An Honestly Glam Mother’s Room


Anyone who’s been a nursing-working mom knows that pumping at the office is hardly a glamorous affair. In fact, from my experience, it’s generally one of the most extremely unglamorous things you’ll ever do. So, when I had the chance to collaborate with The Honest Company on the design of the mother’s room at their corporate office, my main goal was to make it a place that moms might actually want to hang out. (BTW – if you don’t know about Honest check them out. They have an incredible line of baby and home products. And are seriously a very cool group of folks doing some fantastic things.)


Anyway, back to the mother’s room. Honest had some amazing things already in the works for their corporate office, so it was easy to be inspired. Their color palette is mostly aqua with lots of grey. So, that was my starting point. The showpiece of the room is our Sleeper Sofa in a great teal puzzle patterned fabric. The mother’s room was intended not only for nursing moms, but also for moms that might bring their young kiddos into the office for a visit. And, hey, they might need a place to nap. So, the sofa doubles as a place to sit and a place to nap, with a twin fold out bed.  A great small space solution.


­­­From there I added in some basics like our white changing table, a perfect place to change baby’s diaper with tons of storage for all the essentials. And then I dusted it all with a bit of metallic…gold dot changer pad cover, metallic pillows, gold dot decals. It was so fun to add these all to Pinterest and have Jessica Alba (yes, you read that right) Jessica Alba comment, like and add to the board. Jessica’s one of the founders of Honest and was actively involved in the design.

In the end I think the room is functional, modern and decidedly feminine. I hope all the ladies who visit it feel at home and just a touch pampered.

By Danielle Kurtz

Danielle is the Creative Director at Nod and an over-protective mother of two. She’s also completely obsessed with Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and her Kindle, but not necessarily in that order. Danielle loves to craft, sew and crochet, but all her supplies have a layer of dust on them about 7-years-thick, wonder if it's just a coincidence that her oldest kiddo is 7 years old?

Store Window Display by Studio DIY

Kelly here from Studio DIY! I was so excited when The Land of Nod asked me to help design their spring windows for the South Coast Plaza store! I like to call these windows "A Sparkly Starry Night." I knew I didn't want to do a traditional "springy" window, and I wanted to incorporate some of the fuchsia and deep blue colors that would be used in the in-store displays. Taking a cue from this "I Love You to the Moon and Back" poster, a night sky seemed perfect! 


It all started with a giant moon piñata, of course, which you can find the tutorial for right here! I purchased die-cut stars in various sizes from the party store and covered them in shades of glitter and confetti! Lots of gold was a must! We draped the walls in deep navy fabric, hung some mylar tassel garlands and strung up some gold disco balls as "planets" to add a little drama, too. Once everything was hung (Shout out to Mary who spent most of the day on a ladder helping hang stars before she took these gorgeous photos!), we styled it up with some of the new pillows and storage pieces, and pulled in some of my Land of Nod favorites too, like that geometric lamp and that confetti canopy, and of course a mini balloon animal, too!






A huge thank you to The Land of Nod for having me. It was so fun adding a little bit of Studio DIY flair to those sparkly windows!





Photography by Mary Costa Photography

Kelly Lanza is an east-coast transplant living in Los Angeles and has been a DIY-er since birth. Check out Studio DIY & you’ll find a whole lot of DIY projects, party tips and colorful ideas designed to help you inspire, create and celebrate. 

Nod at Emerald City Theatre

When designing the lobby of the Emerald City Theatre, the very first theater in the nation devoted solely to children ages 0 to 4, I knew it had to be visually stunning for all ages. This space had to evoke fun and creativity, welcoming families into a magical space, where imaginations could flourish.


In The Wizard of Oz, the movie began in black and white. As a little girl I was very drawn to this style. It felt simple, and when the movie changed to color I was overwhelmed. I wanted this same concept to translate from the lobby to performance space. 


Bold black and white artwork promotes visual strength for baby’s eyes too. 


Julia Rothman’s interpretation of the Emerald City has playfulness, unique to other Oz references. I am inspired by her bold patterns, line strokes and simple graphics. You can follow the yellow brick road through the rainbow hall into a world of performance.



Detail hall

My favorite characters in The Wizard of Oz were the munchkins and their Lollipop Guild. The giant lollipops made of plexi-glass allow light to shine through. 



Remember when Dorothy and her friends ran through the poppy field and felt sleepy? Perhaps after the show, little ones will play with these giant magnets and feel very sleepy, drifting into a nice long nap.



Bathroom time is fun, too. Stripes in one bathroom, dots in the other.



Opening night and the ribbon cutting ceremony was very special. It was an honor to be part of this project and to collaborate with some very talented people in the process. Best of Luck Emerald City “Little Theatre.”


