DIY Colorful Drink Umbrella Wall Decorations


Whattya need?

  • Poster putty
  • Wire snips
  • Drink umbrellas


How do I make umbrella wall decorations?

Step 1: Fully open umbrellas, until they became convex.

Step 2: Snip umbrella stem as close to the canopy assembly as possible.

Step 3: Apply small ball of poster putty to cut end.

Step 4: Place on wall in desired arrangement.

Created by Dane Holweger


  • Becca

    My daughter saw this picture in the newest catalog and just BEGGED to do it in her room. We can’t wait to try it–thanks!

  • Erin

    How long will the poster putty stick? It seems like it would fall off after a few weeks?

  • Ellen

    I would love to do this as I live in an apartment. One question. It seems that you may have used umbrellas in the original instalation for the catalog larger umbrellas. Do you have a source for those?

  • Jenny

    Very colorful idea! I’m also interested in how long they will stick. Also, where can I find the posting about the bookcase turned dollhouse on page 15?

  • Katie @ Nod

    I’m not sure about the putty, we used an adhesive that should last quite a long time.

    The umbrellas can be ordered from

    Hope you all have fun with this project!

  • A Facebook User

    I would love this as a piece of art – how about sticking the umbrella ends directly into foam board and framing it without the glass in place?

  • Jenn Sacchetti

    Love this idea! Any suggestions on how to make the putty stick? Gave it a try and the umbrellas popped right off the wall a few minutes later. Do you keep the umbrellas convex?

  • Wall Clings Beth

    This is too charming!! I’ve come across alot of good ideas and so far this one takes my breath away. I have just the perfect occasion for this. Thanks so much!

  • Cristina Cab

    The idea of umbrella wall decoration is very creative. Its colors are very lively, leaving the room so bright and happy.

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    My daughter saw this photo and she said that she also wants to have those colorful drink umbrellas as her wall decorations.

  • Ebartle75

    I love this idea. Thinking of doing a small design somewhere in the house. Good for all ages, especially anyone wanting to add some color to a plain wall!

  • larder cupboard

    Very colorful idea! It looks so beautiful and this takes my breath away..


    Those colourful drink umbrellas looking awesome, really love this piece of art and decorating idea.

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