Last Minute Thanksgiving Printables

Post by Christina of Christina Williams Blog
Thanksgiving PrintablesOne of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving is creating a fun kids’ table. This year, though, Thanksgiving really snuck up on me. I’m not nearly as prepared as I would like to be, so I created an easy Thanksgiving printable place mat concept that can be done at the last minute. And I decorated using toys and decorations from Nod that are usually in my kids’ rooms and playroom. Take a look around and see what you’ve got handy that might work to make a fun kids’ table for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Printables - PlacecardsKids Table Thanksgiving PrintablesThanksgiving Printables 4Thanksgiving Printables 6Thanksgiving Printables 7Thanksgiving Printables 8 I started by covering the table with a roll of kraft paper. It’s nice and thick, so it will hold up to whatever the kids can dish out, plus they can draw on it. Then I created some printable “modular” place mats. The last thing I need right now is one more errand, so these place mats needed to be something I could do at home without running to the copy center for a large print. I made a variety of activities that work for a range of ages–everything from simple coloring activities to scrambled words and the good ol’ fashioned thankful list for older kids. I even threw in a couple silly jokes for good measure.

So just hop over to my blog and download the printables. Then let the kids choose the activities they want, cut them out and tape them to the table cover. I used Nod’s Archery Garland, as a table runner, and the I Could’ve Bin an Art Caddy to hold utensils and crayons.

The Junior Lumberjack blocks, though, really steal the show. They’re my favorite part of the table. They’re measured to specific thicknesses and heights, so building with them is super easy. My kids play with them every day, and it’s fun to see all the imaginative things they build with them. I created little place card stands out of the blocks, and I figured the kids will probably want to build with them while they’re waiting for the food…so these block are a triple win in my book: fun, functional, and adorable!

There you have it! Raid your kids’ rooms, and your craft stash for decorations, print out my modular place mat activities, and you’re all set. Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Christina Williams is a blogger and graphic designer living in Salt Lake City, Utah. She’s a night owl and a bookworm, as well as a mother to three children ranging in age from two to eight. She shares her latest DIY and design projects along with her adventures in parenting on self-named blog, Christina Williams.

Thanksgiving Entertaining Tips for the Kids

Written by Nick & Aleah Valley of Valley & Co.

The holiday season means gatherings galore and traditions, old and new. It’s about getting together around a table to share in a delicious meal, laughter and great company. Thanksgiving often involves a kids’ table, a space where cousins and siblings collect to eat and visit.

We say dress up the kids’ table so they feel extra special and have a place that looks fun, is cozy, has activities, and is one that they won’t want to leave. Why not pull out all of the stops and let them enjoy sparkling cider from beautiful goblets, dine on festive china and be dazzled by a centerpiece that rivals that on the adult table?

Valley & Co.’s Thanksgiving Tips:

Elevate the kids’ table this Thanksgiving with dressy china and napkins tied with ribbon. Don’t have festive dinnerware? Look to your local rental company to rent flatware, glasses and dishes. Create a centerpiece with moss, branches and pine cones and nestle in little woodland creatures the kids can play with during dinner.

Thanksgiving Entertaining Tips for Kids - 15 Thanksgiving Entertaining Tips for Kids - 9

Upgrade the classic Tic-Tac-Toe game by painting your own squares with metallic paint on a white linen napkin {we just used plain old tape to make a grid and a foam brush to paint squares}, and give the children pine cones and creature figurines as their game pieces.

Thanksgiving Entertaining Tips for Kids - 10 Thanksgiving Entertaining Tips for Kids - 7Leave messages for the kids on their place settings that tell them how thankful you are for them.

Thanksgiving Entertaining Tips for Kids - 8 Thanksgiving Entertaining Tips for Kids - 11Hand draw Thanksgiving bounty {or download our PDF Coloring Sheet} and make up photo copies so each kid has their own coloring page to doodle on during dinner.

Thanksgiving Entertaining Tips for Kids - 4 Thanksgiving Entertaining Tips for Kids - 3

Thanksgiving Entertaining Tips for Kids - 18Have small canning jars filled with moss, acorns, pine cones, and woodland creature figurines that the children can use to create their own little terrariums to take home.

Thanksgiving Entertaining Tips for Kids - 16 Thanksgiving Entertaining Tips for Kids - 2 Thanksgiving Entertaining Tips for Kids - 1What fun do you have planned for Thanksgiving?

Nick & Aleah Valley are the husband + wife owners and operators of Valley & Co. Lifestyle, based in the beautiful Emerald City {Seattle}. They love to make life grand and believe that any occasion, whether small or large, is cause for celebration. They believe that entertaining at home welcomes memories and laughter. Follow them on their blog and Instagram.