For more info and behind the scene pictures, visit Emerald City Theatre on Facebook.  

By Cara Reche

When young, Cara had two imaginary friends. As their friendship grew, so did her imagination. Cara loves to “get crafty with it” and is the Associate Art Director at the Land of Nod. 

Behind the Scenes – Nod at South Coast Plaza

Last month we opened our first store in California (yay!). It’s located in Costa Mesa at South Coast Plaza. When we set out to design the space, we knew we had to do something inspiring. The shopping center is filled with luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada and Harry Winston. And they spare no expense in making their stores gorgeous. Also, we have tons of fantastic, loyal customers in California who have been waiting years to see Nod in person, and we didn’t want to disappoint. 


Certainly we wanted our latest collection of home furnishings to be the star of the show, but the space itself needed a little something to make it Nod. As soon as I saw the brick wall behind the front counter, I knew just what it needed….COLOR! A riot of colors to be more exact. So, I decided that we should paint each individual brick in a rainbow palette, but not your standard rainbow, something a little more updated and a little unexpected. To pick the colors, I first looked to our product and was inspired by our Pop of Color Pendants. Starting with those hues, and a Sherwin Williams swatch book, I finally settled on a color scheme.

Coming up with crazy ideas is one thing, but figuring out how to execute them is usually the bigger task. Now that we’d all fallen for this idea, just how on earth were we going to do it. I distinctly remember my conversation with our Managing Director, Michelle. “So, you know that brick wall we want to paint multi-colored at the South Coast store? Tell me if I’m nuts, but I’m thinking I’ll just paint it myself.” Luckily, “we’re a little nuts” is one of our principles of being a Noddie, so she agreed it was a perfectly fine idea.

Here’s what the wall looked like when I arrived. 


We’d had our contractors paint it a light mint green (Sherwin Williams Gratifying Green SW6435), which would eventually become the “grout” color of the wall. I have to admit, when I stood in front of the wall, paint-brush in hand, it felt a lot bigger than I remembered it when I proposed I’d paint it.

At this point, a contractor we’d hired to do some other work looked at me and said, Him – “You’re painting this by yourself?”

Me – “yes”

Hime – “Each brick? Individually? All of them?”

Me – “yes”

Him – “and you have HOW LONG to do it?”

Me – “A day and a half.”

At which point I think he just decided that I was off my rocker and walked away shaking his head.

If you knew me, you’d know I don’t like to be told I can’t do something. So, challenge accepted. I snapped a photo and got to work. I decided to start with the lightest color and go from there, figuring that the darker colors would need fewer bricks to feel balanced. And, if I needed to paint over any, it would be easier to paint over the lighter colors.

First up, a pale pinky-purple (that’s the technical name). Sherwin Williams Queenly SW-6977


Then a mandarin orange. Sherwin Williams Mandarin SW-6891


Next a bright grass green. Sherwin Williams Outrageous Green SW-6922


Followed by a vibrant, orangey-red (a great color for lipstick or nail polish BTW). Sherwin Williams Gladiola SW-6875


Then a color Sherwin Williams likes to call Decisive Yellow. LOVE! SW-6902


Last color, a deep turquoise blue. Sherwin Williams Blue Nile SW-6776


You may have noticed that the top row isn’t done in any of these. Here’s the thing, I couldn’t reach it, even on my tippy toes. And, I was afraid to stand on that ledge you see here. (Full disclosure: I’m 5’10” and afraid of heights, not even high heights, any heights higher than 5’10”, really. I have a theory that tall people aren’t often picked up so are, therefore, not used to and uncomfortable being any higher up than they already are.) We didn’t have a ladder that could reach across the back counter, and no scaffolding was available, though I’m not sure I’d have gone on it if it was there. So, I used the next best thing, one of our Storage Play Chairs


Now, I definitely don’t recommend doing this at home. But, I did first check the product info and saw that this chair is rated to hold up to 200 lbs! Wow, that’s one sturdy kids chair, impressive. So, I stood on my tiny chair and finished the top row.

Then I went back and did a little touch up to the grout. Which, oddly enough was the most satisfying part of the process.


Before heading back to Chicago, I couldn’t resist hopping up on the counter and getting my pic with the wall. 


I was sad to leave it behind, and have been trying to convince my husband to let me replicate it on the outside of our brick house, but, as you can imagine, he’s not having it.

By Danielle Kurtz

Danielle is the Creative Director at Nod and an over-protective mother of two. She’s also completely obsessed with Pinterest, Twitter and her Kindle, but not necessarily in that order. Danielle loves to craft, sew and crochet, but all her supplies have a layer of dust on them about 6-years-thick, wonder if it's just a coincidence that her oldest kiddo is 6 years old?