Nursery Design Tips with Corri McFadden

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When it came to turning my guest bedroom into a nursery for my future daughter, I was at a loss as to how I would keep my personal taste yet make it into the whimsical nursery I’ve always imagined. I did not want to go the “traditional” baby route, so with the help of Land of Nod’s Interior and Events Designer, Kim Grosser, and the rest of the Design Services Team, we were able to create a colorful nursery while still expressing my design aesthetic.

Nursery Design Tips from Corri McFaddenPatterned Pachyderm / Gold Lottie Dots / Full Bloom Lamp Shade

After examining the space, Kim created CAD drawings and mood boards to help capture the design image I had in mind for my baby girl’s room. The finished result is a beautiful nursery with fun items and furniture and easy to duplicate decorating ideas that I wanted to share.

Ceiling Stripes
For the nursery ceiling we decided to go with ceiling stripes, which is great way to engage your baby’s developing brain by giving them something to focus on while in the crib. Step one is to paint the ceiling the lighter color you have chosen, that way it will be easier to paint over with the second darker layer. After the first color has thoroughly dried, measure out your desired width using painter’s tape. Add your darker second color and voila, instant style!

Nursery Design Tips from Corri McFadden (2)

Nursery Design Tips from Corri McFadden (3)

Nursery Design Tips from Corri McFadden (4)

Beaded Chandelier

Gallery Wall Mock-up
Another design idea was to create a gallery wall, which allowed me to add some of my personality to the room. I recommend mocking it up on the floor first so you can move around the pieces as you desire before putting too many holes in the wall.  You can also find great templates on Pinterest that are easy to follow.

Nursery Design Tips from Corri McFadden - Gallery Wall

Nursery Design Tips from Corri McFadden - Gallery Wall 2Decor on Safari Zebra / Sunburst Mirror

Vinyl Decal Application/Lottie Dots
Vinyl decal applications are a fun way to add simple art to any wall. I wanted to create a large overlapping heart surrounding another piece of artwork. This would then be the focal point over my changing table.

It’s easiest to accurately measure the piece of furniture you’re placing the vinyl over and configure the placement from that. Once you have your desired placement figured out, remove the piece of furniture so you have an unobstructed view of the decal and it’s placement.  I used washi tape to keep my measurements in place; it applies and removes easily, and doesn’t leave any marks so you can keep changing until you get it right!

Next, I created a stencil first for the outline using a piece of paper, and then using the washi tape again for this step, held it in place to get a better idea of where I wanted the stencil shape to ultimately lie.

Nursery Design Tips from Corri McFadden - 5

Nursery Design Tips from Corri McFadden - 8

Nursery Design Tips from Corri McFadden (10)

Nursery Design Tips from Corri McFadden (11)Gold Lottie Dots / Boombox Art (launches July 8) / Between a Rock & A Lamp Base / Blake Dresser / New School Changing Pad Cover / Charming Basket / Garden Trellis Rug / Silver Stars Floor Cushion

For an easy product breakdown of all these features and additional ideas, visit my Pinterest board

Corri McFadden is the owner and founder of eDrop-Off Luxury Consignment.  As a style expert and successful blogger, she hosts a weekly fashion segment on Chicago’s “You and Me This Morning” and features more tips and tricks on her website, and her upcoming site Glitter and Bubbles set to launch later this month.

Real Families | Real Kids: DIYs

Post by Jeran of Oleander and Palm

Have you seen June’s catalogue yet?  Today I’m sharing some of the DIYs in the McConnel’s Real Families Girl’s Shared Bedroom.  These are all easy to make, inexpensive DIYs to make for any space.
Room Decor DIY | Sisters Felt Banner
Room Decor DIY | Ombre Owl
Room Decor DIY | Polka Dot Lamp Shade
Room Decor DIY | Heart Cross Stitch In Wood
Room Decor DIY | Geometric Heart Pillow
Room Decor DIY | Geometric Heart Pillow 2
Room Decor DIY | Beaded Plant Hanger
Post by Jeran: Oleander and Palm

DIY Beaded Plant Hangers

Post by Jeran of Oleander and Palm
DIY Beaded Plant Hangers

Fiber wall hangings and macrame are back!  I’ve got a simple way for you to bring that retro flavor to your home with these simple DIY Beaded Plant Hangers.  I made a pair of these for my girl’s new bedroom that was featured in Real Families this month.

Plants are such an easy way to bring life to any space.  And if you have a small space with limited surfaces or you just want to keep them up and away from curious toddlers, hanging them from the ceiling can be a great option.

Here’s what you’ll need:
natural twine
wooden beads (15 for each plant hanger)
craft paint
scotch tape  DIY Beaded Plant Hangers - 1

I made a couple different versions of this.  One was my daughter, Denali’s idea, she painted the beads on the yellow pot ombre pink to mimic the colors on the Graduated Bookcases we have in the room.  And then I painted the others metallic gold and mixed round and geometric beads (like the ones used in this DIY).  DIY Beaded Plant Hangers - 2

1.  Start by cutting 5 lengths of twine, mine where about 2 1/2 yards long.  Make them longer then you want your hanger so that you can trim them at the end.    DIY Beaded Plant Hangers - 3

2.  Fold all 5 of the pieces of twine in half and tie a knot at right in the middle.  This will be the top for hanging the plant from.  I found it was helpful to hang the twine from a door knob and work with gavity to do the next steps, but you could also work on a flat surface.

3. Starting about 2/3s down the length of the twine and thread 5 beads onto the pairs of the twine.

DIY Beaded Plant Hangers - 4

4.  Knot the twine just below each of the 5 beads.  DIY Beaded Plant Hangers - 5

5.  Now, this is where it gets a little tricky.  This is why working with it hanging is a little easier.  So, you are going to make new pairs of pieces of twine by pairing one piece twine with a piece of twine from the next knot over.  Again, thread on 5 beads and knot the twine just under the bead.  I left a 3 inch gap between each of my beads.  But depending on the size of your pot, you might need to have them closer or farther apart.
  DIY Beaded Plant Hangers - 6
6.  Repeat step #5 making new pairs again by joining one piece of twine from a knot to a piece of twine from the knot right beside it.  I know that sounds super confusing, but it really is simple.  Hopefully this pictures explain it better.   DIY Beaded Plant Hangers - 7

7.  Finally tie all the twine together in a tight knot and trim the ends.  DIY Beaded Plant Hangers - 8

DIY Beaded Plant Hangers - 9

I also made a version with neon pink cording and natural beads.

Post by Jeran of Oleander and Palm

Bright + Bold Playroom Design

Post by Susan Hutchinson of Fleurishing

We are smitten with this bright + bold playroom design Susan Hutchinson of Fleurishing designed for her twins, Henry and Marie. Filled with Nod goodies, it’s a space that the whole family can enjoy for years to come.

Bright + Bold Playroom Design | Honest to NodLottie Dot Decals / Pop of Color Pendant / You Say Coffee Table / Rocking Horse

Bright + Bold Playroom Design | Honest to Nod
A Teepee to Call Your Own

Bright + Bold Playroom Design | Honest to Nod

Mojo Play Table / Mojo Chairs / Crystal Ball Table Lamp 

Bright + Bold Playroom Design | Honest to Nod

Bright + Bold Playroom Design | Honest to Nod

For the full details, head on over to the Fleurishing blog… thanks for sharing Susan!

Looking for even more playroom inspiration? Check out our Playroom Board on Pinterest.