Dowel Rod Chandelier DIY

By Sara Polacek, Interiors & Event Design Manager

When we set out to transform a formal dining room into a playroom, we wanted to keep the overall layout of the dining room so the space could still be used for large family gatherings. This meant floating the play tables in the middle of the room. In a traditional dining room, you’d hang a chandelier above the table, but this room had plenty of other light, so we opted for something more playful. Also, since the room was mostly white, we wanted to add a colorful focal point to bring the look together.

Dowel Rod Chandelier DIYWe won’t lie, this isn’t a DIY you can complete in one naptime, but with a few hours of work and a fraction of the cost of a chandelier, you’ll have a beautiful conversation piece for your home. If you don’t need a piece of this size, this DIY would also work well scaled down as a small mobile.

Dowel Rod Chandelier DIY

Dowel Rod Chandelier DIY Supply List:

  • (Approx. 70) 1/8”, 3/8” & 1/4” dowel rods, various lengths (12”, 18”, 24”)
  • (3) 50”x 1” diameter dowel rods (to make a 18”x46” frame)
  • Spray paint in various colors
  • 50 skeins of embroidery floss in various colors
  • 20lb & 60lb fishing line
  • Tacks
  • (2-4) Eye hooks for ceiling
  • Glue gun
  • Miter saw (could also use hand saw)
  • Wood glue
  • (4) 2” screws

Dowel Rod Chandelier DIY 3Dowel Rod Chandelier DIY Directions:

Step 1. Wrap/paint dowel rods

  • Start by securing the embroidery floss with a dab of glue on the rod.
  • Tightly wrap the rod till you reach the end of the floss, secure with another dab of glue.
  • Add another color of floss and continue.
  • To spray paint: lean rods against a surface you don’t mind getting spray paint on or prop up rods in a piece of Styrofoam. Tape off the part you do not want to paint.
  • Let dry and wrap other half, or leave it natural.  We did a mix.

Step 2. Make frame.

  • Saw down dowel rods to be size needed to make frame (we made a 18”x46” frame).
  • Make a 45 degree cut at both ends of each dowel rod.
  • Predrill screw hole in both sides of corner before gluing corner together to hold.
  • Drill screw into corner to secure.

Step 3. Installation.

  • Secure two eye hooks into the ceiling, at the center of each side of the frame.
  • Use 60lb fishing line to hang.
  • Tie fishing line from each corner of frame to the eye hooks.
  • Once chandelier is hung, begin to add dowel rods.
  • For larger dowels, push a tack in the top of dowel.
  • Take 20lb fishing line and attach a strand to each tack.
  • Wrap and tie fishing line around frame, tightly. Hang at varying lengths for interest.
  • For thinner dowels, tie fishing line around top and leave two strands to use for tying around frame.

Dowel Rod Chandelier DIY 4Voila! You have a beautiful and playful focal point for your space. For more details about turning your dining room into a playroom and other helpful hints, check out our Design Workshop.

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DIY Mini Christmas Pendant Ornaments

Written by Jeran of Oleander and Palm
DIY Mini Christmas Pendant Ornaments Hi there, it’s Jeran from Oleander and Palm.  I’m all about cute pendants.  I made this Sisters one for my daughter’s bedroom.  So, this year I thought it would be fun to make mini pendant’s for our Christmas tree.

We’ve bought and planted a little Colorado blue spruce this year.  The plan is that we will be able to use this little guy for a couple years.  We’ll move him out for the rest of the year and then bring him back in for the holidays.

I kept the tree simple with our large bulb lights, my Mini Pendant Christmas Ornaments, Winter Festive Felt GarlandIce Globe OrnamentsGem Ornaments and topped it with a geometric himmeli heart that I made.

DIY Mini Christmas Pendant Ornaments 2DIY Mini Christmas Pendant Ornaments 3Here’s what you’ll need to make DIY Mini Christmas Pendant Ornaments:

  • Felt in black and white
  • Glitter fabric (you can buy a 8×10 sheet at Hobby Lobby for just $1.47)
  • Hot glue gun
  • 1/4″ dowel (I painted mine gold)
  • Baker’s twine
  • A copy of the printable template (download it HERE)

mini pendant christmas ornaments 4 DIY Mini Christmas Pendant Ornaments  5How to make it:

  • Start by cutting out the pendant shape.
  • Fold over the top of the pendant and glue down with hot glue.
  • Cut out the letters with small sharp scissor (or I gave myself a short cut and used my Cricut Explore).
  • Glue the letters on with hot glue.
  • Finish by tying a baker’s twine to either side of the dowel for hanging.

DIY Mini Christmas Pendant Ornaments 6And here’s a little look at little more of my living room ready for the holidays.

