Materials

  • Salvaged palette wood
  • Feathers
  • Double-sided tape


  • Nail two horizontal pieces of palette wood into the wall at least 18 inches apart, it may be more depending on size of wall
  • Using double-sided tape, add feathers to wall and wood

Voila, you have a one of a kind focal piece for your wall.

Danielle is the Creative Director at Nod and an over-protective mother of two. She’s also completely obsessed with Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and her Kindle, but not necessarily in that order. Danielle loves to craft, sew and crochet. Her current craft of choice is weaving tiny wall tapestries.

Mustache T-Shirt DIY

Post by Darcy of No Monsters in My Bed

Mustache T-Shirt DIYThe other day my youngest daughter announced that she wanted a mustache t-shirt (mustaches being all the rage with this year’s second graders). I’ve always wanted to try freeze paper stenciling with the kids, so this sounded like the prefect opportunity.

Mustache T-Shirt DIY Materials

  • Freezer paper (sold in most grocery stories, next to aluminum foil)
  • Brushes
  • Fabric paint
  • Iron & ironing board
  • Exacto knife (with cutting mat)
  • Plain white t-shirts
  • And some imagination


  1. We found pictures of mustaches we liked in an old coloring book. So my daughter traced some and freestyled some. My son decided to participate too, though we’re all unclear on what exactly he drew. After the kids finished their art, I cut out the stencils using an exacto knife and cutting mat.Mustache T-Shirt DIY 1
  2. My daughter figured out where on the t-shirt she wanted the mustaches and then I ironed the stencils to the shirt. NOTE – Make sure to iron the stencil so that the shiny side faces down. Mustache T-Shirt DIY 2
  3. It is important to take a break in order to “try out” the mustaches.Mustache T-Shirt DIY 3
  4. Paint!Mustache T-Shirt DIY 5
  5. You are supposed to wait for the paint to dry and then rip off the stencil (we cheated and only waited about 25 minutes, which worked fine).

The kids liked this project so much that we spent the rest of the morning making additional stencils (luckily I had a supply of cheap white t-shirts on hand). A great easy activity for cold, miserable winter days.

Darcy blogs at No Monsters In My Bed and is a mother of three children (8, 7, and 5 years old) located in Arlington, VA. She likes: sleeping in, Alice Munro, cheap red wine, old rocking chairs, shoes without heels, mix tapes, balloons, the color grey, & discovering new things.

Valentine’s Day Weavings

Post by Michelle of Avery & Augustine

Valentine's Day WeavingsValentine's Day Weavings 1Valentine's Day Weavings 2Valentine's Day Weavings 4Valentine's Day Weavings 5Valentine's Day Weavings 6Valentine's Day Weavings 7These Valentine’s Day Weavings were inspired by these fantastic woven place cards made by The Land of Nod’s own Michelle Kohanzo & Danielle Kurtz!

I cut slits at the top and bottom of a piece of card stock (3.5”H x 2.75”W) and wound twine around the card from left to right, through each slit, taping the loose ends to the back of the card.  Then, I tied one end of the yarn to the top of the first strand of twine, making a knot.  Using a yarn needle, Avery and I took turns weaving the yarn over and under each strand of twine from left to right, working top to bottom until the weaving was done.  I tied the yarn to the bottom of the last strand of twine, making a knot, to secure the weaving.

We tucked in patterned hearts made from an old Paper Source wall art calendar, to finish off our valentines.  You can also use plain solid-colored hearts with a little Valentine’s greeting written on them, or small letterpress cards, like these from Dolce Press.

I also used this great post at Art Bar Blog as a reference.  Thanks to The Land of Nod for sending us a set of suitcases for this post.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

You can see Michelle’s work and read about her two young children and their first forays in cooking, art and everything in between at Avery and Augustine.

Light Switch Cover DIY

Post by Rae Ann of RaeAnnKelly.comLight Switch Cover DIY As a graphic designer and mom of 5, my favorite kind of room is one that is layered with function and comfort, but also amazing style, fun patterns, and loads of personality (which is why I heart The Land of Nod so much!). Today’s super-easy DIY is a great example of that philosophy because I’m going to show you how I add a simple cover (in playful patterns you can download) to a light switch. And what’s more functional than a light switch, right!?

You’ll Need:

  • Light switch cover
  • Small flat head screwdriver
  • These patterned papers: 1, 2, 3, 4 (pick your favorite, download and print on text weight paper)
  • Xacto knife
  • Small (inexpensive) paint brush
  • Decoupage glue
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

Here’s How to Make a Light Switch Cover DIY :

  1. Pick your favorite pattern, download and print on text weight printer paper. Lay it pattern side down on your work surface.
  2. Unscrew your light switch cover from the wall (an outlet cover works too!) and place strategically face up on your paper. Trace around the outside and inside edges using a pencil. Leaving about a half inch around the outer traced line, cutout. Using an x-acto knife, cut along the inside line. Next make a small cut from the outside corner to the inside traced corner.
  3. Paint a thin layer of decoupage glue over the top of the cover and then line up the paper and press down. Fold excess paper to the backside and secure with glue. Carefully press out any wrinkles and allow to dry according to the glue’s directions.
  4. To reinstall simply poke the screws through the paper and that’s it!

Light Switch Cover DIY - Prints


Light Switch Cover DIY - Finished Project

Rae Ann blogs at Rae Ann Kelly and is a kid wrangler, graphic designer, food & craft nut. Her blog features little tidbits about her day to day life & design projects, tutorials for DIY’s, free downloads, yummy recipes, lots of kid friendly ideas and outfit inspiration.