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DIY Kids Pom Pom Pins

Post by Lauren Baker, our fearless events marketing manager

DIY Kids Pom Pom Pins

A few weeks ago we celebrated our collaboration with Pink Chicken by creating Pom Pom Pins in all The Land of Nod stores and Pink Chicken locations. This was a fun activity for kiddos to create an accessory for their jackets or book bags. Our #nodevents team created poms for the kiddos to combine with letter beads and toy animals to make an adorable pin to take home with them. Below in a step by step to make your own at home!


Things You’ll Need:

  • Yarn (one piece that’s 18 inches or so and 2-3 smaller pieces of cut yarn)
  • 1 Pom (you can buy them premade or learn how to make them here)
  • 1 animal
  • Beads (we used alphabet beads to spell names)
  • Safety pin

How to Make Your Pom Pom Pin

  1. Tie the long piece of yarn around the “tummy” of your animalDIY Kids Pom Pom Pins - Step 1
  2. Pull the yarn through the hole at the end of your safety pin and tie a double knot so your animal is secure on the pinDIY Kids Pom Pom Pins - Step 2
  3. You’ll notice two long strings hanging down the side of your pin. You can now add your beads through one of them.DIY Kids Pom Pom Pins - Step 3
  4. When you’re done, to secure the beads, take your mini pieces of yarn and tie a knot or two. Trim any excess yarn.DIY Kids Pom Pom Pins - Step 4
  5. Simply add your pom to your pin and ta-da!DIY Kids Pom Pom Pins - Step 5
When Lauren isn’t planning ridiculously awesome #nodevents for The Land of Nod, she spends her time putting up with the crazy antics of her English Bulldog, Lola. She also loves searching for treasures in vintage stores and summer antique markets. Due to her previous adventure living in Canada, she has a strong obsession to Hudson Bay stripes, as well as the fine cuisine of poutine (Don’t make her choose between the two…that’s like choosing between Ryan Gosling and Jason Bateman for her!).

Thanksgiving Table DIY Place Card Leaves

Post by M.J. of Pars Caeli
Thanksgiving Table DIY Place Card Leaves
As a child, it was the presents and festivity of Christmas. As a teenager, it transferred to the lovestruck Valentine’s Day. And now, as the hostess and mom of three, Thanksgiving is easily my favorite holiday. Since we were first married, we have been the hosts for the feast! My husband and I share the cooking responsibilities (he’s a master at the turkey, and I serve up a mean cornbread). And our kids always want in on the action, too. This year they’re in charge of setting the table and decorating the feast so we decided to make some special place cards.
Thanksgiving Table DIY Place Card Leaves
Using fall leaves from the backyard, air dry clay, and a gold leaf marker, the kids and I created beautiful place card leaves. These were simple for small hands and got a lot of wows from the rest of the family!
To make yours, roll out white air dry clay. We used a play dough rolling pin to make it easy for everyone to do it themselves. Roll the clay so that it is even and about a quarter of an inch think. Using a leaf with a simple shape (like an elm or sycamore), roll the same clay with the leaf on top. Press as you roll to make sure to get all the veining pressed into the clay. Trim off the excess clay and smooth the edges with your fingers.
Thanksgiving Table DIY Place Card Leaves
Let the clay dry overnight, making sure to turn over the leaves carefully and dry the backside.
Next, take a goldleaf marker and paint the top and side surfaces. We found markers very easy to work with for this projects and fun to use for tracing over the lines on the leaf. The paint will dry almost instantly, and your leaf place card is ready to use!
Thanksgiving Table DIY Place Card Leaves
These are not recommended for food, but they do make a great focal point on your dinner plate or across the center of the Thanksgiving table. The veining comes through beautifully, making these kids creations a timeless family heirloom to bring back out every Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving Table DIY Place Card Leaves
M.J. is a graphic and product designer, wife, and proud momma to three. She founded Pars Caeli (meaning a piece of heaven), a delightful blog and shop, to add more creative to the everyday. M.J. worked with our team to bring her lunchbox jokes to life in our product Lunchtime LOL Notes, now available at Land of Nod to bring on a case of the giggles!

DIY Straw Cake Topper

Post by Sara Walk of Tell Love and Chocolate

Cake toppers are my favorite.  You can take a completely boring cake and make it into something unique and colorful, and, no one wants a boring cake for their birthday.  I am super excited to share TWO fun DIY straw cake toppers.  They are inexpensive and give such a fun and playful look to any birthday cake.

DIY Straw Cake Topper DIY Straw Cake Topper

DIY Straw Cake Topper Materials
  • Colorful plastic straws (Mine are from IKEA)
  • Scissors
  • Heavy duty circle punch
  • Twine
  • Wood Skewers
    DIY Straw Cake Topper
How to Make DIY Straw Cake Toppers
  1. Cut up various sizes and colors of the plastic strawsDIY Straw Cake Topper
  2. Punch holes into the straws.  For the wood skewers punch the hole in the middle.  If you are hanging them on the twine punch the holes toward the top.DIY Straw Cake Topper DIY Straw Cake Topper
  3. ​String the straws onto the skewers and or twine. DIY Straw Cake TopperDIY Straw Cake Topper DIY Straw Cake Topper
​Now go have a party!  Because these are too cute not to make!
DIY Straw Cake Topper DIY Straw Cake Topper
Sara Walk is the face behind the DIY blog, Tell Love and Chocolate, a colorful blog focusing on easy, DOable, DIY’s for life, home and parties.  Sara believes that life should be fun and colorful and is a big fan of simple DIYs.  She also LOVES parties.  She lives in California with her husband and two boys.