Yippee Baby Gender Reveal Party

Post by Aimée Lowry & Bettijo B. Hirschi from PagingSupermom.com

We had so much fun at the gender reveal party for Modette that we knew we had to have another one for this baby. Aimée came up with a brilliant “Yippee!” theme that I absolutely adore.

Gender Reveal Invitation

Our Yippee theme meant an overload of those fun celebratory details: popcorn, balloons, party blowers, streamers and confetti… they were all incorporated into our party!

To start things off with a bang, we included colorful confetti in the envelope with our invitation. Hosting your own gender reveal party? Get this printable invitation personalized with your party details in our Supermom Co-Op!

Gender Reveal Party Invite

When you don’t know whether the party should be blue themed or pink, picking a color scheme can be tricky. We opted for strong black and white elements and threw in splashes of vibrant colors with confetti and balloons.

Gender Reveal Party Dessert Table

Don’t you love the gigantic “Yippee” poster hanging behind our dessert table? It can be printed at your local copy center using our Super-sized Poster template. Ask for a black-and-white, large-format or engineering print — it’s a big WOW for under $10!

Gender Reveal Party Dessert Table 2

We offered up all kinds of sweets and munchies. The Herb + Olive Oil Popcorn made using this recipe was a big hit, and so was the delicious Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Trifle (thanks Debbie for making it!). We also had piles of krispy rice treats, Oreos and gooey chocolate cookies… now I’m getting hungry!

Gender Reveal Party Voting Station

As soon as guests arrived, we asked them to record their vote (team boy or team girl?) on our chalkboard tally and put on a corresponding Boy or Girl button to reflect their vote.

Gender Reveal Voting Station 2

One of the highlights of our last Gender Reveal party was a game where guests suggested names for boys or girls and then my husband and I took turns reading the names out loud. We decided to do it again, and like last time, most of the suggestions were pretty funny (Buster T-Rex, anyone?) so everybody got a big kick out of it.

Gender Reveal Party Suggest Names Station Collage

Then came the BIG moment! We did a balloon reveal last time, which was fun and easy, but as soon as Aimée suggested a confetti blast reveal I couldn’t get it out of my mind. We gave three people in the crowd striped confetti cannons that had been prepped ahead of time by my brother and his wife. The launchers were asked to simultaneously set off their cannons right as we opened our ultrasound envelope. Afterwards we wished we’d had them stagger the launches — one after the other rather than at the same time — to make the confetti shower last a bit longer.

Gender Reveal Party The Big Reveal

As you may know, we already have three girls, and I was sure this baby was going to be another one… so I was totally shocked when BLUE confetti came raining down on me!

Yippee Gender Reveal Party

I really love the official-looking Ultrasound Record I created to take to my sonogram appointment. It’s a free printable you can download here along with the “No Peeking” and diagonal-stripe envelope wraps to keep everybody honest. Heath did the honors of opening the envelope just before the confetti launch.

Gender Reveal Party Ultrasound

I had a tough time figuring out how to do a big confetti blast that would keep the color of the confetti a secret and not cost me in the neighborhood of $100 for a real confetti launcher. Inspired by this tutorial from blog Oh Happy Day, and with some help from my clever husband, we made three DIY Confetti Cannons from 8-inch confetti poppers found at a local party store. The poppers are labeled as one-time use, but as long as you buy the ones that are spring-loaded and do not use compressed air, you can take them apart, reload and reuse.

Gender Reveal Party Favors

TO MAKE: Twist to launch the confetti that comes preloaded in the popper. Peel off the original label and take the now-empty canister apart and reload the spring. (Having trouble figuring out how to do it? Check out the photos here). Approximately half a cup of confetti is needed to fill each launcher. Trace the canister’s circular opening onto cardstock and cut out two circles. Place one inside the canister to help prevent any confetti from falling into the spring mechanism. Fill the canister with confetti in the appropriate color and top with the other circle. Print, cut out and apply our free printable DIY Confetti Cannon Label. The label is a bit long for the canister so that it can hang over at the top and seal the cardstock circle into place.

If YOU also want to be surprised at the big moment, you will need to give someone else the job of making or buying confetti in the correct color and reloading the launchers.

I entrusted this task to my brother Aaron and his wife, and they were total troopers. We needed 1-1/2 cups of confetti — that might not sound like a big project, but they used both single and three-hole punches and tell me it was pretty time consuming (THANK YOU Aaron & Elena!).

Gender Reveal Party Favors 2

We sent our guests home with little Yippee Packs as party favors. Included was a mini zip-top bag filled with confetti, a blowout, balloon and champagne party popper, packaged in a glassine bag with our long, printable labels sealing them shut. To get your own personalized “Yippee” favor tags visit our Supermom Co-Op.