DIY Mini Christmas Pendant Ornaments  7DIY Mini Christmas Pendant Ornaments  8DIY Mini Christmas Pendant Ornaments  9DIY Mini Christmas Pendant Ornaments  10 DIY Mini Christmas Pendant Ornaments  11 DIY Mini Christmas Pendant Ornaments  12mini pendant christms ornaments 11DIY Mini Christmas Pendant Ornaments 12A former elementary school teacher, Jeran has added her unique voice to the modern maker culture through her blog Oleander and Palm. She loves helping people find attainable beauty in the lives they live. Her creativity and industriousness were honed through years of living in third world countries, that challenged her to find novel solutions for creating livable spaces. Now a mother of three, settled in sunny California, her skills and styles are evolving in exciting new ways. Her focus is Simple California Living, designing and making livable spaces that incorporate vintage finds, handmade/DIY pieces and global inspiration.

DIY Teepee Shelf

Post by Lidy of Hello Lidy

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to create a little DIY in honor of the season! And why not something a little more unique, like a super sweet diy teepee shelf?!

DIY Teepee ShelfDIY Teepee Shelf Materials

  • Piece of oak 1×3
  • Black floral wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Directions


  1. Simply start by taking a section of your wire and wrapping it around the end of your oak wood three to four times.DIY Teepee Shelf - Materials
  2. Repeat on other side. DIY Teepee Shelf - Step 1
  3. Take the tops of both of your wire ends and twist together – making sure that your shelf  hangs straight for when you want to hang it. DIY Teepee Shelf - Step 2
  4. Clip the top of your connected wires with your wire cutters so they look neat and even.DIY Teepee Shelf - Step 4
  5. Hang and enjoy! DIY Teepee Shelf - FinalDIY Teepee Shelf - 5

This diy teepee shelf is one of those projects you don’t have to take down once the holidays pass – it would look so cute in any room! Whether your toddlers space or your living area! It’s a super fun way to display your cute decor and something that is sure to make your space one-of-a-kind!

Lidy is the face behind Hello Lidy: a blog focusing on creating and cultivating unique spaces that integrate original handmade designs and vintage pieces while keeping up on current trends and designs. Lidy and her husband have three adopted toddlers.

DIY Gold Foil Pillow

Written by Dina of Honey & Fitz

DIY Gold Foil PillowWhenever I design a kid’s bedroom, I try to include a personalized element. Kid’s love things with their names on them right? This super easy DIY gold foil pillow (no sewing involved!) combines 2 things I love – a hint of metallic sparkle and a personalization.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 pillow cover – Pick a size and color that works for your room. A solid color works great but this could be fun on a pattern too. Etsy is a great spot for finding inexpensive, solid colored, linen pillows. If you want to do a full name, I recommend a 12″x20″ pillow like I used. If you want to do just a monogram or initial, a simple square would be perfect.
  • Iron-on gold metallic vinyl
  • Scissors
  • Template

DIY Gold Foil Pillow - SuppliesStarting with your selected pillow, determine the right size for your letters. This will vary based on the name you’re working with. For my pillow I needed 4 letters and I ended up making each 750pt in Microsoft Word. I put the ‘e’ and ‘a’ on their own pages and the two l’s on 1 page and printed them all out on cardstock.

DIY Gold Foil Pillow - TemplatesCut out all your letters and trace them IN REVERSE on the back side (the silver side) of your vinyl.

DIY Gold Foil Pillow - Reverse LettersOnce you have all your letters cut out, play around with the position of them on the pillow. I like to hold a tape measure along the bottom of the pillow and then hold a straight edge along the bottom edge to line up my letters.

DIY Gold Foil Pillow - LettersOnce you’re satisfied with your layout, iron on the first and last letter. This will give you a nice line to work within for the middle letters.

DIY Gold Foil Pillow - 2Before you iron on your first letter, iron the pillow cover itself and warm up the fabric. This will let the vinyl adhere more uniformly. Then, holding your letter firmly in place, begin to move your iron over the letter in quick, circular motions. It doesn’t take much to make the transfer and you’ll immediately see the letter change from smooth to more textured. Keep the iron moving so as not to scorch the vinyl. It’s probably a good idea to use a pressing fabric (an old plain white t-shirt, for example)

DIY Gold Foil Pillow - Iron On LettersLet your letter cool completely and then go back and peel off the clear protective layer. It’s not immediately clear that this exists but run your nail around the edge and give it a little tug. Peel it back to reveal your sparkly work!

(If at any point while you’re peeling the protective layer away you notice the vinyl itself pulling up, don’t panic! Place the protective layer back down and hit it with the iron for another second or two. Let it cool and try again.)

DIY Gold Foil Pillow - 3Stuff your pillow with a down insert 2″ larger in length and width that your cover. Fluff and enjoy!

DIY Gold Foil Pillow - Finished!

DIY Gold Foil Pillow - 5Now that you’re armed with the basics, get creative. Don’t restrict yourself to a name – you could do anything! A great big heart, a star, an anchor…even create your own pattern with a few smaller pieces ironed on in a grid. These would make great baby shower gifts right?

I recently shared a sweet little girl’s room I designed where I used one of these pillows on the bed. Check it out here.

Dina Holland is a blogger and interior designer. She lives in Boston, MA with her husband and two young sons, Knox and Reed. She shares her adventures in DIY, interior design work and the renovation of her century old home on her blog Honey & Fitz.