Cupcake Wrapper Garland DIY


This is too cute if I do say so myself…maybe as cute as a cupcake if you will.

I had a completely different idea in my head when I set out to do something with all of my miscellaneous left-over cupcake wrappers, but then, this just kind of evolved and the whole project took on a life of its own.  Those are the best kind, right?

So this couldn’t be easier, or cheaper.  I spent NOTHING on this.  I had everything I needed at the house.  You probably will too.

I always have a handful of left over cupcake wrappers that didn’t end up being used the last time I made cupcakes and then I forget to use them the next time, buy some more, and the cycle starts all over again; resulting in eight or nine random wrappers of various patterns.  This project uses them up!

You’ll also need some string or ribbon and some brads.  I used some bakers twine that I had in my junk drawer and some sparkly brads that I had in my craft supplies.  But like I said, any string will do, and the plain silver or brass brads would be great as well.


I flattened out my cupcake wrappers and then, for good measure, slipped them into the world’s most ridiculously large dictionary and let them hang out there for a few hours.


Once your wrappers are flattened to your liking just start matching up patterns and slipping a brad through the center of each combination.  Couldn’t be easier!


And soon, you’ll have a bunch of fabulous little cupcake wrapper flowers…


Finally, cut a long piece of string, a little longer than wherever you’re going to want the garland to hang.  Simply wrap little pieces of the string around the back of the brads and firmly bend the back of the brads just a little to secure the string.  Then leave a few inches and attach your next flower.  The more randomly placed and grouped they are, the better.


And voila!  Hang that baby up, step back and say, “That is so cute!” Mine found a home in my daughter’s bedroom on her curtain rod.



If you get sick of your garland, cut it apart and use the flowers as embellishments on presents, gift tags, table tops, party favors, and the list goes on.


Post by Maggie Terryn : Mom Colored Glasses