Gender Reveal Party Favors 3

Phew.. that was quite a party! If you made it all the way through that post here is a quick reference of all the printables for this party:

Gender Reveal Drink & Game Labels
Ultrasound Record
Ultrasound “No Peeking” Envelope Wraps
DIY Confetti Cannon Label

“Yippee” Gender Reveal Party Invitation
“Yippee” Party Favor Tags
“Yippee” Super-sized & 11×17 Door Sign Party Poster Pack

Don’t forget the Boy & Girl Buttons… these were a big hit and guests loved taking them home as a souvenir. Buy them in our Supermom Co-Op.

Reposted with permission by Aimée Lowry & Bettijo B. Hirschi from PagingSupermom.com

Alphabet Cards Garland

Post by Haeley of Design Improvised

With all the unpacking and settling in over the past month, I haven’t had time for DIY projects. I must say, I’ve been missing them! Since I haven’t put anything up on the wall in the girls’ playroom yet, I came up with this idea the other day to A) satisfy my crafting urge and B) add a little color to their play area:


These flashcards are so cute I thought they were display-worthy. Several were a little fingerprinted or bent from being played with, but if you hang them up high it is hard to tell. 😉

To make the garland all you need are a pack of flashcards, a hole puncher, and some twine.


Punch a hole in each of the top corners and then work the twine through the back. Tip: start by stringing on the “Z” first and then work backwards through the alphabet!

I made two strands of the garland and hung them up in the corner of the playroom along with a couple garlands from The Land of Nod. I made sure to hang them up just out of reach of the girls!


For now, they are adding a fun focal point to a room with bare beige walls. It would also make for cute decor for a baby shower or a back-to-school party!


Post by Haeley of Design Improvised 

Gift Sets Galore

Gift giving can be a daunting task.  Finding the perfect something for that special little one’s birthday or baby shower can be challenging.  Take the guesswork out of gift giving with these amazing gift sets.  These sets provide a little bit for everyone, including infant-safe items that can be used immediately, toddler items that can be introduced once the child grows bigger and even a storage basket for the parents.  Each one is beautifully presented with a ribbon bow, and for a limited time they ship for free.  These gift sets really are the gift that keeps on giving!

1. Nod Baby Gift Sets in Storage Bin

This set contains a plethora of items that can be used immediately, like our adorable chunky crocheted rattles and touchably-soft baby blanket and other items that can be saved for when the child is slightly older, like our wooden book made of maple plywood and finished with a water-based, non-toxic lacquer that is sturdy enough to survive the rough handling of little hands.  The included plush toy is certain to become a special loved item.  Set savings of over $18.

2. Baby Book Gift Sets

Is there any gift more classic than that of books?  Books provide a great way to develop language and critical thinking skills and the CD of our favorite artists provides sing-along opportunities for the whole family!


3. Nod Baby Gift Set in Canvas Bag

This adorable gift option provides years of entertainment value.  From infant toys to toddler puzzles to classic building blocks, this gift set equips the new mom and new baby with plenty of activities!  Set savings of over $19.

4. Nod Baby Gift Box

What better gift than the official baby gift box?  This fantastic gender-neutral box of goodies is the perfect way to welcome the newest member of the group.  The book, plush toy, and blanket are proven crowd pleasers… we know babies can be a tough crowd!  Set savings of over $12.

By Jayne Mangione

Jayne has a lot of experience with children as a former elementary school teacher and a mom of two kids. In her job as a customer service specialist at Nod, she offers advice to customers on our wide array of products, 90% of which she and her family already own. A Chicago native, she’s mastered multiple seasons, often in one week, while being able to cite 90’s pop culture and musical references at the drop of a hat.  Speaking of hats, ask her about the time she looked like Blossom.

Little Rainbow Party

Post by Lyndsay Sung of Coco Cake Land
Little Rainbow PartyLittle Rainbow Party

Little Rainbow Party

Little Rainbow Party
I was inspired by this beautiful wooden rainbow stacking toy to create a simple rainbow party! Nope, no buckets of crazy colored buttercream or tie-dye cupcake insides or layers of coloured cake here! Just some lovely vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream, dressed to impress in every-colour-of-the-rainbow cupcake liners and fashioned with colourful flags.

Little Rainbow Party

Little Rainbow Party

Little Rainbow Party

Children’s parties needn’t always be jacked to the nines! All you need is a selection (even three different colours!) of cupcake liners, a few rolls of Japanese washi tape and the cutest inspiration: your baby’s own toys.

Little Rainbow Party

Little Rainbow Party

You can even use those coloured cupcake liners to make a very cute and very easy festive garland, as I wrote about here – the striped liners with the white centers work great because they look like stripey little starbursts. Simply open cupcake liners flat, and use clear tape to adhere them to a few feet of string!

Little Rainbow Party

And yes… you can have a cupcake! Two, even!

Thank you to Land of Nod for sending me the rainbow stacking toy and alphabet letters! 

Post by Lyndsay Sung of Coco Cake Land