Pumpkin Spiced Homemade Play Dough

Written by Kelsey Nixon of Kelsey’s Essentials

Pumpkin Spiced Homemade Play DoughMaking homemade play dough is the perfect way to blend cooking and crafting at home with your littles. My 2 year old Oliver has recently fallen in love with play dough thanks to preschool and has been requesting that we make batches together at home. It makes my heart flutter any time he asks to be in the kitchen with his mama and we’ve had such a great time making this foolproof pumpkin spiced homemade play dough recipe together. Going beyond adding a food coloring to the dough, we’ve started adding spices or extracts so that it not only looks colorful and vibrant, but it also smells fantastic!

Pumpkin Spiced Homemade Play Dough 1With Thanksgiving right around the corner we added pumpkin pie spice and orange food coloring to our mixture to get in the spirit of the holiday. My Ollie can’t get enough of molding pumpkin pie slices, turkeys, and pumpkins out of our dough. We also like to pull out cookie cutters and a few safe kitchen tools to let his imagination run wild.

If you’re looking for a kid friendly cooking craft to entertain the kiddos this week, consider this simple and fun activity and don’t forget that you can file this recipe away and add different spices, extracts, and colors to customize your homemade play dough for any month of the year. Check out the recipe below:

Homemade Pumpkin Pie Spiced Play Dough


  • 3/4 cup water
  • 1/4 cup salt
  • 1 cup all purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon cream of tartar
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
  • 1 tablespoon pumpkin pie spice
  • orange food coloring

Pumpkin Spiced Homemade Play Dough Ingredients Directions

Heat the water and salt over your stove or in your microwave it until boiling and the salt has dissolved.

In the bowl of a stand mixer, combine the flour, cream of tartar, and pumpkin pie spice and mix until combined. Mix in the vegetable oil.

Pumpkin Spiced Homemade Play Dough  3Working carefully, add the orange food coloring to the boiling water then slowly pour the water into the mixer while it’s running. (be sure to help your littles with this step) Mix until fully combined and the dough pulls away from the sides of the bowl.

Pumpkin Spiced Homemade Play Dough - 4 Pumpkin Spiced Homemade Play Dough - 5Pumpkin Spiced Homemade Play Dough - Pie SlicesKelsey Nixon  is the host of Kelsey’s Essentials on Cooking Channel and author of Kitchen Confidence. Kelsey’s Essentials is also currently airing Mon-Thurs at 3pm on Food Network. Kelsey, her husband Robby, and son Oliver (“Ollie”) live in New York City. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving

Written by Selena of How About Cookie

Kid-Friendly ThanksgivingBetween the big feast, luscious desserts, and tons of time with friends and family, Thanksgiving has kid-friendly written all over it. Here’s a way to make it a kid-friendly Thanksgiving; invite your littles into the kitchen and make some easy, fun food art together.

Turkey Plate

This turkey plate is a great way to get them snacking on veggies. I used this adorable Thanksgiving Cupcake Kit to bake muffins, the centerpiece of this food art. You’ll need 4-5 rainbow carrots, white chocolate chips and mini chocolate chips (or store-bought candy eyes), and your favorite muffin or cupcake recipe. I used this Best Ever Pumpkin Muffin recipe—hard to beat a name like that.

Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving - 1Start by peeling your carrots and slicing them in half, lengthwise. Trim them all to the same length, then slice the sides so they taper to a pointy tip. Arrange alternating colors on a plate as turkey feathers—this is when even the smallest of hands can help.

Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving - 2Now for the eyes: Warm a small saucepan over high heat for a few seconds, then turn off the heat. Hold a mini chocolate chip, point down, just enough to melt the tip; stick it on your white chocolate chip and let cool. Repeat to make a second eye. Gently push these into your muffin. Cut a small triangle from a carrot scrap to make the beak, and if you’re feeling extra crafty, use kitchen scissors on an apple peel to cut a wattle, i.e. that red hanging thing. (Thanks, Google!) Balance the muffin on top of the carrots.

Turkey Leg

Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving - 3This turkey leg plate is inspired by the clever Pull Apart Poultry toy. All you need is a red pear and string cheese. Cut your pear in half; set aside. Cut a piece of string cheese about 1/3 the length, then cut two more short pieces—each the height of your first. Have your child use a round measuring spoon (1/2 teaspoon-sized or smaller works best) to carve away the bottom corners of your long string cheese. Ask them to assemble the “turkey meat” and “bone”. Done!Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving - 5

Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving - 6Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving - 7Happy Turkey Day, and have fun playing with your food!

Take a peek at Selena’s food art on her blog, How About Cookie, and follow her creations, crafts, and—once in a while—actual cooking on Instagram.