Nod Printable Coloring Page: Valentine’s Day

Nod Fun Pages designed by Michelle Romo

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your sweet little ones with this adorable printable coloring page.  Download the full size printable HERE.

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Marbled Valentine Candies

Post by Rebecca of Not-So-SAHM

Marbled Valentine CandiesI love to put together special little packages for my kiddos for Valentine’s Day, but I try to keep it relatively simple. I usually do one small present, one store-bought candy, and a homemade treat. Nothing over the top, just a little extra “We Love You!” from mom and dad. And these two-ingredient super, super simple candies are the perfect fit! No candy thermometer, no real skill involved. Just a little lovin’.

p.s. my kiddos love a peanut butter + chocolate combo and we have no nut allergies, so I used peanut butter. You can use whatever butter works for you and your kiddos — almond, sunflower seed, whatever.

Marbled Valentine Candies 


  • 1 bag chocolate chips (whatever flavor you favor)
  • 12 tablespoons peanut butter (or whatever butter you wish)
  • Silicone heart molds


  1. Place a glass bowl over a small pot of boiling water. Turn heat to low/medium and add chocolate chips to bowl, stirring to melt.
  2. Spoon a bit of melted chocolate into the bottom of each heart mold. If you’d like more even layers (instead of the marbled effect, tap the mold on your counter top to settle the chocolate). Place in refrigerator for 15 minutes.
  3. Remove from refrigerator and spoon about 1/2 tablespoon peanut butter into each mold. Spread out using a knife.
  4. Spoon chocolate over the top of peanut butter, using a knife or tapping to get the top layer even with your mold. Don’t worry if there is some spillage, you can shape the hearts once you remove them from the mold. Place back in refrigerator for 30 minutes.
  5. Remove from refrigerator and turn onto a paper towel, popping out candies. Using a knife, smooth out any edges or dripping peanut butter. Keep in a cool place until serving.

Marbled Valentine Candies 3Marbled Valentine Candies 5 Marbled Valentine Candies 7Rebecca is a mom to two young kiddos and, in her spare time (ha!), likes to pretend she’s a back-up dancer, craft cocktails, and run long distances. A relatively recent SAHM, she blogs family-friendly activities, DIYs and celebration fun at Not-So-SAHM.

Valentine’s Day Class Party

Post by Christina of Christina Williams Blog

Valentine's Day Class PartyIt’s that time again! Class parties are back in full swing this week. I’ve put it off until the last minute, as usual, and now I’m kicking it into high gear to pull off an awesome Valentine’s Day Class Party on a tiny budget. If you’re in the same boat, don’t worry! I’ve got a plan for you right here; and most of these activities are inexpensive. If you remember my recipe for a class Halloween party, the format is the same. Divide the class into small groups, and rotate to different stations to fill the time. Depending on how your teacher wants to do the Valentine exchange, you’ll have to factor that into your plans. I’ve included the “ingredients” for each party game so you can choose each activity you want and add the items to your shopping list.

  1. Valentines Bingo: Always a hit, and always easy to prepare. I’ve got this free Valentine Bingo printable over on my blog…so head over there to grab the bingo cards. Just grab some small candies to use as markers; or just cut out some red/pink paper squares if you want to eliminate one more expense, and one more candy consumption for the day. Also make sure to print out an extra board and cut the squares apart so you’ve got calling cards. (Ingredients: printable bingo cards, small candies)Valentine Bingo
  1. Secret Message Valentines: This is fun as a simple craft where the kids write the messages with white crayon and then paint over it with watercolors to reveal the secret message. I’ve also done a fun variation where the parents wrote on the hearts and the kids discovered their love notes when they got to class. Any way you do it, this project is always memorable; and since it requires just a few basic supplies that are usually found at school, it’s practically free. (Ingredients: watercolors, paint brushes, white paper, white crayons)Valentine's Day Class Party: Secret Message Valentines
  1. Valentines Matching Game: Memory games are always easy and fun, too.  And this set of single-digit multiplication matching cards involves a little learning, too. You can get them here for free. One part is the equation, and the match is the answer. You can also make your own matching game using the same concept and anything your students are currently learning in class. For younger kids, just cut apart two bingo cards to make a quick, free matching game. I did this with my preschooler this week and she loved it! (Ingredients: printable memory game cards)Valentine's Day Class Party: Valentine's Day Matching Game
  1. Valentines Scroll Letters: Cut a roll of calculator paper into long strips. The kids can make a love note for someone at home….or just draw a bunch of hearts. The length of these papers is perfect for a “10 Things I Love About You” list; or even better, to encourage good self-esteem, have the kids write “10 Things I Love About Myself.” Or use them as Photo Booth props like I did here. No matter how you use them, the novelty of a long piece of paper is always a hit. (Ingredients: calculator paper, crayons/markers, paper straws [optional])Valentine's Day Class Party: Valetines Scrolls
  1. Valentine Tic Tac Toe: Just print off these little game boards, or have the kids draw their own. Then grab some candy and a partner and play tic tac toe. Easy peasy. (Ingredients: Printable tic tac toe cards, conversation hearts)Valentine's Day Class Party: Tic-Tac-Toe
Christina Williams is a blogger and graphic designer living in Salt Lake City, Utah. She’s a night owl and a bookworm, as well as a mother to three children ranging in age from two to eight. She shares her latest DIY and design projects along with her adventures in parenting on self-named blog, Christina Williams.

Valentine’s Day Weavings

Post by Michelle of Avery & Augustine

Valentine's Day WeavingsValentine's Day Weavings 1Valentine's Day Weavings 2Valentine's Day Weavings 4Valentine's Day Weavings 5Valentine's Day Weavings 6Valentine's Day Weavings 7These Valentine’s Day Weavings were inspired by these fantastic woven place cards made by The Land of Nod’s own Michelle Kohanzo & Danielle Kurtz!

I cut slits at the top and bottom of a piece of card stock (3.5”H x 2.75”W) and wound twine around the card from left to right, through each slit, taping the loose ends to the back of the card.  Then, I tied one end of the yarn to the top of the first strand of twine, making a knot.  Using a yarn needle, Avery and I took turns weaving the yarn over and under each strand of twine from left to right, working top to bottom until the weaving was done.  I tied the yarn to the bottom of the last strand of twine, making a knot, to secure the weaving.

We tucked in patterned hearts made from an old Paper Source wall art calendar, to finish off our valentines.  You can also use plain solid-colored hearts with a little Valentine’s greeting written on them, or small letterpress cards, like these from Dolce Press.

I also used this great post at Art Bar Blog as a reference.  Thanks to The Land of Nod for sending us a set of suitcases for this post.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

You can see Michelle’s work and read about her two young children and their first forays in cooking, art and everything in between at Avery and Augustine.